Bedlam in Queens. Wardroid stopped by Crusader and his Team

NYM Newswire-
An hundreds of years old HKR-021 war android woke up today only to be taken down by Crusader and his team. For second time in so many weeks an old AI-driven killing machine was on the loose. This one made a bee-line to get off the planet, heading to Clinton-Kennedy with a single minded resolve and not letting anything get in its way. Continue reading “Bedlam in Queens. Wardroid stopped by Crusader and his Team”

Strange Happenings in NeoYork

Gretchen Hamilton – INN

The Bromberg Exchange is one of the oldest interplanetary distributers of rare earths and precious metal in the Northeast, if not the Western Hemisphere and beyond.  Their security is top notch, their reputation flawless.  It is not surprising then that they waited until yesterday to report a theft from one of their secure transfer facilities on Long Island that took place over a month ago. Continue reading “Strange Happenings in NeoYork”

Stargate 3.0 – It’s Coming!

The Stargate Consortium has announced that the newest stargate technology – Tachyonic Priming – is ready to begin beta testing.  This new technique will allow stargate fields to create a higher energy state for the warp bubble that ships currently ‘ride’ to destinations that could speed up travel by 50% or more. Continue reading “Stargate 3.0 – It’s Coming!”

News from Vanguard III

United Earth Starfleet – Exploration Division

The Vanguard III deep space mission, lead by the explorer ship EAS Endeavour and accompanied by two liscenced survey vessels, the Hawking and the Meredith, has reached the Rigel System and completed the first stage of Stargate construction allowing for limited FTL communications. Continue reading “News from Vanguard III”

Is it happening again?

by Lisan Helm – The American Times

Last week, a group of maintenance robots in Yonkers District began self-destructing or going into rob-lock when a refugee from the AI Uprising, a wardroid of the KRS-88 model awoke and attempted to begin the war anew, not knowing that in the centuries since it went inactive, all humanoid robots (and most all non-humanoid ones) here and abroad have been asimoved, incapable of harming anyone. Continue reading “Is it happening again?”

AndersonValentine CW Finance has a new CEO

Press Release

AndersonValentine CW Finance has announced the retirement of longtime chairman J. Andrew Valentine III after a twenty year tenure steering a company so vital to managing accounts of firms from the smallest startup to mega corporations. All three elder Valentine children, who left to pursue separate agendas in finance, were up for consideration for taking over their father’s landmark role in the company along with three other key members of the senior staff. It was a surprise announcement that the youngest of the Valentine clan, Christopher Valentine (24), an outsider to the industry but an up and coming corporate trader, was selected for the post.
Continue reading “AndersonValentine CW Finance has a new CEO”

News Flash – Shackelton Station Suspects in Custody

Jihong Kim – Staff Reporter

CTA and Guild spokespersons have released a statement confirming the rumors that the five citizens led by the new Crusader (as some have called him – no offical confirmation has been forthcoming) who stood up against the raiders yesterday and teaming up dealt with the escapees led the way in both discovering the location of the raider ship, spoiling their plans, apprehending them with minimal caualties and releasing a captive sentient – an alien hereunto unknown and enslaved by the raiders. Continue reading “News Flash – Shackelton Station Suspects in Custody”

Blackout and Terror Attack at G4! Mystery Heroes Save the Day!

Jihong Kim – Staff Reporter

Today an attack by an unknown terrorist group occurred on Shackleton Station Prime. Rumors abounded that it was aliens of some kind – however Transport Authority officials and witnesses confirmed the attackers were human, two of which are known to be custody of Alliance Security.
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