Role Call

A quick list of PCs and their associates:

Bronwyn (GM run) — a wily female human ranger who wields a pair of swords who seeks magic cards, part of her family tradition. She is Rowe’s long-time best friend.
Rowe (Dustin) — a huge male human cleric with a heart as big as he is, who isn’t afraid to reforge his enemies with his two massive warhammer. He seeks out a beautiful woman of his dreams (waking and not) that he believes was named Tristen hundreds of years ago and seems willing to do anything, undergo any trial to find her. In the lifetime he last knew Tristen, he was a man named Rowyn.
Lucan (Joel) — a sharp-eyed male elven ranger who specializes in the use of a bow — which he demonstrates to our foes with persistent, devastating effect. He is cousin to Kestra and in a previous life was sister to Liandra. In that life, he was a female named Jara.
Kestra (Ed) — a quick female rogue deadly with dagger or rapier who has unfortunately been captured by slavers. However, she has been reunited with our team for the duration of the Crucible tournament and her freedom promised — should we survive! In a previous life in which she knew her current companions, she was a male named Shivan who held a close friendship “with perks” with a woman named Liandra.
Naya (Ryan) — a tough female drakkis fighter that’s not only tough enough to lead our front lines, but bold enough to claim the crown prince of Arcasia as a boyfriend! In a previous life, Naya was called Hayden, loyal companions (and in love with) the woman named Evayne — the previous incarnation of the crown prince of Arcasia, Valerian!
Suulwyn (Curtis) — A powerful male eladrin wizard who, while fearsome on the battlefield is weak in social battles. This wizard, in an attempt to prove Rowe wrong (the cleric had wondered aloud why the team wanted to charge in and destroy goblins in one scene instead of simply talk with them), opened what he thought would be a failed negotiation with one of the goblins. To his chagrin, it worked out to be wildly successful! This netted him not just a follower, but a goblin who was blessed to become an eladrin paladin who will faithfully follow him anywhere! In a previous life in which he knew the others of his current troupe, he was a wily female rogue named Liandra.

Which brings us to Sirelia who was seemed to be merely a goblin but who then metamorphosed into this lovely and loyal paladin defender!

Lastly, there is faithful Shanks, a being who really is a goblin and nothing more, but who was brought to Suulwyn by Sirelia and remains as loyal as his payment!

Average party level is 10.