People and Places

Dramatis Persona

Bronwyn (GM run) — a wily female human ranger who wields a pair of swords who seeks magic cards, part of her family tradition. She is Rowe’s long-time best friend. Later known as With Witch True heir of Arcasia Descendant of Artien , settled in Xyas Sessions listed only after  NPC Status eventually married Attius (Session 7, 8, 9, 10,11, Point of Consideration, 12,33,34)
Rowe (Dustin) — a huge male human cleric with a heart as big as he is, who isn’t afraid to reforge his enemies with his two massive warhammer. He seeks out a beautiful woman of his dreams (waking and not) that he believes was named Tristen hundreds of years ago and seems willing to do anything, undergo any trial to find her. In the lifetime he last knew Tristen, he was a man named Rowyn. Continue reading “People and Places”

Gods of Arcasia

Goddess of War
Unaligned Manifested God
Description: Depicted sometimes as a warrior woman, other times as a raven or crow, picking over the corpses of the battlefield. To Arcasian thinking, war is unpleasant, sometimes horrific, but often necessary. She is respected and venerated in hopes she will ensure your casualties are few and your enemy’s casualties are many.

Goddess of Cities
Lawful Good Manifested God
Description: Sister to Nyssah, she is thought to be the inspiration and bringer of civilization. Her sister Nyssah, helps makes cities possible through agriculture. Continue reading “Gods of Arcasia”

The Pantheon of Galataea

 Jack_of_Tears on November 18th, 2008, 6:15 pm

Mythology of how the gods came to be: In the beginning there were two primordial gods, Soleria, the godess of light and Nox, the god of the darkness. Both of these gods lived in harmony in the ether of space with dominion over their respective spheres of influence. In time Soleria made the sun as a reflection of her power and energy. Not to be outdone Nox formed the earth as a physical representation of his domain.

The energies that Nox used to make the earth unexpectedly gave rise to sentient entities. In this process emerged Gath, Cirrus, Phlegothon, Nemonon, and Menos the gods of earth, wind, fire, water and magic respectively. They would in time become primordial deities themselves, known as the elemental gods, but in essence they were created by Nox. Nox was pleased at his creations as was Soleria. Both of them began to experiment with creating life in other forms. Nox allowed Soleria to use the earth as well since the sun bore too much energy for any being other than a god to live. Continue reading “The Pantheon of Galataea”