A new face a new life

I met with the Cotorie and decided to not marry the ghoul Sarah Kennedy. I instead borrowed the money I needed against my life insurance policy which had built up equity.
I borrowed the money I needed from Moria and Paid the Dr. when the money comes in I will pay Moria back and be even with the boards. Which is in fact what I did.

We all went to the farm and I faced the sun. We were buried in the ground to contemplate the comming event a sort of vigial. Then the next night, we pushed out way through the earth to face the sun. I was the first out after Aife. Then Kian then Breanna and then Moria I think. We were starting to worry about them. I thought the sun might go down before they would break free but they arose in time. Then there was a celebration and orgy. The food tasted like food again it was almost like being alive. I just tasted things, I figured it might taste good but I would just have to void it later. After the ghouls left we had a private ceremony in which I confessed the sin of my pride. I struck Brenna. I need to never strike or lash out at the people that have my back.

Afterward I went under the knife, I don’t know why the Dr. was drinking Martini’s since they normally can’t affect our kind but there it is. His nurse was very sexy and good looking but something of an ice queen. Then again she works for the reconstructive surgeon so I wonder if its all natural as far as we can be natural. To say it hurt would be an understatment, to stop me from thrashing around he removed my arms and legs, to stop my screams he removed my larynix. After 4 days, I looked good if scared, the scars will fade but I must exert my will to maintain this new look or my body will revert to what it was. After about a week this new look will be permanent. So it is done and I begin the path to my new life.

A hard day’s day

Well, I decided to stay awake all day just incase our new little friend’s friends deicided to see if she can come out and play and maybe stay for a bite while all are asleep.

Brenna also stayed awake. She seem restless and energetic and driven its been getting worse and worse, If she were mortal I would say she had too much caffine. Wolf Girl finally woke up she seemed afraid at first but our servant Sarha calmed her and soon she began to speak. She said that her family had been wiped out. There was some spiritual upheaval coming and the werewolves had banded together and were performing a ritual to keep it from happening. The last time it happened most of the mages shielded themselves, apparently some of the shield fell or no one warned the mage that they needed to be shielded. The werewolves fled and the Vampires Died or went into torpor.

This maybe the cause of the culling that happens every now and then but I don’t know. It might be worth mentioning it to Cinamon and definutily passing on to the Lady and my line. They said that they had hoped London was big enough for it to not happen but apparently its not.

Anyway the “Pure” betrayed her people who call themselves the “forsaken”, not really sure why the pure seem to be such bastards and what the forsaken are forsaken of or by, but those are the names she used. So the Pure have hunted her people to extinction and she is the last one left. She wants to go with us.

After the sun went down and the others got up, Moria, Sarah, Jen and I returned to the surface. Sarah and Jen went to a one place to get a bite to eat while Moria and I tried several different places. Its odd Moria keeps asking for raw meat. Why would anyone want to eat raw meat? She had been severely wounded and I had used a lot of my life source dodging opponents, calling my strength, and healing my wounds so we all needed sustenance. I called Kian to see how he felt about inviting a were wolf to join us. He said we only had to regulate vampire kind not any others unless they started to breach our masquerade. I did bring up the point that the Fianna used to be our allies. Maybe this young one can be a bridge between our people and we can build a new bridge of trust.

When we got back Brenna was actually smiling, I don’t remember her smiling before. Moria has been acting moody lately; well actually she has been having mood swings. Before we went back down into the underground Moria gave Jena and Sarah money and told them to get a hotel room and call us every several hours. Our Servant Sarah was obviously relieved. Soon we will go back down; I hope like Bilbo Bagends we can use the title ‘there and back again’.

The underground

Well the underground was everything I dreamed it would be; unfortunately I was having a nightmare at the time. It didn’t start out to bad but as we go deeper it gets worse and worse.

We saw a young wolf child type, but it ran from us. Then do you know how hard it is to see a black cat at night? Well it’s about as bad as trying to see a black wolf in the stygian darkness of the tunnels, only you have more incentive to see a creature that is trying to maim you, and I am not talking about the cat.

Anyway the black wolf, ran at me took a few swipes; I was truly impressed with Brenna she actually tried to reason with it. She said we weren’t there to fight. And then when it swung again she attacked and actually hit it. Then Dante piled on and even Moria got into the act. They were just pinking it, by the time I had unlimbered my knives. It had taken a swipe at Dante and then run off, whiff whiff whiff whoosh and gone. We eventually went got to the Secret entrance to the place Brenna needed to go and while she went inside with the ghoul the rest of us got to wait outside in the dark dank tunnels waiting for the thing that go bump in the night to find us. One of them did bump into us and it looked like a normal man dressed in evening cloths but I doubt it was what it looked like. It said something to the effect of “I thought you kind were all gone from here or had been destroyed” then I said something like “No we are still here. Then it turned and walked away, I came to my sense and called out it oh did you mean the ones that were here before us?” But evidently it was done talking. It made my flash light not work or at least my flashlight was not working while it was around. Then we met someone or thing playing chess with an invisible opponent. The small were wolf came back being chased by two larger wolves. The chase and fight ended almost right at my feet. The young wolf begged for my help and I was going to let it die. It was a were wolf matter you see and not any of my business. I was going to let it happen and walk away… I think that thought will haunt me for some time to come… I didn’t realize it, but my humanity is slipping away. Our Ghoul went to try and save the poor child and then all of us sprang into action. Moria took the blow meant to disembowel the Ghoul. Dante told the wolves to go lick them selves somewhere else then shot it when it tried to attack.

I Jumped in and hit it solidly with a knife. Brenna pinked the other wolf and kept it from Moria. The other wolf then attacked Dante and the big one mussed my clothing and I mussed up its fur. It howled and fled. I think Dante could have kept up with it but I couldn’t have. Unfortunately, Sarah had drug the wounded Werewolf down the tunnel the wolves chose to flee down. I didn’t think we would get there in time but they ran right past. I stopped the worst bleeding on the wolf child and picked her up, after all that trouble I wasn’t going to just feed her to the wolves, literally in this case. Dante found this Fantastic Place to hide, if the wolves can find us here well they deserve the meal. I am going to stay awake all day if I can. More later

Insult or Injury

Well another day in wonderfukingful London Town. More Kindred have entered this Haven and insulted me, than anywhere else in my entire life, granted one of them was the Hessian and one sorts of expects it from him but still.
A knidred calling himself Vlad Tepish was going to use powers on me in the haven granted to my by the Prince of London with out my permission. Let alone the fact that the he was ordering me about in my own home. Granted with as old and scarry powerful as he is, I am not going to go crying to Mommie about it either. The people here are rude and arrogent and scarry powerful.

All that being said, now the Lady of London wants us to go down into the London Underground to try and figure out what is going on. We almost didn’t go because Breena wouldn’t tell Moria where we were going and Moria was having trust issues. I am still not sure why Brenna was trying to order me around but hey she was right, in a way I let my pride and friendship get the better of me. I don’t know if she is playing me or still mad at me.

opening the way

I have contacted the Senishal of London. Who is the next oldest of my line still alive, not counting my sire.

It was my desire to be accepted by the line and and recognized and so lessen Micheal’s power over me perhaps haveing him repremanded for creating and abandoning me.

I thought perhaps if I had a sponsor of higher power then he would back off and leave me alone.

I do not think that will happen but another oportunity has presented itself. A kindred named Ezreal, who has helped me before and is a ally of Avia has offered me an opportunity to re-create myself and show a different face to the world.

Shawn Thornton must die so that I may live. It is time that I left my past life and truely embraced the new one.

A gift in London

Well we had a little touble our second night on the way to Nottingham. Some werewolves attack another wolf on the train and we barely avoid a confrontation. Well there was a confrontation and it did some damage but we are ok now.

We got to London and I was fitted for court appropriate clothing by and kindred named Errol Dent.

When we got to court we were given a Ghoul named Shara. Apparently she had done something wrong and was punished and is to be sent away from London. She is an assent in so far as she knows London and the court. She is a liability in that I don’t know if we can trust her. I am going to use my power on her later and make her tell me everything.

I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Always on my guard and surrounded by the enemy. And I don’t even know the face of my foe. If this tension is normal then I can see more clearly why some Kindred choose a more nomadic life style.

The Sheriff of Nottingham

Well we are off to London the first night was spent in Lancaster the court there has a definite Goth feel and most of the Vampires there seem to be for lack of a better word Posers. I don’t thing Brenna or I caused any shame to tarnish our cities name. Moria was called aside by the Prince early in the evening.

I told of our exploits in clearing out the city and some of the battles we had but it was almost like we were from 2 different worlds. That only touched on the edge. If Belfast turns this way then I know why some of the Kindred turn to the Nomad ways. It would probably drive me insane.

Shot to the head

He was talking to Police Sargent Tobby Carlille when he saw her come out of a bar with a man he thought was a small time Catholic Enforcer. He couldn’t quite place her but dam she looked familer. So he said goodbye to the Sargent and told him to have a pint when he was off duty. Then he followed them while he tried to work it out. Unfortunately he didn’t try and stay hidden well enough, and the man told him to fuck off. His damnable pride kicked in and Shawn told him to rethink his talk. He got a punch in the stomacke for his trouble. So he hit back and the fight was on. The man backed into an ally and drew a knife. So I grapped him and was going to make him drop the knife, when he was suddenly wearing his brains. Then the woman shot him in the head, it was just a graze but it hurt all the same. He grabbed her and bit her and drained her. Then took her home and tied her up so what to do with her. Kill her or keep her or let her go. Calling around for advice didn’t help. Kian said kill her but some sliver of humanity said that would be wrong. In the end he let her go but he knew he would be seeing her again.

Leaving London

We sent Sarah and Gen away and decesended in to the Depths. We soon found ourselves going down a spiral stair it ended in the cornor of a large room a stream ran through it, part of an old sewer system no doubt. Brenna took point from me since she knew where we were going. We came to a bridge over the stream. Brenna crossed it first, I waited a bit for her to get ahead for she was hidden and I could not see her. Dante managed to keep track of her. Soon after she reached the door I started across the bridge. She screamed and I quickly ran forward and entered a nightmare from my past. I relived the time of my embrace but it was as if I knew it was my past and could somehow change it. Steven and Micheal were there or at least I thought they were. It was some creature influencing my thoughts but at the time it was so real. I broke from my cage and grappled with Steven/Brenna I was going to take his knife away and fight them. Then Micheal/Dante attacked me, I am not sure who or what he saw. In my dream I realized I coudldn’t stand against Micheal and so since I alreadh had Steven I was going to run out the door. A door which happened to not be there in reality. It weakened the creatures hold on me and I was able to quickly throw its influence off. Unfortunately Brenna and Dante weren’t so quick. I had to void hurting them while not getting hurt myself. And then I looked up and saw some creature of mist and shadow flowing toward us. I grabbed Brenna and started for the door. I was really hoping it was a really door this time because I was getting wounded trying not to wound my allies.

It came after us and was going to kill us. Brenna made a torch and lit it. I freaked out and ran but the shadow was ahead of me it moved incredible fast. It boiled my blood but it was cold not hot like fire so I ran on. It took all my vitae and I fought the hunger and tried to get far away from my friends least I turn on them in my need. When I came back to my self my friends were approching and dead rats lay strewn around. I was glad it wasn’t some homeless vagavound. I can forgive myself rats. Dante made some comment about being a rat licker or something… normally I would have taken umbridge but I was just to tired and emotionally drained.

We got out of the undergound and went to our safe house. When we got there one of the servitors handed me a note. Sarah had decided to flee and she had taken Gen with her or maybe it was the other way around but they were gone. We went to court and presented our finding to the Empress.

Then Moria hired The butcher to find our runaways. The cost was high but Moria paid it. We all paid part of itin blood. We were put in contact with a tracker and they followed our quarry to a Birmingham. The next night at midnight we formalized agreements with London, then we went to oxford. The following night we arived at Birmingham. We debated presenting ourselves at the local court but decided to try and get in and get out.

The police were there at the frat house when we arrived. Gen had been taken and Sarah was looking for her. So we went looking for Sarah. Unfortunately, there was an incident involving Moria and an informant, one the informant did not survive. I am not sure what is going on there and I am pretty sure I don’t want to know. The beautiful Moria is not so beautiful at the moment.

Brenna and a friend of ours, were reuninted with our lost lamb and we all went home. I am tired and I must come up with money to fund my change.

The Beginning

The last thing I remember in life was a feeling of anger and despair then my throat was ripped out.

Now I am in my unlife I have arisen as a creature of the night.

My sire as I have learned to call him left me in an iron cage for dead but I didn’t die. I eventually got desperate and bent the iron bars like taffie and escaped the cage.

A member of Micheal’s gang appeared and tried to talk me in to attacking someone or he would kill me.

I was going to do it when he was killed in front me but one of the people? I now call an ally. Katherine

I was brought into my new circle of friends. Kian, Brenna, Moria, Ian, Katherine and Eife.

Now its a new life of unlife, trying to adjust and learn the ropes. I will learn all I can and I will survive.