I smell a rat.

It was a dark and story my night… ok it wasn’t but I wanted to start the post that way anyway.

I have been busy, getting the special place ready, Alice has been helping me a great deal. I feel like I have always known her she is closer to me than some of the people I live with.

An old flame of Ramiels made and appearance at the blood and brew. Apparently, some sort of spirit were-rat creature. Is chasing her and heading this way. Its what dark-moon? and wang are looking for… have been following.

I am going to get beds for everyone so they don’t have to sleep in Michals or on the floor of Ramiels room. I have touched Julia’s mind and its quite slippery but she is telling the truth as far as she knows it herself.

We have gotten the town to prepare, for disaster, and emergency evacuation.

I have had my weapons silverized.

April Fools

Well Lyla timed it right and came back on April Fools after a day of shinanigans. It was the perfect capper to the day when John first saw her he did an almost perfect Hollywood double take and almost ran into the wall.

The next night they all met at the blood and brew for a counsil of war. Not long after the council started a Stranger walked in, well a stranger to most, she called out Ramiels name and colapsee. John rushed over to help and things went downhill from there. Rameil looked like he wanted to rip her apart and was only stopping himself because he didn’t want to get blood all over the bar. Lyla didn’t look any happier to see here. Something about a human sacrifice and a cult. John got a drink into her and her coloring improved a little.

She told a story of human scarifice and a cult of Medusa’s that ate rats but the rats were to much for them. They killed her pack and have been hounding her ever since Philidelphia.

John tried three times to read Julia’s mind, it seemed sort of slipprey for some reason. When he did get in he saw that everything she said she believed to be the absolute truth.

So he spoke up for her and defended her from the hostile crowd. It was nice to know that his word was good with his friends when he said that she believed everything she said was the truth they believed him and started planning for the invasion of the rat creatures.

After the meeting broke up, they took Julia home and John offered her his room and said he would sleep on the couch. Ramiel said that she would sleep hin his room where he could watch her all night, not really sure which way he meant that John decided to let sleeping dogs lie as long as Julia seemed ok with the arrangement.

St Pats day Celebration

John had been working with Lyla and the J.C.’s then Mrs. Honeywell jumped on the band wagon and things really took off and heated up. He had been trying to plan big but, in the aftermath he realized he just didn’t know what big was.

It struck him when he walked down a closed off main street and looked at all the banners and flags the closed bussiness’s and he saw more people he didn’t know just how closed off Eldonwell was at times. They had planned a sort of potluck and box social, a dance, an exhibition of Scottish Dancing, it was like an Irish Ren-faire meets colonial new England. He liked it. There were booths set up and games of chance for prized, bobing for apples, coloring contests games for kids games for adults. More than half of which he knew nothing about until he stumbled across them in the course of the day but most importantly there was Alice. She was amazing, she knew everyone and seemed to be less shy or at least less reserved than she was in the Library.

They held hands and she took his arm, smiling at the women she meet. If he didn’t know better he would almost swear she was preening at being on his arm but it must be his imagination or wishful thinking. To John’s eyes she was the most beatutiful creature there. John didn’t have time to join in most of the events or he had to judge them, still it was fun and too late he thought of an idea that would have been perfect for the day. A treasure hunt for new people, a contest to see who could get the most names of the people that had recently moved here, maybe next year.

At the Kaber toss, John came in second to Chaska who just couldn’t seem to be beaten at the physical events. Even Mrs. Honeywell had tried the toss in the womens division and that old woman did better than some of the young bucks to the amusement of all.

John had gone around all day trying to introduce himself to new people and when saw more in the bar as he joined the drinking contest, he introduced himself to them when the contest was over. Then Alice dragged him off the dance where he had a wonderful time. After the dance was over and they had cleaned up a little, John walked Alice home and she fumbled with her keys and asked him if he would like to come in for some coffee. John was so tempted, he sensed more than coffee was in the offing but he knew it wouldn’t be right. At least not now especially on the first date, if he walked through that door right now he thought I won’t be the same man I am now. I want it ohhh how I want it he thought to himself but if I don’t wait then all the waiting I have done up until now will be wasted. I took all the jokes in Nam and all the teasing Ramiel has given me recently maybe I should maybe if I do I will know from inside my own head not someone elses. After a long struggle with himself, John tried to tell Alice what he was feeling and make an excussed. He could tell that she was hurt and disappointed but when she grabbed him and kissed him. His head was spinning around so much that he didn’t know if he was coming or going and he walked home in a daze to find out that they had house guests.

John woke up late the next morning still wondering if he had done the right thing sure he had and equally sure that he hadn’t. Later that day Lyla disappeared and everyone went bezerk trying to find her. The next day she left a message for Ramiel

Portland city of Destruction

After a lot of pointless discussion, the mess with Sterling came to a head. I called Baily and asked him to track down a license plate, that they found, for me. The license plate led us to Sterlings home. We drove by it the night before and then went to our hotel. Ann Marie said that she had her own place to stay and would meet up with us after sunset.

Ramiel and Micheal wanted to scout out some more and I thought that more intel is always a good thing. I stayed in the hotel room so I would be rested up for the coming night.

They said there were dogs and remembering the dogs Hangish kept I readied some suringes with the most potent traquilizer I know.

Somewhere along the way Micheal and Romiel decided the best plan was to serve Sterling a summons to appear before whatever people mages answer too.

They did Sterling went along quietly. They drove off and the werewolves that were left there decided that was the signal to attack and they brought their little dogs too. Lyla tackeled one and I injected it. The other attacked Ramiel and I never did get to use my other syringe.

I helped Lyla cut one werewolf down to size. Then Lyla got hit hard, she kept going and I helped Rameil with the dog that was on him. Then Lyla got hit again and went to her big nasty form. She was battle mad. I had gone back to help her but I slowly tried to ease myself back from the combat.

Then Lyla was hit again and lost her baby. Ramiel went balistic with this guns and emptyied a full clip into the one that had killed their child.

Lyla eyes were full red and their was no sanity in them. She was kill crazy like a ferrit or a wolverine. I was thinking about using the traqualizer on her but it was unncessary. Ramiel took his life in his own hands and clamed her down. I ran over to the werewolf we had dropped and stablized her. I put my coat over her and picked her up and started carrying her away.

As we dropped the last wolf and were leaving. Sterling appeared out of mid-air. The upshot of that was that Sterling challenged Ramiel to a duel and Ramiel lost. I think mainly because he had just come through a battle but Sterling was powerfull he might have lost anyway. Ramiel had made it a condition of the duel that Lyla and I and the werewolf I was holding walk. Lyla of course wouldn’t leave Ramiel so we got back in time to see Ramiel fall and Sterling have his head cut off by Kay.

I was carrying the woman away again, when Micheal showed up. We had to hide from the police but we all ened up back in Eldon well and I guess alls well that ends in Eldon well.

Youth in Eldon Well

Well the last week has been really bad. It all started the night that Ramiel and Ironclaw then Micheal got regressed to a second childhood. Around 19ish, then they got drunk and stupider. Its scary to see young mages and a werewolfs drunk but drunk and stupid is worse. Micheal has some affinity for time and tried to find out what was going on but then it happened to him and he soon became a young drunk mage with a gun. I called Aria too she if she had any suggestions and she sent her sister Tara over. There is something that reminds me of the feeling I get around the werewolves. A sense of a powerful supernatural being.

She went off to corral the miscreanst while Ann Marie and I were trying to figure out what was going on and how to stop it. A note appeared more or less from thin air. I had heard someone in the house earlier but couldn’t find them. I don’t know if they were invisble or slipping into and out of the spirit realm or what was happening. The note said come into the woods and I will explain or your friend dies. Now I don’t have enough friends that I can spare any and I wasn’t sure which friend it was anyway.

Ann and I went into the woods, and met a chesire cat like thing on the way back home we met Seline, Micheal, Ramiel and Lyla. M and R were still drunk as skunks. We were distracted by something in the woods, a large flock of bird took off for no reason. We went to investigate and saw a human like figure holding a gun. I don’t remember why everyone started attacking it but it everyone except me did.

I tried to hold the lantern steady to keep it lit up so the others could see to hit it. Micheal was trying to shoot it and Seliene tried to throw tree branches at it, not really sure what Ramiel were doing but he was waving his hands around and I think ripped a bush out of the ground at one point. We drove it off at the end the cat thing turned into a man and taunted us and then left.

We found out later that it was all a distraction. The cherry bombs at the school. R,M and I getting young and stupid. All of it was a distraction to get Ariah alone. Mrs. Honeywell was severly injured. (ooc 2 agg and 3 lethal) She is an old woman and any injuries can cause sever damage.

From what Daniel was able to reconstruct. Two mages appeared from no where, Mrs. Honeywell tried to stop them, the casually swatted her into the wall and table and then disappered again takeing a preganent Ariah with them.

She reappeared again a couple days later sanse baby, Lyla said that she had lost it and was sort of traumatized, to not bring it up.

In the mean time Ramiel went AWOL and was returned about 4 days later hevily beat up, malnurished but alive.

Medal of Valor

John B. Beckett
Rank and organization: Sergeant, U.S. Army, Company B, 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces.
Place and date: Kontum Province, Republic of Vietnam, 1 April 1970.
Entered service at: Buffalo, N.Y.
Born: 12 October 1951, Nevada, Iowa
Citation: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. Sgt. Beckett, medical aidman, Detachment B-24, Company B, distinguished himself during the defense of Camp Dak Seang. The allied defenders suffered a number of casualties as a result of an intense, devastating attack launched by the enemy from well-concealed positions surrounding the camp. Sgt. Beckett, with complete disregard for his personal safety, moved unhesitatingly through the withering enemy fire to his fallen comrades, applied first aid to their wounds and assisted them to the medical aid station. When informed that a seriously injured American officer was lying in an exposed position, Sgt. Beckett ran immediately through the hail of fire. Although he was wounded seriously by fragments from an exploding enemy mortar shell, Sgt. Beckett carried the officer to a medical aid station. Ignoring his own serious injuries, Sgt. Beckett left the relative safety of the medical bunker to search for and evacuate other men who had been injured. He was again wounded as he dragged a critically injured Vietnamese soldier to the medical bunker while simultaneously applying mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to sustain his life. Sgt. Beckett again refused treatment and continued his search for other casualties until he collapsed. Only then did he permit himself to be treated. Sgt. Beckett’s complete devotion to the welfare of his comrades, at the risk of his life are in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflect great credit on him, his unit, and the U.S. Army.