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I smell a rat. It was a dark and story my night… ok it wasn’t but I wanted to start the post that way anyway. I have been busy, getting the special place ready, Alice has been helping me a great deal. I feel like I have always known her she is closer to me than some of the people ...

Beds Time Timeline: March 30, 2008 Johns announced at breakfast that he was going to run into Concord for a few things and while he is there he was going to pick up some beds for the new people. “I am going to walk over to Rey’s and see if she needs anything or wants to road trip, those ...

New Friends Timeline: March 25th, 2008 The girl had come in around mid-afternoon, sat down at a table and had lunch. She wore a black dress with a sheer red underskirt that showed off a splash of bold color. It had an adjustable waist (tightened nicely) and short sleeves. The dress was lovely, but didn’t look like it ...

April Fools Well Lyla timed it right and came back on April Fools after a day of shinanigans. It was the perfect capper to the day when John first saw her he did an almost perfect Hollywood double take and almost ran into the wall. The next night they all met at the blood and brew for a ...

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