Elemix and Emmeline Reunite in Uzec

Elemix had left for Uzek in great haste on order of Rivanon to protect Emmeline…

When he and a half-dozen of Rivanon’s troops arrived in town in the late afternoon of the next day, he felt there was a eerie calm among the people. Elemix had received no messages from Vorn either – nothing for the past couple days. Alix was gone. Giselle flailing from murderous fury to abject despair. He wanted to stay, but Rivanon gave him one mission – protect his cousin at all costs until she returned to Uzek.

Elemix wasn’t stupid. Hugo must have made some kind of sacrifice or deal up there, but even with that all the rest must have been planned for months now. He did not know who he could trust save for a few. How was this all connected? The Tyaanites? Maybe. Or just coincidence? Doubtful.
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On the Road

As the party were passing hardby the highlands and woods where the hags were battled, Renée road up to the Baron, bowing slightly and discussed some thing Emmeline not Elemix could hear. Elemix could make out the words ‘danger’, and ‘possible’.

Once she was done, Renée backed her horse off to ride behind Emmeline and Elemix, and beside Typhon, saying, “I can’t really explain it, but something is not right. The more I practice the techniques my mother taught me, the more I sense odd things. I’m still learning, but remember when I felt that undead presence? I’m feeling something similar, like being near the Vale. Kalista is part of it, so I think it is fey, but something else is out there and within a mile of us that is fey.” Continue reading “On the Road”

Meeting Alix

The Magus Alix met Elemix and Emmeline at her tower. It had been almost a year since they were all together like this. Her servant brought tea and then they were alone. “Please report on your mission,” she asked.

Emmeline looked to Elemix, thinking he should speak first being her senior. But then she remembered that Magus Alix had assigned her the mission.

“Yes, Magus. We investigated the woods as you requested, after having met a troublesome reeve, and a gnome prospector working for the Baron of those lands. The gnome was doing his job, scouting a tomb in the woods. We followed him to see what was the focus of interest. An encounter in which we destroyed a couple trolls and some sort of mound made of forest materials, the gnome’s trust was won and he confided the details of his mission to us out of gratitude for handling the trolls. Continue reading “Meeting Alix”

Next Steps

Elemix sat down at the table across from Emmiline. They had finished their discussions with Magus Alix earlier, and had made their way back to the inn to have some dinner.

After they had ordered, Elemix stared the conversation. “Emmiline. Have you thought about coming with me back to Thalassa? Remember my mother was with child when last we heard from her, I am sure she would love to see you. I for one am excited to return and hope to depart within the week.”
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A Night of the Waiting Terror

The swamp drake had disgorged a noxious fume that brought all caught within down low. It flew by and sounds could be heard of it moving far into the woods but not attacking. Everyone had moved into the cave. Marc and Gilles, the surviving soldiers, along with anyone else who had volunteered, threw the ogres on pyre and lit it up to destroy the bodies and begin removing the smell of their already turning flesh. Sergeant-Ensign Aeryn, after she had recovered a bit buried the third soldier whom the ogres had nearly completed eating. She placed his personal effects in a box.

Everyone spent most of the hour resting as much as they could. Renée every once in awhile went out and scouted, coming back having heard a creature out there, but not seeing it. After an hour, as the sun began to set, she said, “if it is out there, it is waiting for us to make a move.” Continue reading “A Night of the Waiting Terror”

The War Council

Night was upon the Keep. Lady Rivanon d’Uzec summoned what remained of the Baron’s senior leadership and invited the party as guests. Standing around a stone table was Lady d’Uzec, Sir Etienne of Calder Keep, Sir Brann of Uzec, Lord Chardin of Yvoire, Lord Arrisey, Sir Maurice Le Marin, Magus Elemix, Lady de Cerisey, Brother Bertrand (an acolyte), and Mssr. Caval of Branmarc the designated leader of the refugees huddled in the courtyard and hallways of the Keep.

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On the Way to Cerisey

That morning was cold. Even colder than before. With wounded coming in that morning from Calder Keep, Typhon Né begged off the traveling as people needed her here for a time and she had little to do with Cerisey or the Vale, save for a very distant relation to Remy Silverleaf. Both Elemix and Renée were miserable, and Emmeline slightly less so. At least she didn’t have to be bundled as much. Most of the morning there was little said as they rode through the snows. Renée would quickly ride ahead and plot out the way to avoid the deeper drifts, but even then it was slow going. It would be after dark before they got there. Continue reading “On the Way to Cerisey”

Winter Plans

The party was transporting their newfound wealth by wagon to town. Was it Camaret or some other village? She wasn’t sure, but in the miserable cold it was hard to really care what the next town might be, so long as there was someplace with a warm hearth and a hot meal at the end of the road. The small group of five huddled atop the wagon. It was exposed to wind, but at least then no one had to trudge through snow.  Continue reading “Winter Plans”

At the Farm: Rivanon

Rivanon, erstwhile known as River sat down next to Elemix before the old farmer’s fire. Wrapping a fur around her she said, ‘why so glum my friend?”

Elemix looked at her and smiled as she sat down. “I am glad to hear you refer to me as such,” he replied. “I hope over these past many months you have come to know me. And to say that I am very happy no harm has come to you is some what of an understatement.” Continue reading “At the Farm: Rivanon”

A Voice from the Past

Elemix was dreaming. It was a pleasant dream. He was showing off his new tower, complete with newly buily outbuildings and the like to Baroness Rivanon and Magus Gillian – both of which were his close friends and on a first name basis. It was a good dream as each were completing with offers of power to have the right to be his wife. Others still were outside with gifts and offers. He was looking forward to Magus Oceané Calvet’s, who was next at the door. Sitting on the stairs and looking down at the two beauties, he was having a tough time choosing. “Beauty and magical power, versus beauty and temporal power? It is a hard decision to make,” a silky smooth masculine voice said in Eterian from behind him and slightly up the spiral staircase. Continue reading “A Voice from the Past”