Aftermath – Nemesis or Friend

Patrols led by Captain du Triel, his daughter and others had departed to reconnoiter what happened to the goblins and their allies. Silverleaf had went north, and Sir Etienne named provisional commander of the Calder Keep. In that time Elemix, Emmeline and Tiffanie had returned with Rivanon to Uzec along with three goblin prisoners the Lady had chosen to bring with. Upon arriving, Sister Tiffanie made her way to the Temple to find her wife. Continue reading “Aftermath – Nemesis or Friend”

Hope Unlooked For

As Tiffanie slept she felt a distant compulsion, a desire to leave the temple and journey into the oncoming snowstorm. Something was calling for her, something just on the edge of consciousness. She easily could resist it, should she desire to, but there was something familiar, something from before she took her vows.

Typhon grabbed her axe and quietly left the group to see where this compulsion was to take her. Before stepping out in the snowstorm, Typhon pulled the winter cloak closer around her. With eyes closed for a moment, Typhon sensed the direction she need to follow, and then walked off toward it. Continue reading “Hope Unlooked For”