Villains Session 5

Tunneling Armor Suit (Dr. Hedgehog)
Power-suit using villain working with or part of a conspiracy of ex-Lansing rogue scientists. His/Hers/Its motivations remain unknown, only destructive.

Rogue ex-Lansing Scientists (see NPCs Session 5)
Suspects in the theft of a bunch of platinum, waking up AI robots, stealing old droid equipment and stealing several hundred million credits worth (at least) of Etherium bound to be used in biometallic armor.

Armored Gunmen
Three armored thieves who took hostages and were taken down by the team. One who fought Xterran didn’t look as it he would survive.

Villains – Session 4

The Wardroid
An HKR-021 war robot of mid-millenium that was taken down by the team. It’s brain was removed and is currently at a facility under the auspices of Dr. Hikaru Sato, a known patron of the NeoGenesis Initiative, the Genesis Trust and by extension the Team. What will become of the True-AI inside is undecided.
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Villains Session 3

ServiusIn custody on Luna Penal Station
After action reports from CTA authorities indicated that Servius “the Burner” had a power amplification system surgically grafted into his body. His natural power, basically a gamma-level plasma burst, was amplified to nearly alpha-level potency with flight and defensive abilities as well; however, this opened him up to a feedback potentiality which played itself out on the CTA cutter Pershing. Servius, after willingly surrendering, made an escape attempt when medics tried to sedate him into Delta Sleep. In the ensuing fight, he blasted Crusader who reflected the blast back into Servius’ power system, shutting it down and causing massive internal injury. Servius’s system is no longer considered a threat and options are being looked at to remove the graft at the earliest opportunity. Servius was remanded to SPs several hours after the incident.

DreamslayerIn Custody
Currently in a coma. From his interactions with the stellar-medium organism Xel, Dreamslayer seems to have been stripped of an extensive network of alien biotech. He is being transferred to Guild CPS authorities for review. Powers included mind scanning, teleportation, and a powerful biological and metallogical tranformative effect. What if any of these remain after the conflict is unknown.

Villains Session 2

Karl Tucker and Arlo Henry
Fringers from the Outer Sphere who recently were hired by Servius as muscle. Captured.

Leader of a band of raiders who, alongside Dreamslayer, is planning on using a captured alien/biotech for some nefarious purpose, possibly to go after the Corinthian, a known Ares Syndicate figure.
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