Character Sheets

I have created character sheets for use with this campaign. Here is a blank PDF. If you have a Mac with iWork, you can download this one and unzip it.

Open it in Numbers and select File-> Save as Template. After that you can select it under My Templates whenever you want to create your characters. This spreadsheet-based sheet will auto-calculate just about everything for you.

Talent Trees

Because there are now quite a few books out for the Saga Edition of this game, and each adds some really great Talent Trees to the base classes and prestige classes, it can be hard to find just the thing you want for your character. Here is a listing of the Talent trees available for each class and prestige class. While I can’t reprint the Talents and what they do, I hope this reference at least makes it a bit easier to look things up and find them when you go to level your character. Continue reading “Talent Trees”

Class Feats

All feats from the various Saga Edition books may be available to PCs. The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide and the Force Unleashed Campaign Guide have many feats that can be learned as bonus feats for the core classes. While I won’t list all the feats available from all the books, I will try to compile a list here of class feats since they are spread out quite a bit.
Continue reading “Class Feats”