Shackelton Station Prime

March 1st, 2911 OC (Day 60:950 NE)
Shackelton Station Prime, the Falcon-Scott Starport, Terminal 6, Section
10. 10:32 AM Standard Time.

It is a fairly busy time at Terminal 6, Three inbound flights had just docked and several outbound shuttles were prepping for departure. Some to Earth, others to Mars. There were families, students, business types, a few government suits, and the odd loner scattered amoung the 300 or more persons waiting in this area of the terminal. Certainly not the busiest time of day, over 1200 seats remained empty. Some of those sat at the bar, or shopped on the nearby concourse.

Several Alliance Transport Authority security agents and staff walked about, some checking identicards, but most doing their best to be helpful. Two EarthForce Security walked calmly by, having just entered Section 10 from Section 9. They carried rifles and looked no nonsense, but one was taking the time to answer a child’s questions.
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