Gun-toting Thugs

These thugs tend to appear in packs (so Teamwork applies) and are generally equipped with a variety of small arms, including knives. These are Fair (+2) nameless npcs, and so it takes a hit with 2 stress to take them out.

Aspect: Gun-waving Street Punk Looking to Prove Something!

Skills: Combat (+2), Notice (+1)

Stress: ❑

New Power Theme: Water Projection

Water Projection Theme

You can control water in places where it gathers, as well as the moisture in the air. Wherever it exists, your power can do something with it.

Basic Water Projection: Your power involves control over water. When you use your powers, you create splashes of water and steamy mist. Continue reading “New Power Theme: Water Projection”

Terror Bots

These little devils are usually deployed in groups of three or four. They are usually equipped with guns or even lasers and most can fly. Just two stress takes one out, but in large enough swarms they can be very dangerous.

Flying Robot with a Friggin’ LASER on Its Friggin’ Head!

Skills: Shoot (+2), Flying (+1)