Winter Plans

The party was transporting their newfound wealth by wagon to town. Was it Camaret or some other village? She wasn’t sure, but in the miserable cold it was hard to really care what the next town might be, so long as there was someplace with a warm hearth and a hot meal at the end of the road. The small group of five huddled atop the wagon. It was exposed to wind, but at least then no one had to trudge through snow.  Continue reading “Winter Plans”

Hope Unlooked For

As Tiffanie slept she felt a distant compulsion, a desire to leave the temple and journey into the oncoming snowstorm. Something was calling for her, something just on the edge of consciousness. She easily could resist it, should she desire to, but there was something familiar, something from before she took her vows.

Typhon grabbed her axe and quietly left the group to see where this compulsion was to take her. Before stepping out in the snowstorm, Typhon pulled the winter cloak closer around her. With eyes closed for a moment, Typhon sensed the direction she need to follow, and then walked off toward it. Continue reading “Hope Unlooked For”

The Slave Situation

Elemix wanted the Dwarf to pay for what he had done to those slaves. He didn’t know how exactly, but he knew the Dwarf had to pay. 

When the rescued slave had fallen asleep, Elemix looked at each of his comrades in turn and said in a soft but serious voice, “Look, I am not saying we can rid this realm of slavery, but we can do something to help these particular slaves. We can also do something to ensure that evil sack of skin Dwarf out there pays for his brutality.”  Continue reading “The Slave Situation”

After Dinner Confusion, A Day of Answers

After eating a fine dinner at the Dungaroon’s residence, Tiffanie excused herself from the group just as the tension about Adela was beginning to grow. “I’m sorry I had another engagement to attend to,” she said.

Peren, also a bit uncomfortable, said, “I’ll show you to the door.” Continue reading “After Dinner Confusion, A Day of Answers”

Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord: Part 2

After several days at sea, finally they had arrived. Thalassa was like nothing Tiffanie had ever seen. As the ship approached the seawalls, or what the Thalassan’s called the Aegis, she saw the silver spires and golden domes of the central city island, the heart of Thalassa, loomed large above them. The rest of the city, built on the plain surrounding the isle was a myriad of buildings, roads, and canals. Ships and boats seemed to be everywhere. Passing through the Aegis’s seawall opening, the ship moved toward a port on the northwest part of an island, a merchant area perhaps, nearby the central city hub. Jocelyn smiled, “I’ve actually only been here once, and I was very young then.” Continue reading “Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord: Part 2”

Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord. Part 1

Power. Only Tiffanie knew the name of the last bearer of this Axe. She was also very aware of the potential bloodlust of Khord and that his will make the Axe more deadly, more accurate and stiffened her own will against weakness. Khord’s price – kill, and kill again. Kill all your enemies and let their blood soak the ground and let the gods hear you kill them. Continue reading “Tiffanie, Jocelyn, and the Will of Khord. Part 1”

A Spirit Laid Bear

Tiffanie and Jocelyn kept moving, under pursuit by determined and angry bounty hunters. On the old road to get to Derrian from Uzec would take 3-4 days. In the wild it could take as long as a week to cross the ridge lines into the foothills below, but they had no choice.

The first encounter had been tough enough. A second encounter severely injured both of the them, but through luck and skill they stayed ahead of their attackers while delivering a sever blow to them again, this time closer to lethal. Continue reading “A Spirit Laid Bear”

Epilogue Session 3


Tiffanie was the key player in convincing her recently discovered great uncle Aurryn Silverleaf, a grim scout first hired by the group to bear witness to her and Emmeline’s actions at the Cairns, to make an agreement with the Baron d’Uzec. It also turns out the ‘Sister’ Jos likes being a woman, unlike Tiffanie. Now named Sister Jocelyn, she is determined to stay a woman, so has made an agreement to continue to try to remove Tiffanie’s curse in the off-chance it will transfer to Jocelyn permanently. Her hiding this fact has gotten her in trouble with the Temple (and to a lesser degree to the Baron) and Tiffanie and Jocelyn have departed for Derrien to see the Aarithine Bishop of County Derrien for advice and judgement. Tiffanie carries with her a ring of mind shielding with the entrapped soul of Martin, an Aarithine priest and former colleague of the outlaw Rurrick. Tiffanie also witnessed the dwarven spirits reseal the Cairn, one or more passing around, through, and by her as they went to their rest. Briefly at the end of the Cairn mission, the dwarven runes, including those on Tiffanie’s axe, became clear and in good repair. They then faded to their previous state as the Cairn’s mouth collapsed as Tiffanie left the sword, the ghosts, and the ruin behind. Continue reading “Epilogue Session 3”

Mid-Afternoon on the Last Day of the Festival

Walking out of the Cobbler Kylie’s shop after having her new boots fitted. Tiffanie turned her thoughts toward what she and Emmeline were going to be doing that night. Heading off into the night, to search the dwarven cairns for signs of trouble.

As she was heading back toward the festival grounds, an idea came to her. Turning around, she headed to Chief Constable Brosseau’s office. Continue reading “Mid-Afternoon on the Last Day of the Festival”

Epilogue Session 2


It is the fourth evening in Uzec and the last banquet, the great formal banquet held by Baron Roland d’Uzec has begun. It has been a great three-day festival and the people are in a great mood – many are quite drunk. Emmeline, the Queen of Love and Beauty, takes her place at the Baron’s left side, with the List Champion (Lance Lieutenant Mikaela Brunét) on one side of the couple near Emmeline, and the Melée Champion Sir Kentigern d’Adera of House Auvrey at the other side near the Baron. Continue reading “Epilogue Session 2”