Fate from around the web

Sites hosted by Google

  • Evermore Roleplay: Website on Google Sites
  • Lansing: A Dresden Files game run by a friend
  • Mythic City: A Changeling: the Lost game I run online being switched to Fate Core
  • Crescent City: A Dresden Files game that I ran from 2012-2013
  • KotOR: Fate: A site for Fate 3.0 based in a Star Wars setting
  • Shattered World Sites
    • SW Malfurion: An online game I currently run using Shattered World Core rules and Fate Core
    • SW Lynfirth: A game, now concluded, that I ran use Shattered World rules and Fate 3.0

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RPG References

These days I use Fate Core to power my rpg games, though I do run one World of Darkness (Changeling) game. The following are references I find useful.