Recap for Session 12

Immediate Situation
Crusader, acting on a hunch and feeling it was his only option, began asphyxiating the Red Man who claimed to be extra dimensional. Proximus and Miho, having serious issue with this acted. Proximus tried to pull Crusader off and Miho acting on a hunch activated a a sonic scan she was setting up at full power, disrupting the Red Man’s structure and bringing Metatide back….

  • Proximus and Crusader exchange words and Proximus begins to pack to leave for good.
  • Metatide, talking to Miho and the others, comes to a dreadful conclusion concerning the origin of the Red Man.
  • Valentine speaks to Crusader shortly after.

Ongoing Situations

  1. Mel, the alien subject of a vision/psychic communication of Eribos’, is aboard the starship Churchill whose destination is either Terminus or Titan. It may hold the clue to the origin and purpose of the twin’s powers.
  2. Senator Clark, a member of the Genesis Trust, is arranging for a meeting for Crusader and/or the team with the EarthGov president.
  3. A group of pro-Earth, anti-alien/anti-spacer mutant saboteurs are making more brazen attacks.
  4. Someone is arming Gamma-level mutant criminals with technological boosters.
  5. Oriana’s friend Angelique made an offer to her to join in the use of ancient alien technology to put Earth ahead of its rivals such as the totalitarian Confederation.
  6. Dr. Cyrus (aka Psyon), is still on the loose.
  7. The Confeds are watching Proximus and the three children in his care.  Another group, followers of Shard, seeks them for another reason.

Report to Crusader on the EAS Churchill

TO: Crusader
FR: Ariel Rosiiskaya, personal secretary to Mr. Dietrich Vance
RE: Current wherabouts of the the Churchill.

Crusader, Mr. Vance has asked me to inform you that the Churchill is due to arrive at the Tannhauser Gate (Haven) in three days and then proceed after a four day layover there at EarthForce’s McArthur Base orbiting Haven either to Terminus; or to the EarthForce Prison Facility on Titan. As you know Terminus’s location is classified, and getting you into the Titan prison facility would be very difficult.
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Report to Proximus

TO: Proximus – Genesis
FR: Dr. Anna Abernathy – Coalition Embassy: Medical Center
RE: Three Children

Proximus, we have put the children through a physical and full scan akin to the one we performed on you to measure your power. It is confirmed that all three possess power potential akin to yours, albeit at a much lower potential. As long as there is no immediate threat to the embassy, we have no problem keeping them here as it would be the safest place.

I also followed up on this S’slaa mutant named E’erath whom the children considered contacting. Auroran Intelligence confirms that he possesses powers similar to yours and has been active in the Outer Sphere areas near the S’slaa system. While we cannot confirm this, rumor is that he has taken on cosmic energy shell like yours and possesses similar but not exactly identical powers. Several outer colonies have noted his appearence and he seems to have helped against several Tharg raids against human colonists who have good relations with the S’slaa. It’s possible this E’erath was among the S’slaa abourd a trade ship which responded to the distress calls from ships following the final confrontation with Shard.


The S’slaa have some trade with the Human Sphere worlds. They are reptiliod/amphibiod beings slightly shorter than humans in stature. They have a half-dozen colony worlds and have made greater contact with humanity in the last 20 years.

Recap for Session X


Crusader has been making headway dealing with various groups and organizations which could help or hinder the team in the future. The mayor and police commissioner are behind the team so far, plus there are the beginnings of good relations with the Guild, the Commerce Transit Authority (CTA), and the Security Police as a whole. No EarthForce contacts have been made, though an Earthforce test pilot is assigned to the team associated with the new Tempest Class transport. Crusader was planning on building relations with EarthGov, the Spacers, the SPs as a whole, and possibly EarthForce as needed. In addition, he has made contact with a former costumed supervillain, The Fly, who seems to have mended his ways.

Metatide has began taking on more of the role of a spokesman for the group, both via the InterWeb and by using a new fake persona as the group’s ‘press agent’, John Rivers. In addition she is slowly building contacts with former adversaries and others. Her worry about being mentally controlled still is an issue for her, though Crusader, Kelsey, and Miho have taken as many steps as possible to insure it never happens again.

Proximus has taken under his wing three teen refugees from offworld who share birthdates

Recap Before Session 8

baseThis is a recap of where things stand before the start of Session 8.

The PC’s will start at the base rendevous, which right now is a former secure mansion, but there are expansion plans. All of the PC’s will be there within minutes of game start in the afternoon of 10 March, 2911.

The location is illustrated on the right. 

Sam has arrived alone on the island after sending out a message to rendevous there. He is the worse for wear, but is physically doing well. He has a package and quickly gets into a long discussion with Metatide.

Lake has just arrived from escorting the new prisoners. The prisoners in custody are listed in the Villains Session 7 post. They are being held at a secret facility in the city, awaiting questioning. Dr. Lao and Trista Adams from Dr. Hedgehog’s team are with her. As is Officer Kelsey Vance who after being called up by Metatide earlier has become an ad hoc liason from the NYSP concerning this situation. Continue reading “Recap Before Session 8”

Nightmares and Friendship

Lake finally was asleep.  Eribos’s antics and the whole teleportation, gateway-thing at this critical time and place while Crusader was missing was bad enough.  To know she would be exhausted tomorrow when a big fight was likely to happen was worse.  But, worries aside she finally slipped into slumber.

{Tia was herself, as she was born, in a gossamer, white shift walking along the beaches of Alpha prime, the purple ocean reflecting the twin moons in a dazzling display of color that no place could match. She was at peace. Shimmering unfocused down the beach was a form. Human, she thought, just out of range to be easily identified.}
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Proxima Station Email to Dr. Knight

Dr. Knight-

Very important info for you David.  As a quick summary, repair work is going well and we should be able to resume operations within two weeks.  I’m writing this as an inquiry on when you plan on returning.  We heard about the station incident and received a reply from EarthGov and the Auroran Consulate stating you are in good health but hadn’t heard on whether or when you were planning to return. Continue reading “Proxima Station Email to Dr. Knight”