Elizabeth Duncan or I become a Pimp (Session 8)

It’s a Wednesday, night. Paulo called Elizabeth Duncan. He was having trouble getting a conversation started to I was whispering in his ear what he should say. He seemed a little out of practice.

I saw Payden walking down the hall it didn’t register that I could see her in the monitor.

She stopped by and talked to Paulo shaped blur then came to my sanctum. I had asked her to be my arm candy for the evening at the Fight Club and she wanted to know how she should dress and I said that tonight was a business meeting.  She asked if she should play it dumb or strong. Well, that lost me, and I asked by strong do you mean fighter type or independent. She answered that. So after thinking about it for a while I said, “That.”  I think the opportunities for people to approach her will be greater if they think she has a brain, rather than just wanting her for her body.  She left and got dressed. I reviewed the tapes from the past day. I saw a delivery had arrived and but I figured that we could look at the toys and clothes I had ordered when we got back.

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House Rules or I meet Warren’s Sire (Session 7)

7 Shadow Gate Nov 13 2010

House Rules for Ghouls

When you get a ghoul put dots in like Ally. 1 – 3 dots.

1 once per month addicted Redfield

2 once every 2 months in between

3 once every three months and not likely to be addicted

4 Human Servant can only have 1 destroys a will permanently if they die.

We told Eric about our activities and he suggested that we investigate the fight club more. After Eric was done talking to us, Payden entertained Eric with her music. The rest of us adorned to library and talked about the fight club.  I agreed to bankroll everyone and gave them each 1000.

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Fight Club Shh we don’t talk about that or Eric Zeveren and Friends (Session 6)

5 ShadowGate Nov 7

After the 2 weeks everyone had settled in and chosen rooms.

Warren got a call from someone about some attack being like the other attack.

After Warren got off the phone, he asked who was available, while everyone was assembling. Warren asked me to advise him on some investments and I was happy to direct him to my accountant.

Warren asked if we wanted to go clubbing and look for a club that uses the symbol that he had uncovered. Warren went to ask his people if they had seen it or knew of it.

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Coming to Terms or Someone is messing with Paulo’s Head (session 5)

I was making notes so I don’t forget anything important as a method of not being overwhelmed by all that’s happening some of the outstanding issues are :
1 Paydens attackers
A Still interested in her?
B.Still in the area.

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Meeting with the Duke

I have a meeting with the Duke tonight. I had the option to be presented with Payton  but chose to go it alone. I don’t want to mess up anything that might be arranged for them. And if I have to leave the city then I guess I will. Payton finally brought the Miata back and changed into her court clothes. I had already put on my best suit and was ready to go.

Payton came down and asked if I were ready to go. I told her that Paolo was going to ask Logan for a ride and we were ready to go. She told me that she likes the Miata and wanted to take it when I asked what vehicle she wanted to ride in to Elysium.

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The Water Front

So we started the new night. I awoke and left my server room and wondered what the night would bring.  I ended up sleeping in server room because it has no windows and is secured with a key card lock, no one is going to walk in on me accidentally.

Warren called and arranged a meet at Droga’s Cantina. The owner is a gaming geek that I know by reputation, Curt Ecckman. He named the bar after one of his characters and it is a wi-fi hot spot. I had been to a couple of LAN parties and magic games there and knew the way well enough. Before I arrived I went hunting and got lucky. I feed then headed for Droga’s and got us a table.

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The hunt for Payton Creeley

Sept 18, 2010

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The Re-birth of Melvin Alucard

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