Lansing and Helicon complete merger.

LansingCorp, the millenium-old tech giant and the pharmatech company Helicon Systems have completed their merger discussions and within one month will re-emerge as a new corporate entity: Ultriva LHR. Lansing, buffeted by scandal in the last few months and never having fully recovered from the stigma of the Archeron Incident took the opportunity to redefine itself under the leadership of their new CEO Tabitha Warren-Lansing by acquiring the struggling Helicon Systems.

NeoYork Mayor and SPs Endorse Genesis

April 4, 2911

The Mayor today announced a cooperative effort between the NeoYork city government and the NYSP to work with the private Genesis Initiative, in particular the team led by the new Crusader, in preventing and addressing the building meta-crime wave in the city. Continue reading “NeoYork Mayor and SPs Endorse Genesis”

Spinner Accident on Luna

Found in the Lake Armstrong Gazette newsfeed

Sela Kasir (41), a PR Exec at Numina Marketing here in Lake Armstrong City was pronounced dead today after a tragic accident wherein his car’s complock system failed to re-engage the roadway and threw the vehicle through the barrier into oncoming traffic. Initial forensic evidence indicated the Mr. Kasir engaged the override and was driving manually before the accident, but seeing trouble failed to engage the auto complock in time. Mr. Kasir, originally of Archeron, has no family and his will indicated that no services be held.

Shackelton Station Hit Again!

Jihong Kim, staff reporter
Everyone seems to be following the news that Crusader and his team have been spotted in the NeoYork area, stopping robots and foiling crimes. That’s great, and I applaud their inspiring actions. But lost in the news about these attacks, colonization news, raids on the fronteer and the weather was a little noticed story. Continue reading “Shackelton Station Hit Again!”

Battle in North Harlem

This just in. NYSP offcials have confirmed the firefight at the Metro Police Forensic Annex in East Harlem district was indeed a fight between Crusader’s new team, unofficial called Genesis, and several unknown mutant powered assailents attacking the building. NYSP has apprehended several assailents and those on the scene said that Genesis saved the day. Continue reading “Battle in North Harlem”

Lansing Names New CEO

Tabitha Warren-Lansing, the first family member of the venerable Lansing clan to head the family business in over fifty years has been named Chief Executive of this system-wide technology congromorate.

Lansing has been hit by a series of scandals and accusations of corruption in the last few years and Ms. Lansing’s goal is to bring the company back to it’s priorities and service to the community of nations and its stockholders.

Vanguard III Followup

The Vanguard III mission to Rigel, lead by the EAS Endeavor has reported some new facinating science.  The Meredith, a science vessel exploring Rigel B/C has more importantly discovered the remains of an ancient intelligent civilization that possibly exixted upwards of 10 million years ago to as recently as 100,000 years ago.  The details will be classified for some time as the scientific community reviews the artifacts.  On a more somber tone, several memvers of a Meredith away team were killed in a cavern collapse in one of the digs.  The official announcement is 3 dead, 4 injured, 1 missing; however the names are being withheld pending contact with relatives.