The Admiral’s Alliance Part 4

Just as Jarus settled he felt the ship lurch forward as she hit it full throttle out if the atmosphere.  At first he started to question his first thoughts on her abilities, but then realized she knew exactly what she was doing.  In fact, as he watched her bank for a good jump point he started to learn a bit more on the ship’s maneuvering capabilities… As she programmed the coordinates for Korriban, she broke the silence, “Sorry, that’s what happens when you give a transport driver a fighter…”  She turned her attention back to the stars as the ship jumped.

Korriban was a good two days and the time was spent sharing stories.

Jarus learned that Bre’ah fell on with a couple of transport captains and learned the ropes from them.  That was also when they discovered she had a natural talent for flying. It wasn’t long before she flew them around.
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The Admiral’s Alliance Part 3

Jarus headed swiftly back to his new V-wing. Before long he was hurtling through space, calculating coordinates for Dantooine. Two days later, he was entering orbit at Dantooine.

The big blue and green planet was an agricultural world and was now a place of peace. There was once a Jedi enclave located here. Ruins now, of course, having been destroyed thousands of years ago by an expanding Sith Empire of that day. It seemed an appropriate meeting place.
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The Admiral’s Alliance Part 2

Looking around Jarus spotted his contact sitting in a booth by herself.

Jarus paused to order a pair of Arkanian Pales from the ‘tender before continuing toward Bre’ah. In his experience, bartenders appreciated customers, not loiterers who took up their space. It didn’t matter if anything was actually consumed, so long as a drink or two had been purchased.

Jarus arrived at Captain Bre’ah’s table. He set down the drinks and presented a little half-smile. “Captain.”

The captain didn’t even look up at Jarus.  “I knew I should have said ‘come in disguise’.   Well have a seat, the damage has been done.” Continue reading “The Admiral’s Alliance Part 2”

The Admiral’s Alliance Part 1

Jarus Harlek was no longer a Palawan to Master Sdundur’am .  He was now a Jedi Knight.  The order was still small but with the leadership and direction of Master Skywalker, it looked like the Jedi would once again be a force for good in the universe.

Jarus looked forward to his visit from his other Jedi trainer.  The visits from his Jedi ancestor, taught him more about the balance of self and he was eager to find out what the training would entail now that he was a recognized Jedi knight.  Unfortunately for Jarus, his plans would have to wait.

“Pardon me Master Jarus”, the young Twi’lek padawan bowed.  But I have an urgent message from Master Sdundur’am.  He wishes your council immediately in the west archives, sub-level eight.”   Continue reading “The Admiral’s Alliance Part 1”