Communion with the Mother Tree

Emmeline was practically walking on air when she left the Glade of the Mother Tree. She knew now that Mara was a powerful Sidhe, a Lady of the Fey and imagined her patron as something like a Dryad Queen due to the connection Mara now enjoyed with the world through the reborn Mother Tree. Yet she wasn’t afraid.
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Epilogue Session 3


Tiffanie was the key player in convincing her recently discovered great uncle Aurryn Silverleaf, a grim scout first hired by the group to bear witness to her and Emmeline’s actions at the Cairns, to make an agreement with the Baron d’Uzec. It also turns out the ‘Sister’ Jos likes being a woman, unlike Tiffanie. Now named Sister Jocelyn, she is determined to stay a woman, so has made an agreement to continue to try to remove Tiffanie’s curse in the off-chance it will transfer to Jocelyn permanently. Her hiding this fact has gotten her in trouble with the Temple (and to a lesser degree to the Baron) and Tiffanie and Jocelyn have departed for Derrien to see the Aarithine Bishop of County Derrien for advice and judgement. Tiffanie carries with her a ring of mind shielding with the entrapped soul of Martin, an Aarithine priest and former colleague of the outlaw Rurrick. Tiffanie also witnessed the dwarven spirits reseal the Cairn, one or more passing around, through, and by her as they went to their rest. Briefly at the end of the Cairn mission, the dwarven runes, including those on Tiffanie’s axe, became clear and in good repair. They then faded to their previous state as the Cairn’s mouth collapsed as Tiffanie left the sword, the ghosts, and the ruin behind. Continue reading “Epilogue Session 3”

Epilogue Session 2


It is the fourth evening in Uzec and the last banquet, the great formal banquet held by Baron Roland d’Uzec has begun. It has been a great three-day festival and the people are in a great mood – many are quite drunk. Emmeline, the Queen of Love and Beauty, takes her place at the Baron’s left side, with the List Champion (Lance Lieutenant Mikaela Brunét) on one side of the couple near Emmeline, and the Melée Champion Sir Kentigern d’Adera of House Auvrey at the other side near the Baron. Continue reading “Epilogue Session 2”

A Talk with Friends

Emmeline had wandered off to engage in conversation with some of the villagers, when she returned, she greeted Typhon Né and Elomix with a wave.

“Hey you two. I just finished speaking with some of the good folks we rescued and I picked up some pretty important information. I thought I’d pass it on to you in case you wanted to check it out. It’s on the way to Thalassa anyway, it would seem. Continue reading “A Talk with Friends”

Conversations with Villagers

Still curious about the attacks by the goblins, Emmeline approached a villager. Sometimes, she knew, common folk knew a lot more than those in charge simply because it can be hard to approach an authority figure like a noble.

“Hi there,” she said to someone she recognized as having been saved from the slave pens by her companions and herself. “Have you a moment to speak with me about those goblins?”

The young woman looked up. Clearly recognizing Emmeline, she nodded.
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Epilogue Session 1


The hamlet of Branmarc and the village of Normarc are free of the goblins. The remaining goblin brute who escaped the caves was cut down by the villagers. No enemy survived, as Typhon Kné dispatched the polymorphed ewe that was the goblin shaman. Similarly a priestess of Tyaa was slain in their company. Searching the Tyaa priestess’s body reveals 20 gp, and a note written in Old Common script, but the letter order seems non-sensical. It could be a simple cypher of some kind. She also had a silver dagger, and a blackened metal raven-clasp.
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