XXXXII & XXXXII Freeing Syn and meeting the Gods

December 5, 2010 Epic Galatea  Dec 19, 2010

I am with the infiltration team for the final battle. We are going to sneak into the castle and take them by surprise. Kestra and her group did not come back but we are going in anyway we can’t wait anymore.

We started running into groups of troops despite all our caution. We found another one of our spies, his name is Jayda. Rowe healed him and Trysten cast a fly spell so he could get back to our lines. We continued on. We only encountered one more group on before we got to the bridge.  We beat them and I asked Ash were the sewer was hiding and he pointed under the bridge. We managed to sneak past the rest of the groups and into the sewers.

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XXXXI Soul Scramble

I saw Rowe getting his soul scrambled and become exalted angel.  Rowe said his soul was shredded to make room for the divine essence that was poured into him he has lost part of that which makes him human and gained something divine; tt shines brightly through him, his eyes and body seem to glow with an inner fire.  His form is now with out blemish.  Well what I can see of his form is without blemish. I will have to take Trysten’s word about the rest. It’s not really something to give you pleasant dreams.

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XXXX Healing the Land its all one

I helped heal the land around the battle site and I feel a great longing to heal all the land and help people life in more harmony with it. Everything is connected.

480 pp + 2 Emeralds worth 5K each

We took a portal back to Carn and we greeted by spear tips again. We asked for Max and when he got there he told them to “relax boys, its’ your Frikken Prince.”  He took us to the council chamber. Suulwyn and Sirelia and other were there.

We learned that the fighting as gotten in at a rhythm of: attack, rest, attack, rest. Allied forces have also joined Carn.  They were planning a strike and Rowe could not wait to join them.  Kestra and Prince Attius were discussing the fate of his brother Vinneas. He said that he was willing to remove his brother from power but not torture him, after Kestra made the suggestion to make him a slave before his death.  Valerius put a hand on his brother’s shoulder and he calmed down.

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XXXIX Traitors must Die

Session 39 Epic Galatea Aug 22

Cotherin, Naya’s Father, came around and thanked us individually.

Naya and Rowe explained the current political situation and what had been going on during his time in the captivity. The council members were greatly wroth but the king kept them from exploding into rage.

Kestra told us her she thinks her son is all grown up and powerful now. Someone killed the dragon quickly in order to save Kestra.  Trysten pulled her into a portal just as the person said “Mo…” and that was all she heard.The Council member’s found a place to change into dragon form and blasted a hole in the wall.  We took off and flew then up ahead we saw massive army. When we landed among the attackers it got really quiet.  Thoradin came embraced the King and openly wept as he hugged his friend.  Cotherin advanced on the defending army with the other elders and as he approached fighting broke out among their ranks as the loyalist realized that they had been duped.

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Session XXXVIII The big hole in the floor or who was that?

July 11, 2010

While we were waiting for Trysten and Rowe to finish the rest of us got to talking and remembered that we hadn’t even looked into the big hole in the floor of the dragon’s lair. We argued about whether or not the dragon would be there and eventually decided to go investigate the hole in the floor of the dragon’s den.  We wisely sent Kestra to scout the way and look for traps or hidden creatures. Kestra went stealthy to check out the room. Everything was quiet for a while; the only sounds were of the people around me breathing, trying to remain quiet so as not to alert the dragon of our presence.  Kestra came back and hammered in a spike, tied a rope to it and went back to scout for traps, so much for being quiet I guess.  She came back again and said that she heard someone or something in the pit and couldn’t find any traps.  We eventually lowered 150 hundred feet of rope but it wouldn’t reach.  Tristan flew down and got about ½ way before her flight spell stopped.  Then she had us lower her 50 more feet. She cast flight and they came up out of the pit. Rowe pulled the rope up and we all put our rope away.

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Session XXXVII

Sunday Jun 20, 2010 (Fathers Day)

So there we were cowering there in the entrance to the cavern, hoping the Dragon didn’t find us before we could rest and regain the use of our abilities and give us time to heal.

He didn’t find us and so after we had rested, we decided to go explore the areas we hadn’t seen yet. We talked about Dragons for while and then we set out.

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Session XXXV and XXXVI Exploring Vakosia

April 18, 2010

We headed back to what we believe is an entrance to Vakosia, the lost capital of the empire of the ancients.  We came to the entrance and went inside going clockwise around the circular room to the set of double doors.  Kestra went to the front to try and find traps. And she did find one a tiny hole in the door.  She told us to back up… Then she told us to back up again… then she said I really think you should back up. By that time I was 35 feet away and out of line with the door in case anything came charging out of it. Then it opened with a click and Kestra gestured us inside. As I was passing I heard her say to herself I think that might be the first time I have disabled a major trap with out it going off.

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Session XXXIVFinding Lost Vakosia

March 28, 2010

We started out fine not knowing that Rowe was having some difficulty.  When we looked back we saw Rowe gasping for breath flat on hid back, looking a little bit like an overturned turtle, rocking on his pack.  I took the time to ask Trysten why we didn’t use the fly speed.  Trysten looked at me and then slogged back to Rowe through the snow.

When she got there she asked Rowe what he had in his Pack, flipped him over and rummaged through his backpack. Ten minutes later, we were flying and quickly got to the area we wanted to search.

Everyone started looking around, I noticed what looked like a giant gopher burrowing under the snow.   We flew higher to avoid the area and kept looking.

Eventually, I spotted something that looked natural but somehow touched by civilization as well. It still took us three hours to get there fighting the winds and trying to breath the thin air.

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Session XXXIII

Epic March 7, 2010

I had noticed earlier and it struck me again as I was walking to the stables that while no one here really displays an ostentatious level of wealth, neither does anyone seem in abject poverty, this Baron Thoradin seems to really care about his people and treat them all as family.

We dressed for the feast and went down for the feast. I escorted Trysten. Rowe brought up the topic of Dark Elves and asked if these were a new threat or something he had not yet encounter.
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Session XXXII

Epic Feb 28, 2010

We started out in the morning heading south east again. I was in the lead and we had a smooth day of travel. That night we divided the watch up 5 ways and agreed that the person that was on watch was to stay close to Kestra in case she started to disappear again. I was not sure what I was going to do–wake her up or hold on tight and try and go with her.

Naya said that it was her night to change and I asked for the watch that her change was supposed to happen on just in case my new friend, the Draco-steed freaked out. I wanted to be awake so I could keep him calm.
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