Praxus Princess Part VIII

Oollana woke suddenly and sat up in bed and immediately wish she hadn’t. The pain was everywhere at once and caused an immediate shortness of breath but the pain eased after a few moments when the medical droid fed pain killers into her IV tube. The room was cold and she didn’t recognize it. From the seal over the door she guessed she was aboard the Praxus Princess. She closed her eyes and focused on her body locating all the specific points of pain so she could meditate on them.

As she mentally inventoried the various cuts and bruises on her body an electronic humming caught her attention and she opened her eyes to see where it was coming from. Several feet away on a bed similar to hers but surrounded by a portable incarceration chamber lay Darth Valar. He was unconscious with various medical droids working around him. He was in bad shape. The apparatus in place of his right arm reminded her of the ending of the fight she had with him.
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The Praxus Princess Part VII – The Force Unleashed

As Valar’s crimson blade began to descend towards princess Katerina’s neck from his raised arm position, Oollana did three things at once. As if in slow motion she began to, first, run towards Valar. She had only been a few steps away from him since they were walking past him when he lit his saber. The second thing was she called to her lightsaber. It responded instantly and began to fly to her from its place in the toolbox. The third was a deep, gut-wrenching yell that came from her that was as much a release of desperation as it was supposed to draw Valar’s attention. She had been expecting Valar to act and her reaction had been quick and decisive but it became clear in a blink of an eye that it would not be enough. She would not get there in time to stop the blade from wreaking it’s destruction upon the princess. This angered Oollana and she could feel the anger welling up. She tried to control it but failed utterly as she watched another event unfold. Continue reading “The Praxus Princess Part VII – The Force Unleashed”

The Praxus Princess Part VI – Father and Son

The king, Julius and Oollana all stood at the umbilical hatchway. The sounds of metal on metal were muted but unmistakable as the Royal Falcon maneuvered to dock with the Gundark. Julius and Oollana were both dressed in crewman clothing and both carried toolboxes. As if on cue the force had provided a way for Oollana to get on the ship after all.

As the king had predicted only he was allowed to meet with the kidnappers regarding his daughter but they made one small concession, they needed someone to fix the damaged hyperdrive on the Gundark and the king offered, as a show of good faith, a couple of crewmen to work on their hyperdrive. It was the perfect opportunity to get Oollana on board with the king. She had enough training and skill with repair that she would pass as competent and of course Julius would play the lead mechanic. She also used the opportunity to disguise her lightsaber as a large hydrospanner and hoped that a casual inspection would not reveal it. Continue reading “The Praxus Princess Part VI – Father and Son”

The Praxus Princess Part V – Lord Valar

The figure in his dark clothing sat on the bridge. He looked out at space and focused on the distant colors of the Hydean Way Nebula. The light from a nearby star trikled through the viewport and softly illuminated the harsheness of the man’s face and the black, claw-like tattoos that stripped across his cheeks and mouth. His long, black, shaggy hair fell widly down the front of his shoulders and patially covered his eyes. It was quiet on the bridge with only the soft hum of various panel components to keep him company. It was a quiet place and the man had come here to think but if he had wanted calm he wouldn’t find it here. Too many things were racing through his mind for the view of space to work its soothing magic.

Suddenly he slammed his fist on the control panel. Everything had gone wrong and his rage was building by the moment. Through clenched teeth he muttered “A sith lord will not be denied vengeance.” Continue reading “The Praxus Princess Part V – Lord Valar”

The Praxus Princess Part IV – Farseeing

Oollana sat in the quiet of her room aboard the Royal Falcon. The lights were low and she sat with crossed legs on top of her made bed. She examined the photos on the datapad for a few minutes and then set it beside her on the bed. She closed her eyes and focused on the images of Princess Katerina. She let the force guide her as her mind wandered first out of her room and then into the cosmos around the ship. She was using a technique her master had taught her that he had called ‘Farseeing’. It allowed her to find people she was familiar with in the force regardless of how far away they might be. She thought that this would be a good opportunity to not only determine the princess’ condition but to also get a sense of the surroundings possibly better preparing herself for what she was about to walk into. Continue reading “The Praxus Princess Part IV – Farseeing”

The Praxus Princess Part III – The Royal Falcon

The royal guard swung the pike down hard missing Oollana as she side-stepped the attack and the metal rod thudded on the floor. The guard had overextended himself and so Oollana turned her body and swept his feet out from under him allowing him to continue his forward motion all the way to the floor. The guard turned over on his back and raised his hands in submission. He was breathing heavily and Oollana could see the heaves of his chest even under the blue royal armor that he wore. She knew him to be the guard known as Benjamin.

“Okay, okay” Ben panted. “I know when I’m beat.”

Oollana extended a hand and helped him back to his feet. She smiled. Continue reading “The Praxus Princess Part III – The Royal Falcon”

The Praxus Princess Part II – Uncommon Allies

King Caspar stood as he looked from Master Bernare to Oollana who was still wearing the oily clothing she had been wearing in the hangar. Caspar clearly disapproved as he scowled.

“I ask for a jedi and you bring me a dirty child”, the king commented dismissively.

Oollana was used to being underestimated and had come to enjoy that status but she couldn’t help feel a pang of regret at her appearance. She hadn’t realized that she was walking into a meeting otherwise she would have changed. She knew, however, not to respond to such a comment because it would put the king on the defensive. Fortunately Master Bernare intervened. “You will have to excuse Oollana’s appearance. She was helping with the maintenance of our transport when I pulled her from her duties. I assure you that she will be in more appropriate attire when you next see her. I am sure that the wardrobe you brought along will be very fitting on her and the occasion.” Continue reading “The Praxus Princess Part II – Uncommon Allies”

The Praxus Princess

Oollana sighed in frustration. She stared up at the tangle of machinery above her and wondered if she would ever get the hang of it.  She picked up the greasy hydrospanner again and fit one end into the calibration socket and began to turn slowly. She was lying on her back under the HWK-003 transport, the White Lotus, on a scaffold that put her up right next to the hyperdrive coil once the outside armor plating and panel had been removed. Wires of all colors draped down on either side of her. It was hot here. The ship had been last flown several hours ago but the hyperdrive coils had a lot of residual heat still in them and it washed over her adding sweat to the grease mixture already covering her hands, arms, face and clothes. Continue reading “The Praxus Princess”