The Bastard Prince campaign.
Lendelwen is a white unicorn with a long, twisting horn and a flowing mane. Her cloven hooves and pony-like size allows her to be quite at home in woodlands. She’s loyal to her fair elf princess and fiercely protective of the princess’ virtue. Lendelwen is capable of taking human form. When she does, she appears as an attractive warrior with long white hair that carries a lance.

Physical: ❑❑❑
Mental: ❑❑



HC: A Fae Avatar of Nature
Trouble: Trusting of Pure or Innocent Folk
The Princess’s Most Devoted Protector


+4: Fight
+3: Athletics, Fight
+2: Empathy, Notice, Unicorn (Sense Innocence)
+1: Investigate, Lore, Physique, Rapport


Sense Innocence. (Free with Unicorn skill) Use the Unicorn skill in place of Empathy in order to sense the relative innocence and good intentions of a person. Deceive can be used in defense of this ability. If successful, the unicorn will know if the person has aspects depicting negative emotions or malicious intent, though it may not know the exact aspect.

Form of the Maiden. Some unicorn mares can take the form of an elf maiden. They can have different arrangements of skills, though the shape of the pyramid should remain the same. Often, the maiden is seen wielding a spear or lance.

Gore. Fight attacks with horn or lance gains weapon:2.


Woodland Plate (Medium armor, appears with Form of the Maiden)
Lance (Martial weapon, appears with Form of the Maiden)