Lady Night – Star Ship

Str 52 (+21)       Dex 20 (+5)         Con –        Int 18 (+4)                     -5 to Pilot Check

Grapple +25      INIT: +5                                Perception 9 ( int + sensor Package)

Hit Points : 135     Damage Reduction: 15  Sheild Rating: 41  Threshold: 71

Reflex 19 (18 with Pod)         Flat-Footed 14  Armour 14  Fortitude 31

HyperDrive: 1(Backup 8)    Sublight Speed: 7

Crew 1        Passengers 6    Consumables 1 month   Cargo 2.5 Tons  Cargo Pod: 25 Tons

Weapons 2 Medium Double Lasers (one currently used by Pilot)                                                            Medium Ion Canon

Docking Gun (Heavy Repeating Blaster )

Advanced Nav Comp +10 to Astrogation

Combat Thrusters

Mauver Jets +4

Sensor Pack Hyper transeiver Smuggler compartment

Session The Eleventh

Well all our shopping is done and tis time to say good bye to fair Cularin. Before heading off into the great unknown we decided to stop by Ambria in the Senus Node and drop off the refresher parts and supplies that we originally came to Cularin to get.  With the new ship it didn’t take us long at all to get there, but when we got there an ugly surprise awaited us in orbit; two Tie fighters and some sort of gunboat, I think it was a skip ray Blast boat.  I stopped the ship and calculated a jump out of there.  They never left orbit and then Mystic girl went all mysticky and said Gai Pan was dead and Kaiser was in an uncomfortable place, she didn’t know where Jasmia was but Kylee and Jox were on a ship somewhere and Jox had been injured but was in a med bay.  She wanted to leave and find Kylee and I was ok with that until she said that she didn’t know where Kylee was or where she was going.  So I asked more about Kaiser and she just wanted to abandon him. Luka basically said that she would go wherever I was flying which I thought was really nice.  Numa didn’t seem to care until I tried to point out what they owed the bodyguard of their old master and then I found out that it wasn’t their master that helped them all escape and get to my ship.  He was a Jedi master, but their masters had left on a mission somewhere right before everything fell apart. They hadn’t even been training together, which sort of explained a lot about how different they were acting.

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Zeltron Racial Stats

There have been many proposed stats for Zeltrons for Saga Edition, but we are using the following for Dark Times.

Abilities: –2 Con, –2 Wisdom, +4 Cha. Zeltrons are charismatic and gregarious, but their indulgent nature sometimes leads them to act before thinking.
Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Zeltrons have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Speed: Zeltron base speed is 6 squares.
Conditional Bonus Feat: A Zeltron that has Persuasion as a trained skill gains Skill Focus (Persuasion) as a bonus feat.
Zeltron Empathy: Zeltrons are naturally empathic. As a free action, a Zeltron may make a Perception check opposed by a target’s Will Defense. If successful, the Zeltron may discover the target’s attitude toward him or her, as well as the target’s general emotional state. The target cannot detect this check.
Intuitive Initiative: Zeltrons are known for their quick reactions. A Zeltron may choose to reroll any Initiative check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted, even if it is worse.
Automatic Languages: Zeltrons speak Basic.

Other Reference: Planet Hoppers

Ninth and Tenth Adventures

Cai Scathe, the leader of the Mistryl Shadow Guards introduced us to a female Zeltron named Luka Shivy. She has been trained as a pilot and is proficient with heavy weapons.

We bought a security kit to by-pass the lockes after waiting 10 days it was delivered. We got Space Suits at the same time then headed out to the first cache we had discovered.

I disarmed several traps including one with a heavy blaster rifle turret. I discovered that as I suspected, if the door had been broken down the open the whole place would have exploded. Inside was:
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Seventh and Eighth Adventure

We went to various planets doing some shopping and getting resupplied. Then headed out to the belt using the decrypted treasure map. We found one of the caches on the map but in all the excitement we forgot that we didn’t have any vaccume suits so we started heading back to Cularin when from out of nowhere some proto-type ship of empire configuration appeared out of nowhere and started launching wave after wave of small Fighters including a variation of the Tie fighter that was really nasty. We played tag through the belt trying to get to a jump point but it was clear by the time we made it out that we wouldn’t be able to calculate a jump into to avoid the other ships.

So we decied to head to Ulnus and right above the atmoshpere I managed to get rid of the last of the TIE fighters.
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Sixth Adventure

This post covers the six months we were on Amber while Alima learned the things she would need to walk the path of a Seer. Mystic Girl has gotten a lot more mystic.

Jesmia has been sort of stand offish. I don’t know what she wants from us and she really didn’t say anything the entire six months we were on Amber. I was actually sort of surprised when she got on the ship with us. She seems as much of a mystery today as she was six months ago.

Kaiser and I have been hunting off and on for Gai-Pan but its like he disappeared off the face of the planet or like some devil beast ate him.
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Fifth Adventure

After defeating the second patrol we took a break to heal and disscuss our options. It was decided to attack the main camp at sunset. I took the weapon off the destroyed Speeder Bike that the slavers were using and installed it on the bike we took from the homestead. As it turned out I could have saved myself the effort because I really didn’t get a chance to use it anyway but such is life.

It was decided to split up Sodier-Boy, aka Kaiser, and I tried to sneak up on one of gun emplacements. It hasn’t seemed to snik home yet but I am as stealthy as a rhino on a rampage. I did get within 30 yards before I was spotted to I suppose that something. The flashed me with the spot light and I put my hands up.
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Fourth Adventure

I decided that I couldn’t let the last, man get away and warn the others that we were out there. So I shot him in the back as he was running away, then I threw up. I have killed before but I couldn’t let him get away and well I guess I will just have to live with it.

We scouted the camp and then pulled back to decide what to do. Kiaser called requesting orders telling me Gui-Pan had left the ship and was trying to find us. He said his droid had been destroyed and he wanted a new one. That he had a guest and what did I want to do with him. So I told him that since we would be going into combat to give the guest a choice. Stay at the ranch we were at last night or come fight the slavers with us.
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