Cerai’s First Change

Cerai grew up just outside Juneau, Alaska. Her mother died when she was very young, and she was raised by her grandmother (and much of the rest of the town and extended family). Every once in a while, a couple of “mountain men” would come into town to get supplies they couldn’t get from the wilderness. One of them would always stop by and chat with her grandmother, and Cerai would catch him staring at her.

When she was young, it always freaked her out, but as she became a teenager, she realized it wasn’t a dirty old lonely wildman stare, but like he was looking at her, watching for something.
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Charlie’s Trials

June 21st, 2008

It had been a week now since Charlie experienced his first change and met his new group of friends. Foremost among them was Cerai. She’d discovered him and had protected him his first, frightening, confusing night as a werewolf. She also had come by several times over the past week to help coach him in mastering his new forms.

He’d only been Uratha for a week, that was true. But Cerai knew that the sooner he was able to establish himself, then the sooner the pack could work as one to track down a Totem spirit for the pack. And that would in turn bind them all together and make them all stronger. And that was very important because the pack had chosen a vast territory. The sooner they were really strong enough to hold onto it the better!
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New Friends

June 15th, 2008

Charlie, dazed by all the new information elected to go home, think on things and contact the others later. They’d all been through this before and they knew that this was really overwhelming. He needed time and if they crowded him, they would only succeed in driving him away. So a cab was called and Charlie returned to his condo.

Odin, too, having little to no overnight supplies handy, elected to return to his house. He was planning on purchasing a new one and selling his old place as soon as he could as it was never a wise practice for the alpha to leave his new territory undefended. They bid him good night and expected to see him later that morning.
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New Additions

June 15, 2008 (3 am)

Odin and Blood Fang had been a real mess after their fight. Shayd had offered sexual favors as recompense for the trouble she caused, and had been refused and mildly reprimanded by Odin. Both Fang and he had explained in clear terms that it was too dangerous to allow a physical relationship to develop between them.

However, Odin also said he did welcome contact between them. They were human, yes, but also wolf and physical contact was an important and healthy part of their pack relationship. So, Shayd had instead helped them get cleaned up, dress their wounds, wash their bloodied clothing and generally simply share her space at her apartment with them. No words were exchanged during this time — they found they didn’t need them. Allowing instinct to guide them but not drive them as poor Blood Fang often felt pulled to do, they discovered they could touch without having to take things to a sexual level. Or rather, at least Odin and Shayd did. If Odin and Fang formed the original core of the developing pack, Shayd was rapidly becoming the glue that held them together.
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The Enemy

June 14th, 2008

Shayd, Blood Fang, and Odin spent hours and hours in the wee hours of June 14th after the bars closed looking around and identifying what they’d like to claim as their territory. After discovering some signs of other neighboring packs, the trio discovered there was still a huge swatch of unclaimed territory they could make their own.

To do that, of course, they would need a symbol as none of them really relished the idea of trying mark every block with scent. Their neighbors had instead used graffiti to mark old buildings, telephone poles, sidewalks and whatever other permanent fixtures were handy to indicate the boundary of their territory. It seemed like a good idea, so the three put their heads together and after rejecting some early ideas, settled upon a symbol that had an eye with three thunderbolts across it. They went and purchased spray paint from a Wal-Mart and went to work.
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Team Building Exercises

Midnight, June 14th, 2008

Shayd’s apartment.

Shayd tapped her chin as she considered the contents of her wardrobe. Reaching in, she removed one robe and then a long, blousy shirt. She dropped them over one arm and left her bedroom to see the two naked men sitting on her thread-bare couch. “Sorry guys. I don’t have much of a wardrobe for men. But I have this for now.”

She held up a pink robe. It would be long on her, but it only just came down to Odin’s thighs. “Here. You’ll freeze if you don’t wear something.” She offered the shirt to Blood Fang. “I don’t have any jeans that will come close to fitting you and this is the longest shirt I have.” The sleeves had billowy cuffs and it seemed a little sheer to him.
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A Changed Man

4 am, June 14th 2008

A native woman, obviously far from home given her features, tossed and turned in the small cot provided by the homeless shelter people. Her mind was drawn down into a whirlpool of sleep-induced dreams from which she could not escape, trapped as if she was a helpless onlooker. And as certain as a train wreck, something was going to happen.

She was at a tall building in downtown Denver. She thought she’d recognize the building if she saw it again, but she didn’t catch the name. It was night and a man was entering. He had black hair and blue eyes, and wore a zippy suit, the kind that powerful young men wore. Since it was after hours, security approached, checked him and let him through while they exchanged friendly banter. The young man appeared to know the security guards by name.
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The Charming Mr Thomas

8 am, June 14th, 2008

Charlie’s alarm clock issued it summons in its typically annoying, insistent fashion.

After dragging himself out of bed, he wandered into the bathroom, brushed his teeth and spat once. Then his sink burbled. Charlie eyed the uncharacteristically vocal stainless steel bowl set in his shining black marble bathroom counter. He was certain it wasn’t supposed to do that.

It burbled again and filthy water backed up into the sink, nearly splashing him. As he watched, it seemed to make a wet, sucking noise, and then he thought he saw something shimmer in there for just a moment. He had to lean closer to see what it was. A hairy tendril appeared, rising from the drain and, much to his horrors, slapped the side of the bowl of his sink. Another joined it, as if it was some kind of muck-ridden tentacle, and slapped another side of the sink. With a wet, sucking sound, an improbably huge, soft-ball sized clog hauled itself out of a drain far to small for it to have fit in there.
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Shady Places

June 13th, 2008

Odin and Blood Fang got the message all right. The old pack, the ones who’d found them, had made it pretty clear that it was time for them to strike out on their own. They were full — new werewolves didn’t have a place with the older, experienced wolves and they were expected to strike out on their own, figure out their own way.

So they did.

But the two new werewolves weren’t totally green. They’d been in the game for about three years now and knew a little bit about what was going on. They knew the rules and they’d known this was coming for a long time. Now that things in this city had settled a little bit, it was time to move out on their own. The training wheels were off, so to speak. And they needn’t be alone.
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