Dark Waters

Kiltorsssk stormed up the ramp and proceeded directly to the cargo bay. He needed to work off some steam.

As he turned the corner he kicked the first cargo container he came in contact with. It was made of a hard plastic that crushed inward at the force of the impact and flew back several meters before crashing against the hull.

Vessani had stolen information from him; information he had expressly forbidden she know until such time as he felt safe in sharing it. He picked up a cargo container and hurled it across the bay. How could she have done such a thing? She had broken his trust and his friendship.

Of all those in his current party she was the one he had most associated with as a fellow light side force user and a fellow healer. She had saved his life once from the virus back in the cave, but then he had saved her life at least twice.

At their first encounter he had risked his own life revealing himself as a Jedi to fight off the Sith and protect her. Then only days later he had defended her against the Sith on the cruise vessel and carried her cocoon through the winding corridors and onto the Sith vessel before the cruise ship had been destroyed.

He had done those things out of respect and friendship. She had relied on him then and he felt protective of her as she was so young, inexperienced and helpless.

The very thought that she would turn on him and use her abilities in the force against him had not even entered his mind. The others of course he had to be careful around, but with Vessani he had felt a certain level of comfort. She was a kind of kindred spirit – but no more.

He didn’t have any true friends here. He had to remember that. He had to watch his back all the time – even among his comrades.

Kiltorsssk surveyed the damage he had unleashed as he was coming to terms with what had happened to him. The cargo hold was a mess. As he scanned the damage he quickly determined he hadn’t destroyed anything of importance. Without caring about the mess, Kiltorsssk turned and proceeded to his room on the upper level of the ship.

As he sat down he began to think about how Vessani intended to use his technique for healing on the ancient Jedi – or rather once Jedi in the camp. The ancient Jedi was tormented by a dark lord and seemed capable of containing his wrath; at least most of the time.

Though he was upset with Vessani, he did hope she would not give in and succumb to the easy icy grasp of the dark side. Its power was very enticing. Kiltorsssk had wanted to help the Jedi too, but he knew the time was not yet right. It seemed Vessani was not yet skilled enough with the force, or indeed with life’s lessons to know that.

As he thought about that he recalled what the ancient Jedi had said, that Ardana shared the same disease. What did she mean? She had said it where only moments before a dark lord had come forth from within her and turned nearly everyone to a ragnor (can’t recall name).

When Kiltorsssk had used his ability to heal Ardana he felt the power of the dark side flow within her.

His eyes widened with the thought. Kiltorsssk had noticed the look of terror on her face as he had begun to heal Ardana. He had seen lightning from her fingertips as she began to change. That was not Ardana, it could only have been a DARK LORD.

Kiltorsssk was on his feet now. He could not sit any longer as the pieces fell into place in his mind.

Ardana had been present near the cave. The same cave where a dark spirit whom they assumed to have been Darth Tenebris had taken over Quan and caused him to fight a hopeless battle which resulted in Quans own death. Could it be that the dark lord had moved to Ardana next? Had it been hiding within her all this time? She was on the ship at the time of the fight, but then it was Darth Tenebris’ own ship. Perhaps there was some connection there that drew him to her?

Why would Tenebris jump to Ardana rather then Sarn? Perhaps there was something Tenebris didn’t like about Sarn? That spoke volumes about Sarn in Kiltorsssk’s mind.

Kiltorsssk paced around his room thinking. No, maybe Tenebris saw the virus and chose an unexposed subject instead? But did he know about the virus at the time?

Kiltorsssk shook his head. In the end it supposed it didn’t really matter why the dark lord chose Ardana. What mattered was that Ardana had carried this spirit inside her for some time, and Kiltorsssk was quite certain she knew of his presence and was trying to hide it from everyone. Until today – she had done a good job of it.

So here he was standing on the former dark lords ship. His comrades with whom he had risked his life – Sarn a clone of some very powerful force users including Darth Vader, Darth Sideous, and Luke Skywalker, Ardana – imperial knight and current host of Darth Tenebris, and Vessani who had used the force to steal information from Kiltorsssk just hours ago, all had serious dark side traits. And where was their next stop? Only the supposed homeworld of the Sith – Korriban.

By Yoda’s green ass how had the waters turned so much darker around him.

He could only place his trust in the force and weather the storm. He hoped clear skies were ahead.

The Force Guides Those Who Know to Listen

On the shuttle ride back to the capital ship Kiltorsssk contemplated his current situation. It had proved to be a fateful day. Kiltorsssk had revealed himself as a Jedi while attempting to protect his charge Quan Torindill from two Sith. When he attacked though, he did so simply out of his regard for the lives of all the individuals in his immediate vicinity. And while he was aware of certain others force sensitivity, he had no idea that a fellow trained force user was among his group. Thankfully he thought, that particular force user was both capable and more importantly perhaps, on his side against the Sith. The appearance of another Jedi (or at least trained force user) was curious but not altogether unexpected.

Still this mission had many questions and the encounter on the surface had only brought up more. Camille was obviously upset at the appearance of the Sith, that Kiltorsssk had been forced to reveal himself, and that Quan and others were there to witness the entire encounter unfold. The fact that she was even here was no coincidence he knew. She had placed herself here for a good reason and she knew more then what she stated. Of that much he was certain.

But who was the contact that Quan was going to meet with. Was the appearance of the Sith merely a chance encounter? Not likely. Who was this Veesani who led the Sith to him but who also thankfully had the ability to heal through the force?

He was fortunate he thought, to meet another follower of the light side of the force. There were so few of them left. Over the coming days, he would try his best to get to know this individual. After all the force had brought them both together and had it not been for Sarn, Kiltorsssk knew he may not have even survived the encounter.

He would also need to get to know the other individuals who had been present during the encounter. The force sensitive Twilek was more then a mere slave. Her ability to sense the force and the instinctively connect with Kiltorsssk in the moments before the encounter on the surface made him think twice about her.

And Veesani, he very much wanted to get to know. He had saved her out of instinct, and she had returned the favor in healing him. Now that she was forced away from her homeworld, Kiltorsssk felt a certain connection with her. He too was essentially forced from his homeworld because he was sensitive to the force. Like Veesani, leaving had probably saved his live.

His thoughts turned then to the pilot of his current shuttle Tryule. What are the odds he thought? Of all the ships in the galaxy he would find himself on a vessel piloted by a man he had travelled with some years ago – a man that like him had also encountered Camille some months prior to this particular journey. His experience with Camille it had seemed was entirely different, but it raised questions none the less.

And finally a painful thought entered his mind. Now that he had revealed himself, there were limited options to fade away again. His mission was not yet complete, which meant he couldn’t simply leave his charge. He was the only Wookie he had even seen on the cruise ship. If someone were to turn him in as a Jedi… There were limited options, and he did not like the thought. His revealing himself may in fact have done more harm then good. No – he mustn’t think like that. He shook his head and calmed his emotions.

He recalled his Jedi lessons. “There is no emotion, there is peace.” The first line of the Jedi code – he understood exceedingly. It was not his master that sent him here. It was not the actions of Camille or any other individual that brought him to this place at this time. It was simply the force. And as he had done his entire life, he would follow where it led. He revealed himself because it was necessary to preserve life. He would make the same choice again if circumstances were the same. It made no sense to question the past. He must instead focus on the present.

When they had arrived back on the cruise ship, Kiltorsssk was resolved. He was prepared for the challenges that awaited him. His fate, whatever it was, was not his alone. It was the will of the force. And like all his powerful Wookie ancestors before him Kiltorsssk would meet the days challenges head on.

Opening Credits

It is a dark time for the galaxy. Seven years after the destruction of the Jedi temple and its occupants at Ossus, Darth Krayt has claimed himself emperor over the Galactic empire and rules with an iron fist and an army of Sith lords. With the Galactic Alliance all but destroyed and the former emperor, Roan Fel, in exile the future looks bleak.

But hope remains. The Galactic alliance and the Jedi begin to rebuild and reform while Roan Fel takes over the fortress at Bastion and solidifies his own strength. They grow more confident each day and find common purpose in defeating Darth Krayt.

But secrets also remain. Secrets that could destroy both the Jedi and the Sith. On a luxury ship, the Alderaan Star, a secret resides in the hands of Quan Taurendill that could win a war, but at what cost?

Radiate (R8-88)

I am telling you something is funny about this mission Radiate, said Kiltorsssk as he cross checked his armor once again. Radiate was an affectionate term R8-88’s master had come to call him after many years of service.
R8-88 knew all too well about the difficulties his master had overcome both because he was a Wookiee, and a Jedi. His master had won R8-88 from a despicable human trader on a nameless world in the far outer rim. In time, R8-88 learned that while his new master didn’t gamble much he did certainly seem to be good at it when he did. He was a remarkably lucky Wookiee, and games of chance seemed to stalk him. Indeed his master’s life as a Jedi constantly seemed to test the Wookiee’s odds.
For the most part R8-88 had been tasked with serving as a go-between, often conducting business when his masters presence would have affected the outcome of a transaction.
Wookiees could be very intimidating to other species R8-88 had learned.
He had also learned to work very well with his masters other droid which was primarily a translation device worn to help others understand his masters speech. It was called T-6796, and though it could communicate and translate exceedingly well it had very limited additional functions. R8-88 established a secure encrypted connection to T-6796 as a way to communicate with his master from a distance. It also allowed R8-88 to locate his master at any given time and vice versa. Though the connection had a limited range (roughly 1 mile) the connection could be extended to work at a much greater range by R8-88 which had proved effective for ship to planet communications etc. However communicating over such a great distance required R8-88 to reroute his processing powers to the point he could effectively do nothing else when communicating in such a matter.
R8-88 had often assisted in gathering information and transmitting coded messages to a myriad of individuals who wished for their conversations to remain hidden. Indeed many of those messages had been sent to his masters Jedi friend Jal-Zanos. While the two didn’t communicate all that often, when they did it was almost always for matters very important to the cause of aiding the Jedi Order.
I know it’s important otherwise Master Zanos wouldn’t have insisted on sending me, Kiltorsssk continued. He stopped then and seemed to sense something far away. The force wants me to go. He closed his eyes and drifted for a moment. His thoughts were obviously elsewhere. After a moment he opened his eyes and turned his head to face the droid. When his gaze fell on Radiate, his thoughts again seemed to solidify. And so I shall, Kiltorsssk continued as he again turned to size up his armor.
Still, it will be very dangerous for me to put myself on board a private vessel without much means of escape. If anything goes wrong and I am somehow discovered as a Jedi it could risk not only the mission, but my life as well.
Kiltorsssk shook his head. He knew what Master Jal would say if he were here to add to the conversation. Certain dangers are necessary and we cannot shy away from events in the galaxy if we hope to defeat the Sith and restore our order to even a semblance of its former self. After all, if the Jedi don’t fight the Sith, who would? And what would that mean for the citizenry of the galaxy at large – to be ruled by the Sith? Kiltorsssk knew the history well – his master had assured his then padawan learned as much Jedi and Sith history as was possible during his years of training. Current circumstances demanded action by the Jedi – whoever, and wherever they were.
When he had completed the inspection of his armor Kiltorsssk turned to face Radiate directly. He knelt down as he often did to speak with his constant companion. Even kneeling Kiltorsssk still towered above the astromech droid. From this close he could see the burn marks from the blaster fire that had ricocheted of his rounded dome in a fire fight Kiltorsssk had been involved in some months ago. The damage was so minor it hadn’t needed any kind of immediate repair. It leant certain flair to his droid. This one has been through some real danger, he though briefly.  Kiltorsssk was glad to have Radiate. The life of a Jedi these days could be exceedingly lonely and his droid friend helped in those times.
Radiate, I want you to board the ship with me, but stay away. R8-88 beeped an alarming series of tones and pulses. You know you are my friend Radiate. It’s not about that. You can’t be near me because I don’t want you to be associated with me in case I get into any danger. I’ll need you to gather information about the ship, and identify a means of escape in case it is needed. Kiltorsssk smiled as he began to stand again – still staring at Radiate. This may be a pleasure cruise buddy, but we are there to work.
Also, once I meet my contact, I’ll want you to research him and his associates. There are already too many unknowns about this mission and I want to do whatever we can to avoid as many surprises as possible. R8-88 responded with a series of beeps that signaled obvious understanding. R8-88 had proven to be very resourceful in the past and liked that his master had entrusted him with such important tasks.
A few hours later a lone Wookiee clad in battle armor strode aboard the Alderaan Star, discretely followed by an old astromech droid that could easily have been considered the property of any number of passengers boarding at that time. Once on board, the two split and went in opposite directions keeping in constant communication via the secure connection between R8-88 and T-6796. Kiltorsssk made his way to meet with his contact; while Radiate began preparing a method of escape should his master require it.



Jedi Knight (Guardian)
Physical Stress: ❑❑❑❑❑❑
Composure Stress: ❑❑❑❑❑❑
Fate: 6 ( 6 ) Size: 2.3m

Great (+4): Weapons
Good (+3): Mysteries, Athletics, Might
Fair (+2): Resolve, Endurance, Empathy, Deceit
Average (+1): Force Healing, Telekinesis, Intimidation, Alertness, Engineering

Occupation: Wookiee Jedi Knight (Guardian)
Friend of Jal-Zanos Jedi Master
No Mountain is Too High
What Does This Button Do?
Fast Healer
Let the Wookiee Win
I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

Deflection: The character can use his light saber to deflect energy weapons fire. Use Melee Weapons instead of Athletics to defend against guns. This can also be used to set up Block Actions (SBA 217) for the character or someone the character is protecting.
Reflection: As for Deflection, but defensive spin is achieved, the character can elect to make an immediate ranged attack at another target up to 1 zone away using the damage rating of whatever energy weapon was used to attack the character.
Surge: (Athletics) Gain a +2 to Athletics checks to zip around a zone or leap over obstacles. It can be used to also gain temporary Aspects for your character such as “Elevated Position”. The difficulty is the number of zones traveled and barriers overcome.
Ataru: (Lightsaber form) Using the Force to empower your strikes with both speed and strength, you are capable of dealing devastating damage. Add +2 weapon damage when wielding lightsabers.

Lightsaber, cross-guard Dmg bonus +5, Cost: Fantastic (+6) Energy Weapon, Duelists Weapon, Blocking Weapon This weapon is Restricted. Bondar Crystal (Green Blade). This green crystal grants the Stun Setting Aspect. When invoked, it operates as per the Stun Setting Aspect
Battle Armor, medium powered Bonus -2, Phrik Alloy (defends against lightsaber attacks); Integrated Comlink
Translator (Custom) Worn on the belt and integrated into comlink system, this droid automatically translates spoken words into basic. Can be manually set to translate into other languages.
Aquatic Breather Worn over the mouth and nostrils, this device allows its user to breath normally in aquatic environments.
Nutrient Bars They may not taste good, but they’ll keep you alive.
Dire Vibroblade Dmg bonus +4, Cost: Great (+4)
Bowcaster Dmg bonus +6, Range 4, Cost: Epic (+7) Energy Weapon, Limited Ammunition This weapon is Restricted.