Temptation of the Dark Side

The optional rules listed in The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide regarding the Dark Side is in effect. In essence, a Force Point may be spent to gain temporary use of any Force Power with the dark side descriptor. It can then be used once during that encounter. Likewise a Force Point may be spend to gain access to a dark side talent. This lets you use the talent (or talents if you spend Force Points to buy more than one) for the entire encounter. However, your character gains dark side points equal to the number of Force Points spent in this manner.

Refer to the TFUCG for complete rules.

Available Races

A wide variety of species are available for play in this campaign. The home system of the game will be Praxus. This solar system has four inhabited worlds as well as mining colonies (both planet-side and based on floating cities of the gas giant world of Telemon. This is a very cosmopolitan place in the galaxy due to a wide variety of species being made to settle and colonize the four worlds of Praxus System.

Species available for play include many from the Core book: Humans, Bothans, Duros, Gamorrean, Ithorian, Kel Dor, Mon Calamari, Quarren, Rodians, Sulustan, Trandoshan, Twi’lek, Wookiee, Zabrak.

The Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide also lists many suitable for play: Arkanian, Arkanian Offshoot, Cathar, Draethos, Feeorin, Khil, Kissai, Massassi, Miraluka, Selkath, Snivvian.

The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide offers the following, which are also acceptable: Aleena, Caamasi, Gran, Nosaurian, Togorian, Togruta, Whiphid, Yarkora.

Threats of the Galaxy lists one race also suitable: the Bith. In addition, Replica Droids from the same book may be appropriate, depending on the character’s background.

Scum and Villainy includes number of races as well. Suitable races include: Clawdite, Falleen, Gand (available only to non-Jedi), Jawa, Ryn, Toydarian.

Finally, some races described on the Star Wars RPG web site may also be appropriate. For instance, the Arcona and Pau’ans described there will work well in this campaign.

Droids may also be used as PCs. These can be made from scratch, perhaps representing trusted droids employed by the Jedi Enclave on Medea (a large, terrestrial moon of Telemon). Other droids may be appropriate, such as the HK-Series.

Character Creation and Campaign Guidelines

When creating your characters, please keep in mind the following guidelines all characters must use.

Planned Generation

New characters use the Planned Generation system of character creation. We will be starting at level 1. However, we are going for a slightly more epic game than standard SW Saga Edition. You may spend up to 29 points on when purchasing your Abilities. Droid characters, which have no Constitution score, may spend up to 25 points.

Hit Points

At first level, each PC gains hit points as described for their class in the SW Saga Edition core rulebook. However, hit points will be calculated differently when your character levels. Instead, we will be using a flat progression + Constitution modifier instead of a die roll + Constitution modifier. The progression is simple.

Die Type Hit Points Gained
d6 +4 hit points plus Constitution modifier.
d8 +5 hit points plus Constitution modifier.
d10 +6 hit points plus Constitution modifier.
d12 +7 hit points plus Constitution modifier.

Learning Force Powers

Characters may learn any Force power that can be taught to them by their masters, from holocrons, ancient writings, Force spirits, or any other source. If no source is available from which to learn a certain power, that power may not be learned. This increases the value of have Jedi, or other, teachers and their importance to characters in the game.

Relearning Feats, Powers, and Skills

Once when a character levels, you may choose to re-learn one Feat, Power (including Starship Maneuvers), and Skills. Mechanically, this lets you trade one Feat, Power, or Skill for another. The limitation is that you may not trade Feats granted by classes. Also, if you trade a Feat, Power, or Skill that is a prerequisite for something else, you lose access to that.

Epic Characters in Star Wars

This game is designed to run original characters from level 1 through level 20. It may well be that characters continue beyond level 20 as epic characters. Once level 20 is achieved, no more levels may be acquired, although a character may continue acquire experience points and spend them on things, so long as he maintains enough experience to remain 20th level (190,000 experience points).

Item to Purchase Experience Cost
Replenish Force Points 10,000
Purchase a Destiny Point 10,000
Purchase a Feat* 30,000
Purchase a Talent* 40,000
Purchase an Ability Increase (1 point) 10,000

* 20th level character may purchase any Feat or Talent for which they qualify. If the Talent comes from a Prestige class, they must qualify for the Prestige Class.

Once per game session a 20th level character may swap out an existing Skill, Feat, Talent, Power (or starship maneuver) and/or a Class Level for another for which they qualify. They may not swap out feats granted by a class for which they still have levels. They may not swap out a feat that is a prerequisite for another feat without losing access to that feat as well.