The Water Front

So we started the new night. I awoke and left my server room and wondered what the night would bring.  I ended up sleeping in server room because it has no windows and is secured with a key card lock, no one is going to walk in on me accidentally.

Warren called and arranged a meet at Droga’s Cantina. The owner is a gaming geek that I know by reputation, Curt Ecckman. He named the bar after one of his characters and it is a wi-fi hot spot. I had been to a couple of LAN parties and magic games there and knew the way well enough. Before I arrived I went hunting and got lucky. I feed then headed for Droga’s and got us a table.

We talked about the areas of the attacks that had pop Continue reading “The Water Front”

The hunt for Payton Creeley

Sept 18, 2010

I was sitting at home. I am still not accustomed to this new life. The phone rang and it was Warren. He asked me to come over and help him out. He was worried that something he was involved in might lead to blood and he was worried that he would freak out.  I felt that I owed him for all his help and talking to me and to tell you the truth I was lonely, so I hopped into my car and drove over to the address in his business card. Continue reading “The hunt for Payton Creeley”

The Re-birth of Melvin Alucard

It was about 6PM and I had just gotten home from an assignment and tossed my keys into the interesting dish I picked up at the local flea market. I had settled into my comfy chair and put my feet when the phone rang. “There’s no way Hell I am moving or going out again” I said to myself so I let the answering machine pick up. Continue reading “The Re-birth of Melvin Alucard”

Detective Brody’s Log, Ch. 1

I bowed my head in prayer at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic church in AM. That’s what the locals called the Ames Metropolitan Area, the 30-mile long city that stretched from Ames in the north all the way to Des Moines in the south. It was bordered by a large lake and swamp in the west. The lake had been formed only a couple centuries ago when huge underground caverns had collapsed, created a deep depression. Rivers had quickly flooded the area and formed Lake Everstill. Continue reading “Detective Brody’s Log, Ch. 1”