Shadow Fate Session 17 Nero gets away

ShaowFate Session 17 September 27, 2014

Started search for person that looks like my sire. I asked Warren and his contacts couldn’t remember seeing such a person. I contacted Caspian or Arcasia about information on my sire and her sire and childer.

Payden was taken then Max was snatched after Nero found out Renee was killed.

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Shadow Fate Session 16 Wings that work

Shadow Fate Session 16 August 16, 2014

There was a mad rush out the door, Eric left to gather a crew to join us to help take out Nero.

We went to Wal-Mart but didn’t buy anything. Warren made some calls and found what he believed was an alternate way to the relic.

Then I called Jacks, an army surplus and outfitting store and asked him to open up for some late night shopping. We spotted a tail and pulled into a pull off., next to a semi that read Jack’s pork chop express Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 16 Wings that work”

Shadow Fate Session 15 Payden is Missing

Shadow Fate Session 15 August 2, 2014

May 17, 2032

I called a meeting Warren and Payden were missing.

I was able to contact Warren. But not Payden or Odin. When I called her I heard her phone ringing upstairs but only a worn looking Russell was there trying to keep up with two babies. Fang had been busy watching a squirrel eat because it was eating on the kitchen table.

Erick was there when I got back down to the kitchen. We told him that we can’t find Payden. Eric said that he would get his people looking.

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Shadow Fate Session 14 A Walk in the park

Shadow Fate Session 14 July 19, 2014

May 14

A rougher element seemed to be trying to settle into the club but so far Garrett seems to encouraging them to move on or at least play nice.

Lilah came to me and asked how far to go and take things because she didn’t want to cause trouble. We talked and I said stick up for yourself but don’t go overboard.

Renee came into the club to see Logan, sent a note that called him a Frienemy and a box with a heart we think its human but are not sure. But then left angry. Logan needed a new phone number somehow Renee got his old number. Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 14 A Walk in the park”

Shadow Fate Session 13 The School Daze that never happened

Shadow Fate Session 13 June 21, 2014

May 12

The group went back to get Zader. I stayed in Elizabeth’s old apartment. With Sarah, Slade, and Derrick.

The Others went to Payden’s old house after their snatch and grab. I texted the Sherriff that we had Zader and that we would return him the next night.

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Shadow Fate Session 12 Little Break out

Shadow Fate session 12
May 12, 2032
We went back to the mansion and got cleaned up, some of the group, Logan, Ayita, Garrett, and Lilah, are going to investigate the fight club to see if Sarah has been taken there and perhaps take in a fight. When they got there, I got a call asking if Logan was going to fight again. I said he was there to look over the competition to see if it was worth his time. Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 12 Little Break out”

Shadow Fate session 11

As Warren and I were jogging up, we saw one man get out of the car say some thing to the woman that got out and go into the house.

Lilah ran up to Payden and said “whats the plan”. Payden said “I don’t know I am improvising”. Lilah quipped “I don’t’ like that plan.”

Payden rushed the 4 person brute squad that had come out of the house, saying “This is a bad idea.”

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Shadow Fate session 10: Will-I-Am the artist as Art or How NOT to trap a Fey.

We were all in the van and made it home. Warren talked about what to do with our prisoner. He wanted to give him to Deserie the leader of the Deva clan under the Duke.

April 21 A couple days later we went back to the Willam’s House to set it in order and to make sure they still weren’t a problem. Evett is now our contact with his old court. She is Aritos. I have told her to contact me if she has problems or questions. Continue reading “Shadow Fate session 10: Will-I-Am the artist as Art or How NOT to trap a Fey.”

Shadow Fate Session 9: The Dauphin or make Love and War

April 18th

We met in the Kitchen before heading out for the night. The Duke suggested that we infiltrate someone or someone’s into this William’s organization. As we were discussing that.  A young lady in a belly T came to the front door asking for the people that run this place.  Security had not passed her and I was more upset. She was an emissary from Dauphin William. The Dauphin has extended an invitation for us to join him. Or perhaps form an alliance and not be apart of the house of night. Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 9: The Dauphin or make Love and War”

Shadow Fate Session 8: Hunters or Occult TV – Saving Sonja

April 16 2032 Right before dawn

Payden came to me and said that Shade didn’t come home last night. She left club @3 AM and didn’t make it home. So I spent part of the day fighting sleep and trying to call hospitals and trying to locate her. I tried tracking her by her phone but it was off. I swear I am going to start chipping people just so I can track  them. Continue reading “Shadow Fate Session 8: Hunters or Occult TV – Saving Sonja”