Nola Rae

Nola Rae

Physical Stress: ❑❑
Mental Stress: ❑❑❑❑

Refresh: 2 (2)
Credit: 1

Engineer. High Concept
Sheltered and Shy (Away from her comfort zone). Trouble
(Connection to Commander).
(Connection to PC).

+4: Engineer
+3: Systems, Will
+2: Athletics, Intrusion, Notice
+1: Pilot, Rapport, Skill, Skill

Always Making Useful Things. You don’t ever have to spend a fate point to declare that you have the proper tools for a particular job using Engineering, even in extreme situations (like being imprisoned and separated from all your stuff). This source of opposition is just off the table.
Better Than New!. Whenever you succeed with style on an overcome action to repair a piece of machinery, you can immediately give it a new situation aspect (with a free invoke) reflecting the improvements you’ve made, instead of just a boost.
Jury Rig. You can make fast repairs on any vehicle using nothing more than spit and bailing wire. Spend a Fate point and roll Engineering. Success means consequences the vehicle or ship has can be ignored for the rest of the scene. The difficulty is Fair for mild consequences, Good for moderate and Great for severe. Extreme consequences can’t be jury rigged.
Attack Programs. You can use Intrusion to make mental attacks and create advantages against a target by flinging attack programs at targets via the MindWeb or other access.

Race: Gildans (originally from Gildea 3)
Naturally community minded
Transform to TSI upon death
Advanced manipulation

Other Extras
1 Aspect or Stunt.
2 Skill Points. 

Starship Engineer’s Toolkit. Parts, Tools, +1 other bonus; Cost: Good (+3)