Session XXXI

Galatea Feb. 07, 2010

We flew about 100 miles and when we finally stopped, Trysten pretty much collapsed.

Rowe quickly set up a tent for her and tucked her inside. Naya set up her own tent while Kestra and I scouted the area and set up some traps to warn us if we had visitors during the night. I noticed that Rowe had done some ritual while we were gone but I couldn’t tell what it was and was too tired to ask. We set up a watch rotation consisting of Rowe, myself, Kestra, and then Naya. I went foraging and found enough food for everyone, when I got back I found that Kestra was gone. I tried to discover where she went but got nothing. I sent Rowe to bed and took my watch, until I was too tired to stay awake. Rowe stuck his head out of this tent and told me to go to bed. I went to Naya and tried to tell her what was going on but I was so tired I couldn’t speak straight.
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Session XXX

Epic Galitea Sunday January 24 2010

I sat and talked with Naya for a while about goals and where the group was going in the future. Kestra went for a walk. Rowe and Tristain went to a room together. Eventually, Naya and I went to our own rooms.

When we saw Kestra the next morning, her hair looked rumpled and she was adjusting her clothing. At first I thought she had found someone to be with but then I realized she looked like she was drugged though she said she hadn’t be or at least didn’t think she had been, her coordination was shot and she looked dazed. Tristian went to the room Kestra came out of and interrogated the man that was still in the room, while Kestra went to my room to regain her composure, from what I could learn, neither party could remember what happened the previous night, just waking up to each other in the morning. I think something is wrong with my cousin but I don’t know what it is or what to do other than keep an eye on her, hope for the best, and be available if she needs me.
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Session the Twenty Ninth

Session 29

You will find out about him later but I think Bob ate the notes I had for this session.

I don’t remember much a final fight with Skul-mad and an endless stream of Ghost trolls coming from the stone caldron. Trystan casting a ritual. The cauldron breaking, killing Skul-mad then finding his eye. Finding his treasure store then getting back to moonstair and getting some rooms. Oh after we chained Drish to a wall when we came back she was gone. Judging form the blood something took her she didn’t run off this time.

Session the Twenty Eighth

Dec. 13,2009 D&D

Skul-mad’s cavern
Our mission remains to retrieve the sword called sun wraith and destroy the stone cauldron. The female dark elf, a Dorw, named Drisilith, claimed to be an ambassador for her kind. They are looking for allies to fight the high-fey, in a quest for vengeance, because the high-fey threw their ancestors out of the fey realm. It seems to me that it was a long time ago, I think some people need to lighten up just a bit but maybe that’s me. I detected some oil on the crossbow bolt tips they use. It seems like it was created from some sort of fungus and it smelled dark and earthy. I think its some sort of knock out potion.
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Session the Twenty Seventh

Nov 22

We entered a huge cavern there were stalactites and stalagmites. It was lit by glowing fungus. Five black iron cages were suspended from the ceiling, inside each was a giant skeleton, its eyes glowing with red sparks.

Kestra and Naya went down the stairs. When they got to the bottom half, they saw an old woman tending mushrooms call out for her sister, telling her that they had company. Brambles grew up and attacked the party, immobilizing us, then the bone trolls climbed out of their cages, flanking Rowe and surrounding Naya and Kestra. Kestra escaped their circle. Naya started beating up on one; she hit it a few times and it exploded. Rowe used his holy symbol and flung the 2 that had him flanked back. I pinned one to the ground and it exploded also.
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Session the Twenty Sixth

Nov 8,2009 Part B.

I went outside for some for some air while the others rested, when I got back I found the others hadn’t in fact rested. They had instead been fighting a female troll smith and a red dragon- spawn that the troll was using to protect her from the fire–pretty smart for a troll.

In other news, Kestra was flung into a burning cesspit and I missed it.
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Session the Twenty Fifth

Oct 25 Session

When we got to the gates we saw four drakith in merchant garb. The way they quickly got under cover when they saw us approach and the pile of dead bodies told us that they weren’t really merchants. When we got closer they came out and engaged us in combat. Some charged, some flamed, and one tried to rush me but I was able to weave through the fray and avoided him. Rowe hit the one he attacked so hard that the drakith got lifted off his feet and throw back 10 feet. Naya flamed them a group of them. I think she might have gotten Kestra too, the way she keeps popping in and out of cover it’s hard to keep track of where she is sometimes. There are times I would swear that she turns invisible.

All but the one that tried to hit me, piled on Naya, attacking her and called her a traitor. The one I hit tried to flame Kestra then charged her. But she got away fairly unhurt. I pinned him with my next shot so Kestra could get away. The rest all tried to it Naila again but they seemed to have trouble hitting her, but with all those attacks coming at her they managed to hit her. Then I missed the one I was fighting…twice sigh, I guess I need more practice.
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Session the Twenty Fourth

Oct. 11, 2009 Session

We got rooms in Cloud Watch inn… at end of 1st day of research. There was a party going on Rowe and Trystan set themselves up outside, actually Rowe carried a pitcher, mugs, two tables and a chair, in one trip. The rest of us found places inside and the celebration went into a higher gear when Kestra bought a round of drinks and started toasting.

Trystan and Rowe seemed to be having a heart to heart outside. I think it’s the first time they have ever had to really talk. Trystan didn’t seem happy when she stormed through the bar. Rowe drained the pitcher and didn’t answer when I asked what he did this time. They headed back to the rooms.
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Session the Twenty Third

Oct 4
While Naya and everyone else went and talked with the Mayor and the High Elf that was directing the defensives, I kept an ear out for the next wave and tried to find out what the Manticore rider had been sowing.

When the next attack came it consisted of bluish Trolls carrying massive mauls, I think that they were Ice Trolls, some sort of Grimlocks, and some Nothic Gazers were with them. Kestrel climbed up a building and then jumped over to the roof of the gate house, eventually reaching the top of the wall. At the start of the fight two of the trolls made breach in the walls and the third went to make another breach with Kestrel following along top of the wall. Someone immobilized the first group of trolls. I shot and missed, then followed Kestrel to help contain the other breach. Magics were being fired all over the place by our friends, and suddenly a grimlock appeared out of nowhere and charged me. I kept missing it and I decided I really needed to focus. I looked over at the first breach and saw that one of the trolls was down and Rowe had dropped the hammer barrier, everyone ran through the wall except Trysten and Suulwin. Then I lost sight of them as I went to find Kestrel.
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Session the Twenty Second

We fought 5 worgs and a large troll. That were trying to enter a burning farm house.
They weren’t much of a challenge using Naya’s brilliant tactics. The family was able to get out of the house and away before it burned.

The family told us of seeing shapes moving through forest edge toward the town. They said that they had waited to long and go cut off from the town and hoped to stay where they were and go unnoticed, but one of the children had gone to play near the forest edge and the worgs picked up its sent and followed him home. After thanking us for saving them they loaded what they had left and faded into the forest.
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