We try to talk to a disembodied brain or Just a Few more minutes Mom

Crusader Grabbed hold of the hedgehog armor and disappeared into the floor.


As he left he yelled ‘get the others’. So we went after them. Erebos teleported in front of Lake and said something about us being followed. Orianna flew out the doors and threw a blast at a Skimmer that was warming up. So I followed suit and flung my full blast at it. It wasn’t armored or anything so I figured why not.  It started to sound a little rough after that attack and then the bad guys turned. Continue reading “We try to talk to a disembodied brain or Just a Few more minutes Mom”

In Search of etherium or Nap time for Proximus

Session 5

Crusader asked Lake to stop digging after a metallic scale was unearthed. He said the substrata looked like it was unstable.  He said that maybe we could have the scale analyzed and that we should get out of here. 

We needed to find the other area of seismic disturbance that occurred during the robot’s rampage, so we started at the geological survey office in the district of Hackensack.

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Session 4 Lunch is served or almost meeting the Mayor

We were having lunch and I was showing everyone the letter we got from the telepath that was hurt on the Luna colony, when our meal was interrupted by Special Agent Ellison and his assistant, Maria Truwell. They arrived to tell us that Dreamslayer was moved to a location in Long Island and currently has the mind of a vegetable. They believe that there is still some consciousness buried inside his mind, but wanted to scan a mind that had been in contact with his mind before the Alien left to use as a template for contact. Crusader volunteered so Maria took Crusader into the other room and soon they came back out.  Continue reading “Session 4 Lunch is served or almost meeting the Mayor”

Proximus Journal There and back again

I helped Lake cross to they ship by letting her use my flight power and life support.

When the people from the ship took something inside, she disappeared into the ship and we waited for her call.  After about 20 minutes, I was asked to move far enough away and send a message to the cutter that was on its way to rendezvous with us.   Crusader had asked them to delay their arrival by 15 minutes.  

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NG Session 2 Notes

On the way to Earth, we were told the prisoner shuttle was escaping.  

After some negotiation, I used my powers to take everyone to find the shuttle.  I was a little worried about finding the shuttle but I was pretty sure that I could find earth again.  We did find and boarded it and as soon as the inner door was open, two shots went out and were deflected by Crusader.  Lake ran forward but couldn’t quite reach them. Erebos tried to grab one but missed then Oriana shot one. I cast a cosmic grenade in to the compartment and knocked them around.  Then one tried to shot the other and Crusader deflected that shot too its amazing to see him work.   Erebos grabbed the one still standing and the battle was over.

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The NeoGenesis Initiative: Part I

The Meeting
Crusader stepped into the office in the administration section of the station. The lights were dimmed allowing for a spactacular view of the surrounding space habitats and the stars beyond. Looking out at this view was a tall man. His head was bald and he wore a a suit common for business-types today, but nothing outlandish. A fit man, his slightly leathered skin belied his age. “If you look to the right Sam you can see a pale blue dot, the brightest star in the sky. We started there – our cradle – and it is there where change must begin.” The man turned turned his head to look at Crusader, “Wecome. I am Dietrich Vance and I am in your debt.”

For an instant Sam thought maybe he didn’t have his mask on right. Then he realized that the most powerful business man, ever, knew who he was. This didn’t sit well… Keeping in beat with Mr. Vance, Crusader entered the room and stood arms crossed. “You don’t owe me anything sir. I’m just glad things went as well as they did. It seemed like a situation that could have ended horribly.” Crusader looked out the widow towards the blue dot of light and then back Mr. Vance, “You seem to be a man with a plan… For change? How do you see me in this plan Mr. Vance?”
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Journal Of David Knight

Standard English Language Class Journal

We are supposed to keep a stupid journal for a stupid English language class to help us with our writing and help us to learn to express ourselves in the stupid written form. And we have to write something every stupid day. This is so gleeping lame.

My name is David Knight. I am from the planet Aurora, near the city of Eos, it’s a part of the Coalition of Free Worlds and it is the first colony of Earth.  They call it a “Spacer” planet.   My parents and siblings still live there.  My father is named Paul and my mother is Emily. I have a younger sister named Gabrielle and an older brother Scott.

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Str 15     Dex 20     Con 14    Body 18

Int 20    Ego 14       Pre  12    Com  16

Spd 5    Phase 3,5,8,10,12         REC 6 End 28    Stun 33     6″Run 2″ Swim 3″Leap Flight 12″

PD 7 +5 Armour + 18 High Kinetic ( 12/30) (10 /28 rPD)

ED 7 +5 Armour + 18 High Kinetic ( 12/30) (10 /28 rPD)

OCV:7   DCV:7     +2 ALL COMBAT CAN Only be used on one thing a phase

( Defense Manuver 1 No attacker Considered to be attcking from behind)

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I am Proximus

“My name is Proximus, I am here to help.  I believe there are some terrorists in your hold getting ready to attack the station. I need you to inform the captain that they are there and warn the station there are 4 groups. One is going to attack the Station’s Guild Director, another is going to try and retrieve something from Cargo Bay 6, and a third is targeting a girl as a backup objective. The fourth is securing their means of escape.”

“B-b-but sir where is Mr. Knight is he ok?” the flight attendant asked hesitantly.

“Mr. Knight will be fine as long as you do as I say. Call the captain NOW, I don’t have time for this.

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