Our plan worked, sort of.  I’m completely out of it and exhausted, so let me sum up.  We caught a changeling named Marguerette.  She is an elemental of some kind working for what I believe to be a true fae named Chak.  She and her team it seems gather potential slaves for the True Fae, but we haven’t gotten the details yet.  This team tried to kidnap Sholto while we were all undercover in a northside bar.  I didn’t get to see or participate in much of the fight, but when I arrived the others had fled and Sholto and some other victim were in bags and Margurette was about to be caught.  Chaska had attacked and bit her and found out her elemental form is Silver.  Man, that sucks for Chaska.   John brought her to the car and she dived into the hedge.  After some effort Ramiel pulled her and John out (hence why I’m exhausted, opening a way to the Hedge, that and healing Chanka.  In any case we brought our prisoner to the court.

So I Ran

I ran a far and as fast as I could.  In wolfskin I fled them, cutting myself as I cascaded through the throng of thorns.  I didn’t know how they found me, but I knew why they are after me.  They wanted to bring me back there and I will die first.  Let me start at the beginning…

We (Ramiel, Lyla and I) had just stepping through into Goblin Market we had with difficulty uncovered.  Before we crossed into the Hedge, I warned my companions of the dire consequences of doing the wrong things (how making deals was dangerous, let the buyer beware, etc); but to no avail.  It wasn’t their fault, you see.  Before anything could happen THEY came.  As I took the lead and brought Lyla and Ramiel into the marketplace all the denizens looked at us with horror.  Confused, I turned behid me and saw THEM, the TRUE FAE.  As I saw the shoppers and shopkeepers cringing in fear I screamed and ran.

For days and hours, I don’t know, I ran.  I felt horrible that I had left my companions behind, but those devils lay between me and them.  I couldn’t fight them, I couldn’t win and now I was lost with briar wolves at my heels, cuts all over my body, and lost friends.

I tried to make my way back to find them, but I was way off the trod.  I lost track of time and found myself in despair with the beasts closing in.  My only choice now was to escape the Hedge and either find help or report my failure to the Queen of Sin.

It was then that the wolfpack found me.  Dodging in and out of the hedge, cutting myself on thorns and losing blood, I let my instincts take hold and I let go to the beast withing.  All I wanted to do was escape.  I don’t really know how, but I had dodged the Briar Wolves, found and gateway and transitioned from the hedge to the mortal world.  Eventually I found myself far on the east side of Mythic.  I knew not the date, or the time.  So I called Cassandra, hoping she was still around…


Okay, its my fault.  I know that.  And he seems cool with everything now and that’s good.  Wait a second, I’m getting ahead of myself…

So we have several days to kill.  The Queen of Sin’s friends are a strange lot.  None of them leads the others really well.  They kind of move in a general direction, but no one really calls the shots.  So after all that happened it was decided that John, the human would call the shots for this mission.  Of course that didn’t exactly work as planned. Continue reading “Misunderstandings”

The First Monday

The group split up today. After meeting with the my Queen of Sin (I just love her!) and having a brief altercation with the legendary Springheel Jack (he pinched Lyla’s butt) it was decided that the guys would go out to the bars to see what they could discover there. I though Lyla wanted to go with them, but at the last minute changed her mind and suggested we go for a girl’s night out. Sounded like a fun idea, so I went for it. But, keeping the mission in mind I suggested that we try to find an off-night Goblin Market and find out if any human had been sold there or perhaps find out other leads.

We decided to go as twins. I took Lyla’s look and wore her clothes. For hours we scoured the seedy underbelly of Mythic. We endured cat-calls, groping, disrespect, and other misogynistic behavior from the scum of the earth. But they are the ones who might know. We used all our knowledge and finesse, employing our feminine whiles to our betterment and from it we found a couple of leads. Over the next few days we hope to build on this. We might have built on them that night if we hadn’t been interupted.

We had just left one of our more disgusting dives when we were accosted by Springheel Jack. He was unnaturally quick and agile, almost fluid like. He didn’t just want to pinch Lyla, I think he wanted to pursue and rape her and maybe me. He quickly cut her belt and her pants went away just as quickly. I tried everything to inspire fear and bedlam in him, but it didn’t work. I grabbed him to get him away from her and he reversed the hold on me. Now I was the subject of his desire. She kept on him using harsher attacks as time went on, but he shrugged off our punched and healed our cuts. I got loose and took wolf form. His interest in me went away and he turned on Lyla again. I suggested she change as well, but she was reluctant. I guess she had her reasons, but I’m sure he didn’t want sex with a wolf.

Things got bad when he bashed her head against the wall. It was hard, very hard actually. So much so that she lost consciousness. He swept her up and over his shoulder. I thought about taking human form to woo him away from her, but instead I decided to leap and try to save her. I knew I would hurt Lyla by doing this, but the alternative was too gruesome to contemplate.

I gathered everything I had and leaped at Jack, grasping Lyla in my jaws and tearing her away and running off. Jack smiled and leaped away saying “Goodnight Ladies”. Lyla was hurt pretty bad, I was mostly uninjured, save my pride. We felt it was enough for that night and went home. Lyla was a bit frustrated and worried that her boyfriend, Ramiel would over-react and go after Jack in revenge. I agreed to say nothing.

We met the boys some hours later in their hotel suite.  We spent the night gathering info and those hours chatting away and documenting; trying to forget the more violent events of the night.  Lyla said nothing.  Neither did I.  I think Chaska suspected something and perhaps she told him; but I don’t know.  Tomorrow we plan to continue our scouting and follow-up on our leads.

The First Days

Dear Diary,

The last few days have been wonderful fun.  Okay, here’s the deal.  Her wonderful excellency, the Queen of Sin, the Emerald Lady, the woman I admire assigned myself and our newest member to work with some outsiders, friends of hers whom are so cool!  I mean, okay two of them are REAL cool!  The others are interesting too, but two of them are of my father’s people.  One, Chaska, is definitely tough and soft-spoken.  The other, Lyla, well we get along well.  We had so much fun getting to know one another, partying all evening and running like wolves all night.  I’ve never had a night like that before.  Yes, yes, I got laid.  Not by the strangers, no.  We took them to Blood Tears, which Lyla got me a membership to.  I got a whole bunch of couples together and well, we’ll leave the rest to the imagination.  Anyway, I digress.  Lyla is a real werewolf.  I’ve learned so much in such a short time.  The next day we got to business.

The others, Ramiel, who is Lyla’s boyfriend and John who is a doctor are both interesting as well.  Ramiel they say is a wizard of some kind.  A real wizard like the Lady’s guardian.  Cool.  Cute too.  John is a bit older but comes off very intelligent and has a strong rugged nature.  All in all, a good first impression.  Together the six of us began investigating several Changeling-related disappearances north of town.  So far the investigation is proceeding slowly, but I believe these guys know what they are doing.