Fifth Session

I go to the commander of the base, and she relays a message from the Admiral.  My existing marines are being transferred for some R&R, and then reassignment.  Archon is being remanded to the commander, to check out whether or not she’s got something wrong with her.  The ship will also be inspected, to make sure there is nothing that could have caused a problem with Archon.  I will have further instructions, once the Admiral arrives.  Well, crap.  Could this day get any worse?  Dare I ask that question, when I know it can?

After Archon is transferred to the base and I relay what’s going to happen, I buy the crew drinks.  Camo suggests that I get some R&R myself, so I head back to the casino.  Oops, lady looked like a dude.  Oh well, it was fun, and what happens on Argos Station, hopefully stays on Argos Station.

Archon comes back, completely changed.  Even her voice is different, but she seems to still be Archon deep-down.  Commander O’Neil assures me that her personality is still there, but the problem was that Archon was assigned to me as similar as she was.  Hopefully the change in appearance and voice will help to lessen the difficulties in adjusting.

I get back to the ship and there is a message from Admiral Boone, requesting that I meet with him this evening on his ship, The Intrepid.  He would also like me to bring my new medical officer, so that the Admiral has a chance to meet my new crew.  He is assigning commandos, which are a bit more specialized for my kinds of missions.   Admiral Boone will be giving my orders, through his Captain, so as to keep me shielded from political issues with the Council.  Camo will be giving military credentials and compensation.  When my orders are ready for my next mission, Captain Vaako will hand them off to me.

My troops arrive, and I have 20 commandos.  There is a lieutenant and a sergeant, along with the rest of them.  I get a message from Captain Vaako, requesting to get together to drinks, to get acquainted.  He brings out a data pad.  There is a desert planet called Manticore 5.  We will need to get there swiftly, avoid Federation Ships and Pirates, and get an ancient artifact without getting caught.  The Captain will be waiting.  There is a Frigate class ship patrolling the area, so if we are detected we will need to eliminate it before the Federation is alerted.

We avoid the frigate on the way in, and assemble our away team. We get past some potential traps, and end up looking at an empty altar with footprints going to / coming from it.  Obviously the scavengers have been here already.  We discern that the artifact could have been either a repository of some kind or a weapon.

Fourth Session

Our next destination is Star Base Argos C, where we will restock, repair, and await more crew.  It’s time for some R&R.  This system is a joint operation between the Sendai corporation and the Core of the Confederacy.  The base was originally contracted to be built, but they lost support and Sendai stepped in.  The end result was a star base used for trade and military, alike.  The military provides the only security.

Archon requested a biochemical feedback chip.  I said I’d look into it.  Nola requested a bunch of parts for the ship, and I told her to make a list and try to get all of it, within budget.  Then I headed off to my hotel, called The Autumn Moon.

Shoot, Camo figured out who Archon was in relation to me.  After going with me to purchase all of the equipment on Nola’s list, I explain to Camo that I would like some privacy to go in search of R&R.  Whew, that was awkward. Too good to be true, in the middle of some rec time, the phone rang.  Some goons had Archon in sector B3.

The goons get her onto their ship and take off, and we run back to ours to try to pilot it without her.  We beat them into submission, and they surrender.  We get Archon back, and now I have some talking to do, to the commander of the base.

Third Session

This little ball thing that looks organic plopped itself on the engineer’s foot, which of course was a very traumatic thing for the engineer.  She panicked and we are drawn attention to it.  It crawls up the engineer and appears to be non-aggressive while it communicates with us.

I introduce myself to it, and it offers to look through the logs to help uncover more information.  It says its name is Camo, as it goes to the computer and starts researching.

The last message of the scientist was that they had accidentally triggered an alien security system.  They were going to try to shut it down, but evidently they didn’t have time.  Camo says that it is logical that the security system is nannites.   We decide to head down quickly, to try to shut down the security system before it gets dark outside.

We follow the tunnel at the bottom of the lift, and we end up in a chamber where there is an alien console of some kind.  The lead scientist is lying in front of the console with a huge hole through him.

The engineer looks through the lead scientist’s PDA for information.  I help her with my knowledge of security systems.  She hooks her mind up to the system, and convinces it to shut the security down. She then goes further into the system to look for information on who/what created this technology.  She finds out:  they Xenites seem to fear war coming from some dormant plague; this plague could be lying dormant among a large number of Confederacy planets.  They used some sort of massive gate to travel in space by using something called a hammer gate.  It compresses time/space to eliminate the distance between points.  Also, the position of the Bengal hammer gate is provided, and this information seems to be about 10,000 years old.

As I go to contact our two security teams, an earthquake hits and the computer system comes to life.  Something being comes up on the screen with a warning that three pods have erupted, but the security system is down.  As the engineer is about to turn the security system back on, something comes running out of one of the holes into the room.    We are attacked by what we suspect burst out of the pods, while the engineer is trying to get the security back on-line.  Camo turns into some giant thing and fights these insectoids.

We are swarmed and are forced to retreat.  Camo isn’t as fast as the rest of us, so Gunny stays back to cover Camo with the flamethrower.  There’s another earthquake, and we get back to the top of the platform.  The engineer rigs up a bomb while we go across the bridge. Archon runs ahead to the shuttle to come back for us.  One squad gets destroyed by the insectoids during their retreat, and the aliens grab the bodies.  It’s looking at this point like this is the plague, and these insectoids stand between us and the shuttle.

We join up with the last remaining security group, and we run for it.  Archon is waiting for us with the shuttle powered up.  We strafe the planet with the shuttle to see what’s going on, and the ship has been instructed to shoot anything leaving the planet (that isn’t us).  The ground under the colony crumbles and gives way.  The leader insect took note of us as we were flying off, and acted as if it was transferring its consciousness (the body collapses).  A ship 4-5 times the size of The Archon takes off out of the planet.

We make it back to The Archon, and everyone goes to battle stations.  We shoot at the big ship, and it splits into 3 sections.  The main section continues towards the hammer gate, and the other two move to engage us in battle.  We are able to destroy one of the interceptors.   The engineer uploads something to the gate to close it on the main ship, which destroys it.  We blow up the last interceptor and head for home.  It is my opinion that the nannites on the planet will eventually take care of the bugs.

Second Session

Archon goes to get reinforcements and comes back with 4 teams of 5, including flamers.  We split up to investigate the town after securing the hangar bay.

One team gets attacked, and another team arrives to attack.  There is a trail of tentacles that look like they are made out of dust particles.  The squad that was attacked is all dead.

Our team enters the medical building.  We find a medical officer that hasn’t been dead too long.  He was making an entry in a log.  His entry indicates that there were attacks last night, and talk about some kind of moving darkness.  He thinks that people were assaulted by some kind of nano tech weapon.  He suspected the weaponized nanites were simultaneously attacking and drawing materials to continue functioning.

Our engineer (she is really squeamish…maybe we need to work on that?) finds the names of several archaeologists who were in charge of the expedition.  We now know who they are, and can hopefully look for more information from their own records.  Dr. Metzer was the head archaeologist, and his lab was in The Pit.

I let the other teams know where we are headed, and they are going to rendezvous with us at The Pit.  We get to the main building, which is intact.  The door is slightly ajar, and we slip in.  There is no power here, for some reason.

There was some sort of power surge before, and that is what seems to have killed the power.  Our engineer was able to bring things back up to start looking for information.  Evidently the archaeologists were close to an important discovery, but then the logs stopped.  Also of note:  there are no bodies in here, and nothing has been damaged.  They had trackers on them, which indicate they are all down below, in the pit.  (cue the creepy music)

I break into the security feeds for down below, and as I look at it more, I realize the tunnels aren’t naturally created.  The area at the bottom of the lift shows two bodies slumped down.  There are several more bodies in other chambers.  One chamber looks like it has a crumbled rock wall, with a big, glowing, blue screen there.  There’s nothing alive down there that we can see on camera.

There’s something like a podium in the blue screen chamber.  It looks like it’s made out of stone, though.

First Mission – Bengal 5

Bengal 5 — Fifth planet in the Bengal system

It was founded on an archeological site

They found something pertaining to an ancient civilization, and then communication cut off

The site is dark, and we are to investigate whether it is because they wish to secede or if something else happened.

A liquid tentacle shoots out of the red shirt we sent into the warehouse, killing him.

We burn the body and let Private Smith know to be on alert.  He closes the ramp and remains on alert outside.