Into the Mind of Metatide – Week 2

Miho Sakura had brought in Officer Kelsey Vance as Crusader suggested to help with the investigation of Lake’s mysterious sleepwalk of the night of the 9th. Miho had completed her research and was ready to present it to Lake first. She brought Kelsey, just in case Lake would allow her to help.

“Lake, I have the results of all of the testing and checking of the electronics, etc. Are you ready to hear the report? Do you have any questions?”, the scientist asked.

Lake nodded. “Although your findings may be just as important as your conclusion, I would like to know if you found evidence that I’m guilty of betraying the team or otherwise endangering the people I work with. Then I’d like to hear your findings after that.”
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Fifth Batch of Questions

Which others supers have you worked with, if any?  Are there any you wish you could?  A.J. – Mahdras

I wouldn’t mind meeting some. That probably answers both your questions, really. Other than Genesis team members, I haven’t worked directly with any other meta-powered person.

How did you get your power?  If it wasn’t a mutation, what caused it?  H.L. – Nairobi

That’s… a painful memory for me. I’m sorry, but I’d really rather not get into the details. Let it suffice to say that I was not born with my abilities. That narrows things down to “accident”, and that’s about where I’d like to leave it. Continue reading “Fifth Batch of Questions”

Fourth Batch of Questions

Hey great job on the whole Cyrus thing. Any hope you’ll catch him? T.R. – Ithaca

I think we should all hope we catch him. We live in a mechanized world; a man capable of controlling machines with his mind, and who has proven himself selfish and destructive, is capable of anything. Continue reading “Fourth Batch of Questions”

Third Batch of Questions


Are you going to stay Earth-based or like the old Citadel of my father’s day be offworld most of the time? H.R. – Paris

We have no plans to move our base from Earth. On a personal level, this is my home and the only home I’ve ever known. If we have to leave, it will be because we had to pursue something or someone in order to defend our home.

What is your opinion of the whole ‘Guild for Mutants’ idea floating around the government from time to time? You know, the registration thing? O.O. – NeoYork

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Metatide Report: “Arrest Me”

Scene to take place upon Crusader’s return, likely at the proposed location for the new base at the island mansion.

Having shed her “working” form and returned to the form of her assumed identity, Lake Rain, Crusader’s lieutenant, waited in a small private room for a moment. She appeared to be attired in her attractive red outfit. It looked good on her, but a few members of the NeoGenesis team now knew that she really didn’t wear any clothes at all, that it was just a facade she wore and changed at will. It was as false as everything else she knew she was and right now that left a bitter taste in her mouth. She resolved to do some shopping for actual clothes at some point in the future. At least those things were real, and not a fake.

When Crusader entered, she handed him a report. It was in antiquated form using actual paper (or what passed for paper these days) instead of an electronic file.
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Doc Hedge had agreed to bring Crusader to the surface. Before doing so, he gave him some more information, “So, we have a deal. Good. Here is our theory; just in case something happens. Actually Dr. Lao’s theory. He believes that the brain is ‘calling’ other AIs to it. The old battledroid was drawn to it (the one you have), as was the smaller humaform one from a couple weeks ago. Continue reading “Meanwhile…Underground”