William, would-be Dauphin of Ames

Shadowgate campaign.
A conceited vampire much enamored of himself, William’s ambitions overreach his power.

Refresh (Current Fate): 2 (0)

Physical: xxxx (xx) Armor:1
Mental: x❑❑❑

Severe (Hole ripped in back ✓ ) Mild (battered ✓ ) Moderate (broken nose ✓) Taken Out


HC: Vampire Lord of the House of Night
Origin: Deap-seated Feelings of Inferiority
Only I Can Save Vampire-Kind
Thinks with his balls


+5: Brawl, Deceive
+4: Melee, Physique, Provoke, Will
+3: Athletics, Notice, Resources, Shoot, Stealth
+2: Investigation, Occult, Streetwise


Fade Through Walls – Spend a Fate point to pass through any barrier, be it window, door, or wall.


Vampire Stunts
Animal Shape – Mark off one mental or one physical stress box to take the form of a wolf.
Night Eyes – See at night in the dark without penalty, except in total darkness or while blind.
Primal Claws – Pay 1 physical stress. Brawl gains Weapon:2 bonus. (But see Supernatural Strength below.)

Supernatural Strength x2 – +4 to Physique rolls to break inanimate objects. +4 stress on Brawl attacks (can add to Primal Claws, above). Costs 1 physical stress.
Resilience x2 – Pay one mental stress to gain +2 stress boxes and Armor:1 for the scene.


by DragonBarbara-Meier-top-4
Shadowgate campaign.
(Used to be Gillian Rose, but the Gillian personality was drowned in the passion and lust of the Rose personality, thanks to Warren’s “nurturing”.)

Apparently in her twenties, Rose never hesitates to let her hair down and be wild for a while. She is beautiful but also resourceful and smart.

Physical: ❑❑
Mental: ❑❑



HC: Bound to a Vampire Lord
Trouble: A Slave to Her Own Desires (Glutton)
Highly Competent Consigliere (perhaps too strong?)
Possessed by a Lust Spirit


+4: Rapport
+3: Academics, Occult
+2: Deceive, Notice, Shoot
+1: Athletics, Empathy, Melee
Note: Skill point spent to raise Rapport. This was taken from Warren’s adventure awards.


Striking Looks (Rapport) – +2 bonus to Rapport where good looks can come into play.
Fast Reflexes (Notice) – +2 to Notice for the purpose of determining initiative.


Vampire Stunts
Supernatural Strength – Spend 1 physical stress to gain +2 to Physique rolls to break stuff. Gain Weapon:2 in Brawl attack or +2 to bonuses from melee weapons. Lasts the scene.
Mesmerize (Rapport) – Use Rapport to entrance someone into doing things for you, all the while thinking it was their own idea.

English, French, Spanish, Italian


Pistol (Weapon:2)
Small SMG (Weapon:2; Autofire)
Kevlar Vest (Armor:1)


Another steamy image.



The Bastard Prince campaign.
Lendelwen is a white unicorn with a long, twisting horn and a flowing mane. Her cloven hooves and pony-like size allows her to be quite at home in woodlands. She’s loyal to her fair elf princess and fiercely protective of the princess’ virtue. Lendelwen is capable of taking human form. When she does, she appears as an attractive warrior with long white hair that carries a lance.

Physical: ❑❑❑
Mental: ❑❑



HC: A Fae Avatar of Nature
Trouble: Trusting of Pure or Innocent Folk
The Princess’s Most Devoted Protector


+4: Fight
+3: Athletics, Fight
+2: Empathy, Notice, Unicorn (Sense Innocence)
+1: Investigate, Lore, Physique, Rapport


Sense Innocence. (Free with Unicorn skill) Use the Unicorn skill in place of Empathy in order to sense the relative innocence and good intentions of a person. Deceive can be used in defense of this ability. If successful, the unicorn will know if the person has aspects depicting negative emotions or malicious intent, though it may not know the exact aspect.

Form of the Maiden. Some unicorn mares can take the form of an elf maiden. They can have different arrangements of skills, though the shape of the pyramid should remain the same. Often, the maiden is seen wielding a spear or lance.

Gore. Fight attacks with horn or lance gains weapon:2.


Woodland Plate (Medium armor, appears with Form of the Maiden)
Lance (Martial weapon, appears with Form of the Maiden)

Arria’s Character Sheet


Physical Stress: ❑❑
Mental Stress: ❑❑

Ex-Thief and Probationary Courtesan.
Old Habits Are Hard to Kick.
“My Luck Doesn’t *Always* Suck…”.
Honor Among Thieves.

+3: Athletics, Notice
+2: Burglary, Deceit, Stealth
+1: Contacts, Melee, Rapport

Cute As Hell. +2 to Rapport rolls where physical good looks can come into play. She’s 16 but looks a little young for her age, as if she isn’t quite yet a woman. (Adult, marrying age for an Avonian being 14+.)

Knife. Weapon:1


Role in Story (Shopping Trip): A new friend of Fina’s

Occupation: Ex-thief, now a Courtesan

Physical Description: Brown hair, bright blue eyes. Pretty. 16 years old, quick and athletic. She’s a decent thief but hasn’t very good luck with it.

Personality: Daring, but with a modicum of common sense. She’s willing to take a chance if she thinks it might better her life. She does somewhat hold to the idea of honor among thieves and now includes her fellow courtesans in that.

Habits/Mannerisms: Tends to fidget when nervous. She may also relapse to her thieving ways given an opportunity.

Background: Mother was a thief. Things went bad when she killed her mark, then fled town. She left Arria behind.

The FATE character sheet is here.

Relindil, Lunar Elf Noble

Lord Relindil

Role in Story (Shopping Trip): Personally interested in Fina, Relindil had to balance his attraction to her against her profession. Now, he’s had time to think about it and may be interested to see what possibilities the future might hold if he saw her again.

Occupation: Dilettante noble.
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