Soul Searching

The Near Now

Supper had consisted of a brief, quiet meal provided by the local greasy spoon and packaged in a brown paper to-go bag. Afterwards, everyone found themselves extremely tired. Their investigation into the secondary facility and subsequent escape from the complex had happened over the previous night, and then they’d spent the day fleeing through endless forest until they found the small town of Concrete. It had been two hard days since anyone had a full night’s rest and now with full bellies, sleep was a priority. Continue reading “Soul Searching”

The Debate

Two Years Ago…

Director Leddow looked up from his PDA and closed the cover. He looked around the long, black polished table at the gathered scientists and security specialists. There were ten research scientists that worked on the report he’d just referenced, though only the most important scientists had been invited to meet with him today. It would do. The non-research present scientists included teachers, psychologists, and trainers — all people that worked directly with the test subjects. Continue reading “The Debate”

Proper Programming

Five Years Ago…

When the red-haired, green-eyed girl was first brought in she had insisted it was May of 1938. She had also thought she was still in Kansas. In time, that changed.

At first, Elizabeth’s story had been dismissed as creative imaginings of a young girl, something akin to making up an invisible friend. Yet there were disturbing qualities to her story that, from a psychological perspective, could not be healthy. Continue reading “Proper Programming”