Kestra and Bronwyn

After practice, Kestra decided to find Bronwyn and seek her advice.

“What’s up?” Bronwyn asked as the Fae approached her.

Kestra answered, “Hi Bronwyn, I wanted to see how you are doing and was looking to get your advice. About how to handle some things I really don’t have much experience in.

One delicate eyebrow raised as Kestra spoke.Not much was delicate about Bronwyn, but she does have her ladylike charm when she applied herself. “You need my advice? Oh do tell.” She patted the ground next to her motioning for Kestra to sit next to her. Continue reading “Kestra and Bronwyn”

Dream Queries

Where Kestra, still forced to wear a slave collar that can induce pleasure or pain at the collar master’s whim or if she disobeys, finds Rowe at a bar after their first day of fighting in the Crucible contest.

This conversation occurs after Session 4.

At the house prepared by Kestra’s so-called master (buzzzz, crackle, pain…), or more accurately the sponsor of the team; Kestra, who had returned that evening after the first fight, sought out Rowe.

Once he had realized he was a priest of Torne, Kestra had been one of the first to openly follow him. As good or bad as the events were, they had a reason behind them. Torne had a reason for the spate of ill luck Kestra had suffered, she understood that now. She had even begun cooperating with the ‘sponsor’ istead of defying him constantly, at least so far this evening. But she had questions about this, and an earlier dream that still was strong in her thoughts. Continue reading “Dream Queries”

Adventure Log: Session the Fifth

Kestra, after having to report to the master of her collar, returned later and had a conversation with Rowe at a nearby bar. They discussed her situation, visions, and the party’s new patron. Kestra didn’t know the master of the collar’s name, but Rowe decided he wanted to meet their patron. Although Kestra was unsure how to go about it, they went to see if Rowe could meet with him.

Bronwyn joined us as well as Lucan. Together we went to find our patron. We met Tobias, a go-to man for the patron. Rowe told him he wanted to see the patron and that the team’s continuing to participate in the Crucible was contingent upon meeting him. Bronwyn was very angry at that.

Meanwhile, Naya has been missing, away with a mysterious gentleman named Val. The next morning she described him to Rowe. He is likely to have been Evayne in a past life.

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Adventure Log: Session the Fourth

Date: Around the 16th of Sylvanis

Kestra has been missing since the party left the Cait Sidhe village, though we were assured we would meet up with her again. What the party doesn’t know is that she was captured by slavers and taken to Ozur. She is currently working for her new “owner” scouting contestants in the Crucible.

The Crucible is an arena, and this event at the time of our arrival is the Grand Crucible, an event that occurs only once every 100 years. It is a huge attraction in terms of gambling. It is the biggest, most dangerous and most rewarding of all the Crucible events. Also, the only way to get into Krevlorn Keep is via invitation — or to win the Crucible. Continue reading “Adventure Log: Session the Fourth”

Adventure Log: Session the Third

Played November 16, 2008

Cast: Bronwen, Naya, Suulwyn, Lucan, Rowe

The group met at a tavern near the town center and talked about our visions. Bronwen, whose visions pertained more to her personal quest and who did not appear in anyone else’s vision, seemed grumpy. She left after asked about her visions.

On Treasure Splits: It was established how party treasure would be divided. Magic items would be split up according to who can best use the items. Other treasure will be divided into shares and everyone gets a share of that.
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Adventure Log: Session the Second

Played November 2, 2008

We’ve been traveling with a gypsy group of Cait Sidhe. These friendly, catlike folk have unfortunately been plagued with bandits. Unfortunately, some of this “plague” may have been brought by us. We don’t know why, but it seems like these bandits and raiders have been following us and have run into these Cait Sidhe. We tried to protect them and have killed many of these raiders, but attrition has been terrible. Now all that is left is a woman and twin children.

Now we’ve been forced to flee the road and take refuge in this cave in hopes of eluding the raiders. Unfortunately, we’ve lost track of the Cait Sidhe who’ve fled deep into the chambers. This place seems to be like buried fortress. Ghosts haunt the place and it’s infested with goblins, bats, and worse. I fear for the lives of those twins, especially. Continue reading “Adventure Log: Session the Second”