Shadow Fate Session 7: VEM or Payden Delivers

{Four Months Roll off.}

A more diverse population is showing up at the club. The whole neutral ground thing seems to be doing good, on the downside VEM is getting more widely distributed.We are still investigating it trying to track down its source. Nero’s kindred more boldly displaying powers and the Duke has been getting into battles across the city. Also more transient’s and vagabonds appearing or being created. Weather this too is Neros’ doing or just the situation being taken advantage of I don’t know.

Warren had meeting with Duke about working more closely with ShaowGate.

April 15

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Shadow Fate Session 6: VEM or Ayita cleans up

In the news feeds more reports of bloody deaths no one location or tie has so far been discovered with this new street drug.

Security has some concerns about a possible mage that has been staking out the club with a friend. Since our club is trying to become a neutral ground I think this is a good thing but told them to keep their eye on him.

We got home and everyone went to feed in their preferred manner.

I sent a text telling everyone that there were free memberships to the gun club if anyone wanted one. I also showed Warren and Logan the invite to the fight club that I got. Then we went back to the club.

Rose went to talk to the mage and while she was gone I spotted someone starting to have a seizure. I contacted security to escort them to the green room conference room. Lilah spotted a couple more. The security team and I sprang into action.  We got them all into the backroom and they started to present symptoms and Warren called 911.  I told Garrett and the rest of security to keep an eye out and make rounds now that they know what to look for, get them off the floor and call management and 911.

Warren disappeared while we waited for the ambulance.  He went to talk to the mage from Shadowgate. When he got back he told us what he had done so I didn’t call Cynder. I sent a text to Eric telling him that I was trying to contact Noir wanting Noir to investigate what I believe to be a magical drug. Warren needed to go do something so I told him that I would hang out at the club and take care of things.

Logan sent me a text that said one of my people was in the arena getting flayed alive. I called the others to see if they were safe. I started calculating my response. I was in my not happy place and coldly furious.   When the Lilah, Garrett, and Ayita I went to get my boys. Payden got in my way and wouldn’t let me go unless I took people with me. We got the rest of the Geek squad and moved them to the mansion. I was getting them settled in and Eric came and said we need you something was going wrong with Payden’s pregnancy. We needed to get her to a Dr.  We did and she is having twins. One of the fraternal twins, detached from the womb but with the Dr’s help were able to use vampiric healing to reattach it. That pretty much ended the excitement for the day.

Meanwhile, Warren got a call VEM – V vampire blood, E ecstasy, Meth is what is in the vial. He shared it with us and also slid in that he was thinking of working for ShadowGate.

Ayita found two waiting cleaning jobs. One went fine, as you can tell from that intro the other job had some complications. Reggie the Vampire, a low level hanger on, was found in torpor at the second site. He had drunk from some people on VEM and it didn’t seem to agree with him, because he bled out into torpor.

I pick up a donor, and drove to Ayita’s location. We took the Vampire home stored him in the hopes that he would wake up naturally. I told Ayita that if he didn’t pay her, I would. I called Eric so he could spread the warning about the drug and He told me to find the source and shut it down to which I replied, “Ok.” because we were already planning on doing it anyway.

Shadow Fate Session 5: A Windigo or Wendigo

We talked about what to do with the vial and it was suggested that we contact Noir and have him try and determine what the vial contained. The rest went to the club and I stayed home and got my money back.

[ At the club a group of tough looking people entered and went up to the balcony. Ayita asked about them and was told that they were just the investigators. She followed them anyway. Garret was told about a new policy of none of the wait staff going into the private room.]

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Shadow Fate Session 4 Taking Back whats mine, Farewell to Cassie, or Lilah’s Adventure

When they woke up the next night I told the others that I might be busy for a couple of days. Some money had been stolen from me and I was planning on taking it back. Warren seemed to think it was a bad idea. But it seemed to me that it was a mark of disrespect and I wasn’t going to stand for it.

We revisited the topic of building a catapult or trebuchet, just in case we needed to get rid of more bodies and didn’t feel like going for a swim. Warren said he had other business to attend to and left. I think that it was his Deva side showing and he left because he thought we weren’t paying enough attention to him; perhaps I am being petty or snappish. I know I was distracted and feeling some stress. One, someone stole from me, and two, they did it by hacking my account. I have my pride, I know that sometimes it gets in the way of clear thinking but … no I won’t make excuses for how I am feeling or what I do.

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Session 33 Nicolai Kovelevski or The Maracetti Family

Session 33 March 03 2012

Stephanie watched the kids through the day and arranged for care while we researched them and tried to locate those with families.  I called Warren to arrange a meeting to see if he had an idea on helping to find them. I would arrange for those who had them to be returned to their families after I confused their memories.

A kindred named Nicolai Kovelevski whose sire is Valdamir Velescove came to the club asking for Logan or myself. They directed him to the VIP entrance and Warren greeted him and showed him to the Velvet underground.

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Session 32 Making a list and checking it twice or Meeting the society of Baltimore

Session 32 February 18,2012

I awoke to find a sticky note on my door saying don’t leave on the mansion until we had meeting. We discussed: the accounting files of Bishop Steele; His Connection to child snuff films/pedophilia/ Black Lollie; the Lollie’s or Steele’s connection to Renee; Renee’s connection with Vampire to moral wonder drug that Elizabeth/Leticia had in her possession which she gave Leonardo; from there we went to the Red Dust  trade with Bishop Steele and the Duke’s dispensation to avoid a war from Elizabeth and red Dust.

We also touched on the Brood situation. Then we went back to Paulo’s quest to find Leonardo. From there we segued to the Duke’s hunt for underage vampires. Then the meeting broke up when we got a call from Patricia Lennon from hospital. Cassie Sullivan was awake.

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Session 31 Family or is it Prisci or Priscuses

Session 31 Feb. 04

I went to find Stephanie and found she had taken over and decorated Warren’s old office. It was also knee deep in different moldings, some of it looked like it had been ripped right off the wall, as I was talking to her she was getting more and more agitated as I shifted through the different ones. Finally, she broke down into a hissy fit that I found most unbecoming. She made the brag that she would know which ones I would have selected. So I told her that she would choose them and have them in my office tomorrow, if she succeeded fine, if she failed she would be punished.

The next night she was there with the samples. I told her to wait and went to her office and went through every piece there making sure I saw them all. I then went back and looked and the pieces she had chosen and said that she had picked correctly.  I told her that I was displeased and told her why and she asked for a punishment.

I got a phone call. “At some point this evening you will visit me.” Since the voice didn’t say who it was and sounded like the Duke I said “Yes, your Grace, Your whim is my command.” He said, “As it should be”, and hung up.  I went and informed the others and Warren said “Why don’t you stop by the club and bring him a bottle.”  I thought it was a good I idea and so I followed him there. I was directed down to the underground. As I got there the door burst open and a pretty gangrel was soon on the bottom of a Rugby type pile.   Warren asked for a stake and I handed him one. I saw it he had it well in hand so I went and got a bottle of the sweet and went to Elysium. I will have to remember to ask what all that was about.

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Session 30 Grenade to the pants or Finding little Renee

Session 30 January 21, 2012

I was at the club making sure things were going smoothly. When Warren called and said he had an HD that he wanted me to pull data off.  It took me two hours to pull the data and un-encrypt it. I asked Warren if he could have Rose look at it and he said that I should leave a message for Gillian and she would take care of it the next day and to make sure it was Gillian. Not really sure what he meant but his employee his rules.

Since the night was still young, we went looking for trouble. I armored up accordingly. We got to the park and Logan and Max went to look around. Warren and I were following with Stephanie.  When we got up to them we found a group of four teenage V Punks around age 16. A girl was running away from them she seemed distraught. We dropped one of them and they seemed to want to take their fallen and go and not cause trouble.  I mentioned that by the Duke’s law a minor shouldn’t roam the night.  They left the park and we followed. I called the Sheriff and asked for instructions and we were told to bring them in. Logan did the honors staking down two and causing the third to surrender by the time we drove up. I like having him on my side. We took them to the Sheriff and headed back to the park to join Logan.

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Session 29 New Kids on the block or house plans

Session 29 January 7,2012

Warren called and said he had some bad news, some worse news and some horrify news what do you want to hear?  I thought about it and asked for the horrifying news. Apparently, Logan was going to be severely chastised with a thousand lashes and they are in the Duke’s disfavor. (Its been brought to my attention that it might seem like Logan got more punishment than the rest… its because Logan had already broken this law once before at the start of this campaign. He is actually thankful to be alive.)  We may need to find Cassie, not sure how she is going to react to the news or the sensations coming through her bond.

So the story is Paulo embraced Elizabeth and she went on a killing spree. Warren and Logan kept two of them from dying in some sorority house.  They are going to spend the night at Elizabeth’s old apartment and we can talk about arrangements tomorrow. The Duke felt that being Paulo’s child is Elizabeth’s punishment. Then again I guess that means I am being punished also.  Alexandra(Ally) Argenes Warren’s responsibility, Maxine(Max/Molly) Eshe Logan’s responsibility, and Elizabeth Duncan are the new additions to our family.

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Session 28 Black Lollie or Logan Opps he did it again

Session 28 Dec 10, 2011

Warren had asked me to try and find out about Black Lollie, who or what is this funding source. It took me most of the night, especially after the interruptions of tracking Elizabeth who was wandering around like a drunken monkey. Finally, as soon as the sun was down she left the house and grounds. Sometime around dawn, I finally traced it down and found out that Black Lollie is an independent film company that specializes in child pornography. It is way, way, way underground and it took the entire night for the team and myself to track down some of the films.  The films look like the same style as the video that was given to the parents of the last child that had gone missing. They seem to be based on the East Coast near Baltimore Maryland a place called Kingsville.

Warren and Paulo went out looking for Elizabeth, later Logan went to join them.

Since I was borrowing Warren’s girl Friday, Gillian, I had loaned him mine, Stephanie. She called using the Ragnarok code. I called everyone trying to passed it on, the wolves didn’t answer. Payden did she got here. I directed the others to go to Elizabeth safe house since interested parties already knew of it.

Things were interesting the next day, when I found out what the others had done last night.