The Fair Elves of the Golden Glen

Five Customs

  • Academic and magical pursuits are more important than physical ones.
  • Manual labor is for lesser beings. The Fair have magic.
  • Leadership and wisdom are the most prized virtues.
  • The lives of all Fair Elves are precious. Killing or murder of a Fair Elf is a most heinous crime — even the state is forbidden from calling for the execution of a Fair Elf. Killing other sentients is… frowned upon.
  • A proper Fair One does not debase himself or herself by succumbing to the animal. Blatant flirtation, extremes of emotion, and indulging in excess are unworthy of a true Fair Elf.

Cultural Paragons

The Archmage
The High King of the Fair

Cultural Values

A Fair One of the Golden Glen is…

  • Proper
  • Intellectual
  • Arrogant
  • Magically Powerful
  • Civilized
  • Honorable to a fault
  • Cool and collected
  • Measured in his or her actions
  • Superior

Critical Events in the History of the Golden Glen

The Milkwood Campaigns in which then-High Marshal Imadriel led a legion of the High King’s finest into the heart of a corrupted woodland and ousted an alliance of Scourged Ones and Goblins led to Imadriel founding the city of Golden Glen and being recognized as its queen by the High King himself.

A shameful moment in their history occurred when Queen Imadriel had to make the difficult decision to turn away a tribe of lunar elves who had asked for sanctuary and protection from night elf raiders. The place in the Milkwood where the tribe was finally hunted down and slaughtered or enslaved is known as The Last Song of the Children of the Moon. It is haunted by tormented spirits to this day.

But other significant events includes establishment of The Blue Road, a waterway through the wooded lands that was widened to allow river traffic and trade with (approved) traders from the outside world. The Tragedy at White Tree led to Queen Imadriel’s ban on all fire arms within her realm.

Cultural Skills: Great (+4): Lore; Good (+3): Glamour, Will

The People of Neria

Five Customs

  • There is no more worthy goal than to achieve excellence in your endeavor.
  • Perfection through athletic and academic achievement.
  • Purity of spirit can be achieved through purity of body.
  • Honoring the gods honors also yourself.
  • We will fight to the death to preserve our freedom from others — but we will willingly hand it over to our own leaders when they ask for it.

Cultural Paragons

Wise Master of the Arts
The Hero-King
The Olympian

Cultural Values

A Nerian is…

  • An achiever
  • Heroic
  • Honorable
  • Proud
  • Arrogant
  • Artistic
  • Pious
  • Superstitious
  • Perfectionist
  • Survivor

Critical Events in the History of the People of Nerium

Neria’s proudest moment was when the kingdom was born during the event, Driving Back the Night Elf Horde. This is when the city Nerium united several cities and villages and drove out night elf slavers and built their own nation.

Neria was at its lowest three generations ago when royal family fell to paranoia and megalomania. King Kastor’s responsibility for the Culling of the Nobility that resulted in the murder of children out of fear the nobility was too numerous and powerful resulted in rebellion that ended with the death of every member of the royal family line. The greatest of the barons then claimed the throne and established a new dynasty. The first leader was Nero and his dynasty is named for him.

A few other significant events include forging a Peace with the Sea King and the Fall of Prince Semos. The story of the Fall is considered to be fictitious but illustrates the loss to the kingdom when a prince falls in love with a fairy maiden and leaves Neria behind. It’s a story that is taught to the young to instill a sense of duty to their country.

Many people know of the Sword of Nerium. The Sword is a man that carries the ancient blade of the kings of Nerium. For a couple years leading up to the Sword of Nerium’s disappearance some six months ago, stories had been growing of his deeds. From shattering the walls of Baron Ariston’s castle to freezing and decapitating a score of the baron’s personal guard all the while shining the cold, white light of justice. Some even say the Sword could appear in two places at once.

Seditionist folk who view the Sword of Nerium as a hero of the people whisper that he will return soon to save Princess Siphis, dethrone the corrupt Baron Viktor, and save the kingdom from going to war with the sea king, King Agenor of Hylon.

Cultural Skills

Great (+4): Athletics; Good (+3): Fight, Lore