Rey Wants a New Piece

Timeline: March 11, 2009

Rey paused outside Michael’s shop.  It had been a while since she’d talked to him, and she was wondering what he was up to.  Perhaps today was a good day to combine business and pleasure.

She walked up onto the step and pulled the door open to go inside.

Michael looked up from the gun magazine he was reading when he heard the door open. Upon seeing that it was Rey, he put done the magazine and stepped up to the counter.

With a friendly smile, he said, “Rey what can I do for you today?” Continue reading “Rey Wants a New Piece”

Michael’s Project

Timeline: February 4, 2009

It was two days since the others left for Mythic City, Michael was in his shop late at night working on orders for customers. It was close to closing time, and while he was in the back room, Michael heard his front door open then close.

Stepping out of the back room, wiping his hands on a rag, Michael saw Ironclaw stepping toward his counter.

“Ironclaw,” Michael said with a little surprise, “what can I do for you? I hope that modification I did for you worked out.”

“She handled the weapon just fine,” Ironclaw stated. “Thanks.” But his businesslike expression brook no further small talk. “I understand you are dallying with the domain of the dead.”

“That’s one thing I like about you, straight the the point,” Michael said with a calm friendly smile.  “But I wouldn’t say that I dally, it is one of the major aspects of what I can do as a Mage.  Continue reading “Michael’s Project”

On the Doorstep of a Friend

A few days after Ramiel gets back to Eldon Well, he will hear an acoustic guitar playing out on his front porch.

Upon hearing the music, Ramiel walked out on to the porch wearing nothing but a pair of faded jeans and see who is playing.

As he steps out the door, he sees the familar long blond hair pulled back in a pony tail of Sholto. Even hearing the door open, Sholto continues to keep playing.

“Do you know ‘Wayward Son’?” Ramiel asked as he leaned against the railing.
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Stepping Out 2

Timeline: February 16, 2009

Ann-Marie took some time away from her cult, her studies and her art to go and meet up with some of the others who lived in Eldon Well. Of particular interest on this day was Rose. She had fought by her side and knew of her, but so far they hadn’t gotten to know one another. She decided that could change if she tried.

She knew that Rose spent a lot of time working at the Blood and Brew, so she thought she’d start there. She went in one day when she knew Rose was working, a slow day in particular and sat up at the bar far to one side, sketchbook in hand. This was a bit unusual as she usually took a private booth.
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The Crossroads

Timeline: February 17, 2009

The night seemed colder to Rey, like the world was warning her. She should be home in bed, or snuggled in front of the fire reading a book. Instead, she stood at the crossroads just south of town, the frigid light of the moon reflecting off the ice and snow.

Her heart ached still from what the Lune had told her, that she would never be a good Lupa. That Luna disapproved. But Young Father Bear had said nothing of it. He did not seem to care she had become Lupa, only asking when she might be going hunting again. But even if Luna did not approve, she still had five months to change that. Even if she couldn’t change it, she had to do her best for her pack, and for her girls. Right now, that meant she had to find out more about Lyla’s curse.

Rey shuddered when she thought about what she as going to do. Summoning the walker at the crossroads did not sound like a good idea. All the stories she’d ever heard told her it was a bad idea. Heck, the Winchester boys showed how bad an idea it was. Sure, it was just a tv show, but every story of the supernatural has a kernel of truth at its core.

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The Lune

Timeline: February 16, 2009

Rey set up a meeting with a Lune for the night when the half moon hung in the sky. This was also the final night of Anu’s gifts; none would be granted to the pack after this final night of the promised week. It was in the woods, when the half moon was high in the sky. The air was brutally frigid, though there was blessedly no wind in this heavily forested area.

Jesse had met Rey dressed in her own thick, fur coat. Few words were exchanged other than greetings, and then Jesse had looked up at the moon and pointed. Continue reading “The Lune”

Questions, Questions

Timeline: February 8th, 2009 late night

Rey smiled down at Hamilton. He was stretched – or rather, practically draped – across her lap, purring contentedly. She’d just finished brushing and otherwise pampering him after spending some time working on the bar’s books. The money situation wasn’t too bad yet, but things couldn’t keep going this way for long.

She gently settled her familiar on the cushion next to her chair and looked at the clock. If Ann-Marie was going to be coming to the bar, now would be about the time she’d show up. Rey gave Hamilton one last scritch, then walked out of the office and into the bar proper.
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Dinner Conversation

Timeline: February 8th, 2009

Rey gave the huge pot of venison stew a stir. She smiled, enjoying the aromas, and set the lid down just as the timer for the bread in the oven rang. She’d made it from scratch, trying out a new sourdough recipe. In fact, she’d made two loaves to make sure she’d have some for herself over the next few days.

The young witch looked upstairs when she heard a big thump, pleased Hamilton was enjoying his new catnip-infused toy. She always tried to do something special for him when more than one member of the pack were coming over, to soothe his fears.
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Why Me?

Timeline: February 6, 2009

After Jesse left, Rey gathered her groceries and headed for home. She was quiet until they were out of sight of the bar. Hamilton, what do you think of Jesse’s offer?

The cat trotted along behind her. Very interesting, Miss, he replied. A Lune is a powerful spirit. Who knows what one might be capable of?

That would depend on the Lune, Hamilton said. There are five different choirs, of course, one for each phase of the moon — or face of Luna, depending on how you wish to think of it. Imagine this for a moment, Miss. Luna is a Celestine. Such a spirit is more powerful than that which you would term gods and goddesses. All gods and goddesses of the Moon itself must make way for her or be cast down by her. Many join the ranks of her Lunes.
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Stepping Out

Timeline: February, 2009

Ann-Marie took the time to create an invitation by hand, crafting an elegant design and hand-calligraphing each letter precisly. It wouldn’t do to simply go knocking on the door of someone she only knew in passing. Once completed, she signed it and placed it in an envelope and mailed it across town to Ariya Honeywell. It read, Continue reading “Stepping Out”