A conversation with Rivanon

A conversation with Rivanon

Elemix noticed Rivanon on deck. She was alone leaning on the port side rail, looking off into the distance and apparently lost in thought. She was indeed beautiful. While he was certain his dad had thought of the idea of Elemix and Rivanon together, Elemix hadn’t really considered such seriously. Continue reading “A conversation with Rivanon”

Find Familiar

After casting the spell the night before, Elemix was disappointed nothing had happened. There was a nagging feeling that something did occur, but Elemix couldn’t quite place it. After attending the races with Emmeline, Rivanon and Tiffanie for a brief time, Elemix excused himself and headed north west into the depths of the city. Continue reading “Find Familiar”

Elemix – Rambling Thoughts…

It was late, and Elemix had spent several hours – first cleaning, and then later adding new spells to his spell book. He had been standing now for many hours carefully scripting away, but at last he was finished and his legs told him he needed to rest. He poured some tea and sat down on the roughly crafted chair in his room at the inn. Now that he had finished with his spell book, he couldn’t help but reflect on the events of the past couple of days. Continue reading “Elemix – Rambling Thoughts…”

Epilogue Session 4


Emmeline and Elemix asked the weapons merchant Simon to seek out a person of means to buy the Tyaanite Broach. After the word went out, 2 names came in by the next day, one – the Magus Alix (whom they met the night before), and another Morgan, who had been passing through. Morgan was somewhat surprised to see Emmeline. They came to an agreement and Morgan left with the broach. Emmeline sold it to her thinking that either a) she was a Tyaanite, b) she was powerful enough to use it, or c) something else. Had he known, El would have wished to have been there. Continue reading “Epilogue Session 4”

Elemix Meeting with Master Vorn

As evening arrived and the travel plans were agreed upon, a messenger arrived and spoke briefly to Nigel. A minute later, Nigel stepped up and whispered into El’s ear, “Master Vorn wishes to debrief you in Derrien at the home of one of his old colleagues, Captain Sir Renard du Triel. He says we must leave first thing in the morning.” Knowing that Emmeline was leaving for Uzec that morning as well, El explained his position, and agreed to return to meet in the village of Thierry, a hamlet half a day south of Uzec. He agreed also to check in at the Wig & Pig tavern to find news on Emmeline’s friends. Continue reading “Elemix Meeting with Master Vorn”

A Talk with Friends

Emmeline had wandered off to engage in conversation with some of the villagers, when she returned, she greeted Typhon Né and Elomix with a wave.

“Hey you two. I just finished speaking with some of the good folks we rescued and I picked up some pretty important information. I thought I’d pass it on to you in case you wanted to check it out. It’s on the way to Thalassa anyway, it would seem. Continue reading “A Talk with Friends”

Epilogue Session 1


The hamlet of Branmarc and the village of Normarc are free of the goblins. The remaining goblin brute who escaped the caves was cut down by the villagers. No enemy survived, as Typhon Kné dispatched the polymorphed ewe that was the goblin shaman. Similarly a priestess of Tyaa was slain in their company. Searching the Tyaa priestess’s body reveals 20 gp, and a note written in Old Common script, but the letter order seems non-sensical. It could be a simple cypher of some kind. She also had a silver dagger, and a blackened metal raven-clasp.
Continue reading “Epilogue Session 1”