Shopping – Kal and Mina

Mina had Kal by the arm and was guiding him through the central bazaar with a surprising expertise for a foreigner. She navigated through various merchants selling their wares out of stalls amid crowds of curious potential buyers, but never stopped at one.

To Kal’s questioning look, she held up a hand. “Any bolts of cloth sold on the street here are already going to be dusty or worse. The good stuff is always sold out of tailors’ shops. They’ll cost more, but the quality will be higher, it will feel better, and it will be clean. Also, we get the convenience of having the cloth right there when you pick out whatever style you decide to go with.” Continue reading “Shopping – Kal and Mina”

Khelekeska City Map

My first attempt to do a map of a city with many tens of thousands of residence, the Khelekeska map is what I’d call semi-complete. It’s got enough of what we need to work with, but as we adventure, more places and features are likely to be added.

Below the map I’ve added details about each of the 21 key locations. Continue reading “Khelekeska City Map”

Khelekeska: Introduction to the North

Something Wicked…

Something in the Twilight lands is stirring.

When the Healing of the World happened, the parallel worlds of Faerie and Shadow were healed as well. But in the case of Shadow, a place that was always wrong, somehow always broken, the Healing caused massive scars throughout the newly-unified land of the restless dead, stirring awake things long forgotten. These scars manifest as weak points in the barrier between the world of the living and the realm of the dead. Continue reading “Khelekeska: Introduction to the North”