Paolo confesses

“Father, forgive me for I have sinned. It has been a very long time since my last confession.”

Father Droll sat in the confessional and was listening to his 7th confession this Wednesday night at St. Cecilia’s Church. This was more than usual and he briefly lamented the fact that even Catholics were out of practice of confessing their sins to a priest. But this confessor caught his attention when he emphasized “very long time”. He sat up straighter and leaned towards the screened partition that separated him from the confessor. He could not see who it was but could tell it was the voice of an older man.

“God is always happy to hear your confession, my child”, Father Droll began. “What sins burden your heart?”
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The reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 5 – Awake!)

This is the final installment of Paolo’s reawakening story.

The light started as a pinprick in the curtain of darkness.  It was sudden and unexpected after so long.  The light began to grow brighter as the hole grew bigger.  It cast weak shadows at first revealing vague shapes of moving creatures, beings that haunted him but now were even more horrible than his imagination had made them.  They retreated from the light.  At first he thought he must be dead.  Surely this was the light of heaven coming to bring him home from this long night.  He had suffered this purgatory long enough and was sure he had paid for any stain of sin on his soul.  But the recollection of one sin made him doubt.  It made him wonder if he shouldn’t cringe at the light as well.
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Reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 4 – Explanation)

The containment chamber had changed.  The two bodyguards had moved the corpse in the coffin to one of the stainless steel examination tables.  The corpse was naked and pale as ever.  They had removed the remnants of clothing and the corpse looked even more unnatural now lying on the sterile table with its gaunt arms and hands folded over its thin, dehydrated body.  On another table they had placed several objects.  On one end of the table was a closed wooden box but next to it were some clothes, a bible and a sword, a rather large sword.  It was sheathed in a leather case clasp with silver and ornately decorated.  He recognized it as a replica of a Jerusalem sword used by the holy crusaders of the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. Continue reading “Reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 4 – Explanation)”

The Reawakening Paolo de Salerna (Part 3 – Revelation)

Dr. Latimer stood next to the open coffin looking in.  It was just as John Moore had said it would be.  Henry backed up from the coffin in disbelief.  “What the fuck is going on?”, he said aloud.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.  Not yet anyway.”
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The reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 2 – John Moore)

Dr. Henry Latimer stepped out of the Limousine and onto the wet pavement.  It had rained lightly a few minutes before but all that was left of it were patches of quickly drying water on the sidewalks and the smell of damp coolness.  It was a spring evening in Iowa and even in the city you could practically hear the plants grow around you.  It was a far cry from the oppressive dampness of the Irish highlands. Continue reading “The reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 2 – John Moore)”

The Reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 1 – Found)

John woke up and let the cloud of sleep fall away. He lay there a moment going through his checklist of things to do. Tonight was Sunday and so it was the one night of the week where things were a little different. He always looked forward to the midnight mass at St. Albany Church on Sunday. But before he could go he needed to take care of a few other things on his checklist. Continue reading “The Reawakening of Paolo de Salerna (Part 1 – Found)”