What Do You Really Want?

Timeline: February 1, 2009

Rey sat at the desk in the back room of the Blood & Brew, going over the inventory lists, to get an idea of what rate they were going through things. Tomorrow was order day, and she wanted to have everything ready to go. She was also waiting for Gillian to arrive. The new Lupa wanted to talk to her about a few things.

Gillian appeared, walking through the back door. “Hi,” she said. “You wanted to see me?” It was snowing again, a heavy wet sort of precipitation that clung to the used and worn coat she had and she brushed at it a bit before looking around. She saw Lyla’s coat stand nearby, though it had Rey’s coat hanging from it now. She pulled off her coat and hung hers up on a tine opposite Rey’s, then went to stand in front of the desk. She looked at Rey, doing Lyla’s work and sitting at the former lupa’s desk, realizing that Rey must have taken the Blood and Brew from the ex-lupa.

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Long Time No See

Timeline: February 6, 2009
Rey walked out of the grocery store with a backpack full of groceries when she saw Jesse on the other side of the street.

“Hey Jesse!” she called out, and quickly crossed the road to join her friend.

Jesse paused. “Hello, Rey,” she said. Rey oddly felt like Jesse was a taller than she remembered.

“I haven’t seen you around much. What have you been up to?”

As Rey stopped next to her friend, she realized she was lookup up quite a bit to look Jesse in the eye. Rey checked her shoes, but Jesse wasn’t wearing high heels. She was, in fact, wearing an entirely new set of clothes. Or at least, it was a set she hadn’t seen before. “Oh, I’ve been keeping busy,” Jesse replied. There was a quiet stillness to her voice that made one think of libraries or waiting rooms or graveyards. “I quit my job with Tara Honeywell, you know, and started working at the hospice. It keeps me busy. What’s new with you?”
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Wedding Plans

Timeline: February, 2009

One day shortly after her brother and friends had left for Mythic City, when Jesse had errands to run, Ann-Marie took a break from her studies and called Alice. It was early enough in the evening that she was able to reach Alice at the library, which was open until ten that night. 

“Eldon Well Public Library,” she answered over the phone.



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John’s Call to Lyla

Timeline: February 2, 2009

A message is left.

“Lyla this is John. I just got off the phone with Bailey Thindel. I called him to see if he had heard of any disappearances in the area and he said he hadn’t but he would call me back if he heard anything.

“Anyway in the course of the conversation he asked if I had seen you and I said I didn’t know where you were but I could leave a message. He said no message but that he wanted me to tell you that he called.

Call to Bailey Thindle

Timeline: February 2, 2009

John dialed his phone at his hotel room the morning after they arrived in Mythic City. “Baily this is John Beckett. I am in the Mythic City area looking into some disappearances north of the city, mainly transients and homeless. Have you heard anything in the wind that might be useful?”

“Hello, John. How are you? Oh, how is my wife? She’s just fine. My son will be going to kindergarten next year, thanks for being so thoughtful,” Bailey responded with a dry chuckle. “Mythic City, you say? Not that I know of, but then that’s a long way from my assigned area of New England, John.”

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A Friend of the Devil Is a Friend of Mine

Timeline: February, 2009

Ann-Marie spent days in thought. Between lessons, journeys to the Shadow, practice deals of blood and essence she grew in knowledge of the spirit and their ways. Anu was both her old friend and her teacher, respected for both. But for the others, her companions and friends especially, she seemed a threat.

She had faith that that part of Anu, that part that was Jesse, was still there. She also had faith that that part of Anu whom was spirit guided by the hand of the Morrigan was truly honorable and beautiful to behold. Yet, some worried; and for their sake she needed proof of the mighty spirit’s intensions. Continue reading “A Friend of the Devil Is a Friend of Mine”


Timeline: January 31st, 2009

Ann-Marie left her brother and sought out Chaska. She asked around until she finally found him coming into town…

“Chaska,” she said, “please wait up…”

Chaska had been thinking about his upcoming trip and was lost deep in thought when he heard Ann-Marie calling his name. He stopped and waited for her to catch up to him. “What’s up?”

She walked up to him. “I just wanted to see you and the others off. Say farewell, as the situation is likely to be dangerous. I wanted to give you my best wishes,” she said with earnestness. “May I join your as you walk?” Continue reading “Goodbyes”

Seeking an Old Friend

Timeline: February 3rd, 2009

Ann-Marie went searching for Iron Claw a few days after the others had left. It wasn’t easy to find him and in the end, it was he who found her. After a lot of searching, she finally discovered him waiting for her at her home.

“You’ve been looking for me,” Ironclaw said.

She still admired him, that was for certain. She answered, “Yes I have. We haven’t spoken in awhile, and after all that has happened, I wanted to clear the way between us.”

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A Custom Job

Timeline: February 1st, 2009

Michael heard the bells to the front door of his shop jingle. Boot-clad feet walked across the wooden floor, and a moment later, he heard a bag being set on the counter.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” Michael said from the back room.

Rey could hear pieces of metal sliding together. As the sounds progressed, Rey heard a click, then what sounded like a slide on a pistol being pulled back then go back forward.

As Michael came back out from the back room, he was sliding a pistol into his shoulder rig. As he looked up from what he was doing, he saw Rey standing at his counter.

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Timeline: January 31, 2009

Ramiel left the room with some urgency and the others began to leave soon after. Iron Claw waited in customary fashion to be the last one to leave the room as the leader but he noticed that Chaska didn’t get up from his seat and that he stared at the table in front of him. He was concerned about Chaska. He knew that Chaska would sacrifice his very life for the pack but other than his loyalty he knew very little else about him and that loyalty was sorely tested and it wasn’t completely clear if he had passed the test or not.

He walked over to Chaska and put his hand on his shoulder to reassure him. “Do you need some time alone, my friend?”

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