Tea with the Baroness – September 3rd, 488

Emmeline was brought out to the Baroness’ stables by one of the house servants, one of the guards and with their ladies in waiting, Lady Ana of Derrienport (Rivanon’s second cousin by Lord Arles), Lady Melisende de Tierney (Rivanon’s cousin by her aunt Lady Delphine de Tierney, recently arrived from Adera), Lady Amelie de Gamache, and Mademoiselle Mirel De Garin. A litter with two servant awaited Emmeline. They all went into the garden field and set down a picnic. After some small talk and gossip, the Baroness asked, “My Lady de Cerisey, you had wanted to talk. What would you like to discuss?”

“Ah! I had hoped for a chance to explain why I was gone so long,” Emmeline said. “Unless you already know?”
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Winter Is Coming

Lady Rivanon had asked Emmeline to delay departing even further than the two days the Baron wished, and after some discussion Emmeline had agreed. Something political was going on behind the scenes with Rivanon darting around the countryside back and forth to Derrien. Emmeline knew of a bit of it with her conversations with the Baron, but little in detail. Rivanon had basically for the last ten days been missing from Emmeline’s presence, and save for a brief time at the Glade and when she arranged for armor, they had spoken little. Continue reading “Winter Is Coming”

River Meets with Elemix

A day out from Breven, a knock came on Elemix’s door. Sang looked up, but wasn’t on guard. Upon answering, Elemix saw a tall, lithe woman with platinum hair and blue eyes wearing traveling clothes. “Magus,” she said with an obscure accent he couldn’t quite place, “what do you think?” Continue reading “River Meets with Elemix”

A conversation with Rivanon

A conversation with Rivanon

Elemix noticed Rivanon on deck. She was alone leaning on the port side rail, looking off into the distance and apparently lost in thought. She was indeed beautiful. While he was certain his dad had thought of the idea of Elemix and Rivanon together, Elemix hadn’t really considered such seriously. Continue reading “A conversation with Rivanon”