Long Time No See

Timeline: February 6, 2009
Rey walked out of the grocery store with a backpack full of groceries when she saw Jesse on the other side of the street.

“Hey Jesse!” she called out, and quickly crossed the road to join her friend.

Jesse paused. “Hello, Rey,” she said. Rey oddly felt like Jesse was a taller than she remembered.

“I haven’t seen you around much. What have you been up to?”

As Rey stopped next to her friend, she realized she was lookup up quite a bit to look Jesse in the eye. Rey checked her shoes, but Jesse wasn’t wearing high heels. She was, in fact, wearing an entirely new set of clothes. Or at least, it was a set she hadn’t seen before. “Oh, I’ve been keeping busy,” Jesse replied. There was a quiet stillness to her voice that made one think of libraries or waiting rooms or graveyards. “I quit my job with Tara Honeywell, you know, and started working at the hospice. It keeps me busy. What’s new with you?”
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