Aftermath – Nemesis or Friend

Patrols led by Captain du Triel, his daughter and others had departed to reconnoiter what happened to the goblins and their allies. Silverleaf had went north, and Sir Etienne named provisional commander of the Calder Keep. In that time Elemix, Emmeline and Tiffanie had returned with Rivanon to Uzec along with three goblin prisoners the Lady had chosen to bring with. Upon arriving, Sister Tiffanie made her way to the Temple to find her wife. Continue reading “Aftermath – Nemesis or Friend”

Silverleaf Visits

A temple acolyte entered the prayer hall where the wounded from the fighting up near Calder Keep were gathered. “Sister Typhon Né, there is an elf, yes I’m certain it is an elf, that is here to talk to you. He says his name is Remy Silverleaf and he said it was important.”

“I know him,” Typhon replied. “Please show him to a quiet room, and let him know I’ll be with him shortly.” Continue reading “Silverleaf Visits”

Winter Plans

The party was transporting their newfound wealth by wagon to town. Was it Camaret or some other village? She wasn’t sure, but in the miserable cold it was hard to really care what the next town might be, so long as there was someplace with a warm hearth and a hot meal at the end of the road. The small group of five huddled atop the wagon. It was exposed to wind, but at least then no one had to trudge through snow.  Continue reading “Winter Plans”

A Visitor at the Bathhouse

In another life, maybe Typhon Ne would have enjoyed this place. Today, it was debauchery. Not evil, per se, but inducement to evil for certain. The fact that the ‘assistants’ were enslaved made it that much worse. So many evils, but the greater one still lay ahead. One wrong move and that could be lost. Continue reading “A Visitor at the Bathhouse”