Meeting Dorien Green

When Dottie awoke, she was disoriented. Something had attacked her, made her feel violently ill. So ill she thought the was dying. And she was pretty sure she did.

But if this was the afterlife, why was Aeden in it? And the good looking man in a very expensive suit Dotty met at Aeden’s store? Looking around herself, Dotty could see she was in a large, comfortable bed. She must have been cleaned up, too, because her face was no longer sticky with drying blood. Heavy curtains blocked any outside light, but somehow she knew it was night.

Dottie’s lips tingled some like the way they did when she used the expensive lip balm. Only, when she licked them, it tasted like nothing she’d ever experienced before. It was delicious, invigorating, thrilling — it was like sex, if raw, thrumming power could be as good as sex. Continue reading “Meeting Dorien Green”