Into the Mind of Metatide – Week 2

Miho Sakura had brought in Officer Kelsey Vance as Crusader suggested to help with the investigation of Lake’s mysterious sleepwalk of the night of the 9th. Miho had completed her research and was ready to present it to Lake first. She brought Kelsey, just in case Lake would allow her to help.

“Lake, I have the results of all of the testing and checking of the electronics, etc. Are you ready to hear the report? Do you have any questions?”, the scientist asked.

Lake nodded. “Although your findings may be just as important as your conclusion, I would like to know if you found evidence that I’m guilty of betraying the team or otherwise endangering the people I work with. Then I’d like to hear your findings after that.”
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Metatide Report: “Arrest Me”

Scene to take place upon Crusader’s return, likely at the proposed location for the new base at the island mansion.

Having shed her “working” form and returned to the form of her assumed identity, Lake Rain, Crusader’s lieutenant, waited in a small private room for a moment. She appeared to be attired in her attractive red outfit. It looked good on her, but a few members of the NeoGenesis team now knew that she really didn’t wear any clothes at all, that it was just a facade she wore and changed at will. It was as false as everything else she knew she was and right now that left a bitter taste in her mouth. She resolved to do some shopping for actual clothes at some point in the future. At least those things were real, and not a fake.

When Crusader entered, she handed him a report. It was in antiquated form using actual paper (or what passed for paper these days) instead of an electronic file.
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Nightmares and Friendship

Lake finally was asleep.  Eribos’s antics and the whole teleportation, gateway-thing at this critical time and place while Crusader was missing was bad enough.  To know she would be exhausted tomorrow when a big fight was likely to happen was worse.  But, worries aside she finally slipped into slumber.

{Tia was herself, as she was born, in a gossamer, white shift walking along the beaches of Alpha prime, the purple ocean reflecting the twin moons in a dazzling display of color that no place could match. She was at peace. Shimmering unfocused down the beach was a form. Human, she thought, just out of range to be easily identified.}
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Journal Entry

Summary for Session 4, October 16, 2008

Concerned that Dreamslayer may be hopping bodies, we were called in to a holding facility on Luna where he was being kept. A man named Special Agent Hadrian Ellison, a psychic of some power, assisted in identifying where the real Dreamslayer was hiding.

Honestly, there wasn’t a thing for me to do here. Crusader simply punched the guy out once identified. But the incident has me worried. If there are beings out there that can simply take a person over, is anyone really safe? How can a person be made safe? Once the Initiative is going, I need to speak with Miho and other scientists to see if there is some kind of jamming field we can build. If one of our team is taken over like that… the result would be disastrous for all of us.

Later, a huge robot escaped from where ever it was buried and made a path of destruction straight for the space port. I guess it wanted off planet and it couldn’t be subtle about it. Anyway, we were able to stop it as a team and then trace it back to where it all started. Apparently someone was mining an ancient junkyard and came across it, then decided to put it back in service. Poor fool. The machine immediately fried him. But there is evidence here of a digging machine. I’m going to clear the debris and see if we can find a tunnel to follow. This may have something to do with the strange subterranean thefts that have occurred recently.

Session 3 Afterward #1

Ms. Sakura had left for her offices with Lake’s offer in mind, a pleasent smile was on her face, one of acceptance she had not anticipated. Lake now had to discuss the situation with the others. Crusader was due back shortly.

Deciding to go straight to Crusader, whom she thought would put the offer before the team or not as he so chose, Lake went to find Crusader and tell him a little of what she’d learned. Remaining sensitive to Sakura’s need for discretion regarding her situation, she decided to inform Crusader of the nature of things, and let him decide whether he needed to know more or not.
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Journal Entry

Summary for Session 3, September 25, 2008.

The strike against the pirates that attacked Shackleton Station went well. At Crusader’s order, I utilized Proximus power and my own to infiltrate the enemy ship. Once I was able to knock out a crew member (a pilot, I believe), I was able to move about at my own discretion. It took me less than 25 minutes to determine the layout of the ship and where the alien was being held.

Contacting Crusader, however, cost me my cover and brought Servius and his crew down on me. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I’m highly sensitive to fire-based attack — when I attempted to engage him, he used his powers, which were somehow enhanced mechanically, and took me out. Continue reading “Journal Entry”

Journal Entry

Summary for Session 2, September 11, 2008.

Metatide records

Crusader had a long discussion with all of us together and I think everyone is on the same page. We’re going to do this thing, becoming NeoGenesis. That leaves the details, of course, and there are a lot of them to figure out!

We didn’t make to to Earth, though. It appears that the prison shuttle with the two guys I knocked out was making a run for it. It was a good guess they were escaping. So, Proximus offered to take us there.
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The NeoGenesis Initiative: Part I

The Meeting
Crusader stepped into the office in the administration section of the station. The lights were dimmed allowing for a spactacular view of the surrounding space habitats and the stars beyond. Looking out at this view was a tall man. His head was bald and he wore a a suit common for business-types today, but nothing outlandish. A fit man, his slightly leathered skin belied his age. “If you look to the right Sam you can see a pale blue dot, the brightest star in the sky. We started there – our cradle – and it is there where change must begin.” The man turned turned his head to look at Crusader, “Wecome. I am Dietrich Vance and I am in your debt.”

For an instant Sam thought maybe he didn’t have his mask on right. Then he realized that the most powerful business man, ever, knew who he was. This didn’t sit well… Keeping in beat with Mr. Vance, Crusader entered the room and stood arms crossed. “You don’t owe me anything sir. I’m just glad things went as well as they did. It seemed like a situation that could have ended horribly.” Crusader looked out the widow towards the blue dot of light and then back Mr. Vance, “You seem to be a man with a plan… For change? How do you see me in this plan Mr. Vance?”
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Journal Entry

Summary for Session 1, August 27, 2009

Metatide records:

What amazing luck! Admittedly it’s not all good luck of course, but still amazing. So there I was at Shakelton Station Prime, waiting for a transport back home from my vacation out to Alpha and there pops in Eberos! I hadn’t seen him since college and we just started to catch up when Sam arrived, too! Really amazing! When Eberos’ sister, Oriana returned from the restroom, it was like the old crowd from that semester in college was back together again. 

Of course, that’s when things got crazy. A medical emergency was raised and the station had to make ready all their medical people for an incoming ship from some station out in interstellar space. Apparently this station suffered a collision with a massive meteoroid and most people suffered decompression and other injuries. Sam and I volunteered to help with the injured as we were both trained in paramedical techniques. We’d only just get ready when the attack hit. Continue reading “Journal Entry”

Shackelton Station Prime

March 1st, 2911 OC (Day 60:950 NE)
Shackelton Station Prime, the Falcon-Scott Starport, Terminal 6, Section
10. 10:32 AM Standard Time.

It is a fairly busy time at Terminal 6, Three inbound flights had just docked and several outbound shuttles were prepping for departure. Some to Earth, others to Mars. There were families, students, business types, a few government suits, and the odd loner scattered amoung the 300 or more persons waiting in this area of the terminal. Certainly not the busiest time of day, over 1200 seats remained empty. Some of those sat at the bar, or shopped on the nearby concourse.

Several Alliance Transport Authority security agents and staff walked about, some checking identicards, but most doing their best to be helpful. Two EarthForce Security walked calmly by, having just entered Section 10 from Section 9. They carried rifles and looked no nonsense, but one was taking the time to answer a child’s questions.
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