Shadowgate Ghouls

As a rule of thumb, the Retainer Merit cost is roughly equal to the Level below but should be adjusted depending on the level of the ghoul’s traits and usefulness.

The feeding of Blood listed below is the minimum required. More blood may be given, especially to ghouls who need to use it to power Disciplines, heal, or augment themselves physically.

Level one “Blood Slaves” – is a blood addict more interested in the blood than loyalty. So, blood needs to be given more frequently in order to ensure loyalty (weekly). No willpower spent, willing to do anything for a fix. Takes 3 feedings.

Level two “The Broken” – emotionally dependent and loyal. Can be taken and turned against their master. No free will. May have one single ability. Takes 3 feedings + 1 WP. Then feed only once a month + 1 WP.

Level three “The Servant” – more free will, but bound to the vampire. They serve out of loyalty and can maintain a normal life. 3 feedings to start. 1 Blood, 2 WP spent per every other month for upkeep. Can learn any powers from their master, if taught. Aging is slowed.

Level four “The Bound — Human Servants”. Takes 3 feedings and then 1 permanent willpower. Then need feeding only once per year. Can be taught any powers. Their loyalty cannot be broken or shaken. They could die if the vampire dies, and vice versa. This is the only level that is truly immortal.